A funny thing happened on the way to hiatus…

I squeezed in another race.

Yup, midway thru last week, I innocently googled airfares to Kentucky…
:then passed out and sobbed with hopelessness:

Then I googled the track address… and innocently pressed “get directions”… hmm… I thought to myself, I could drive that…

Then I innocently emailed one of my besties and said… “hey, feel like a girl’s weekend road trip?” (she lives in Columbus, thus breaking up the trip a little)

And so it was, that I squeaked in one more race on the 2010 schedule.

And I’m so glad I did! Pippa on pole, then WINNING! Hinch on the podium (so far my record is intact!) Big Ed on pole!!! (then getting fucking ROBBED by Stealio! ugh… ) and the piece du resistance: PT back in the saddle! Oh and let’s not forget the random meeting of that hottie Hobbson… (more on that later)

Ok, so after back to back events, I’m still not an oval “fan” per say. By that I mean, I don’t think I could do another one in a row. (really not that broken up anymore about missing Homestead at the end of the season) But I didn’t want to stab my eyes out with a fork or anything, which I usually do when watching on tv. (perhaps it’s the distractions at the track of working throughout the race that make it a little more palatable.

Kentucky is a beautiful track. (how they decided to build an oval in the middle of all those rolling hills is beyond me) but the racing really did spread out much quicker than at Chicago. (especially noticeable in the lights race with such a putridly tiny field) I think part of the ‘deflated” feeling post event is the disappointing podium. OH how I wanted to see Ed pull this one out. He and Panther/Wheldon were just remarkable the last two events. Much finger crossing for a seat for Ed for next year. (and all the other folks sitting on the sidelines unjustly… *cough* PT *cough* )

Again, the disconnected feeling of “event” was there, which is probably because all of the fan stuff is on the outside of the track, eleventy billion miles away from where I could feasibly get too on race day. If I do one of these next year, I will try to do the full weekend, so I can explore the other side a little.
I can’t believe we are down to 2 events. Dayum, the backend of the season is a blur. I learned a lot this season though, and will plan better and be more prepared for 2011. I have a list of “to do’s” for the site (this one and OWW), and a list of “to do’s” for myself to keep me busy over the winter months. Most of which involve me locked in seclusion, with a spending embargo. (this season tapped me out financially)

For all of those I missed this weekend at the track, boo!! I will plan better next time. Still so many of you I haven’t met!

Now, back to Hobbson.. holy shit man! Are you kidding me? Fuck. I was not prepared for that. Thanks for giving this old gal a fleeting “moment” 😉 Next time, there will be drinking, and waaaay more swearing ya bastard. In fact will make sure P-Dog is involved so we can monitor how many shades of crimson we can evoke from him in one sitting 😛 (throws an f-bomb Bill’s way for good measure)

Looking forward to tomorrow’s schedule announcement. Hopefully they don’t make it all cheesy and dancing wood nymphs and holograms. Just read the fucking  list of dates and locations and get on with it. Ya know?

Until tomorrow then…

8 responses to “A funny thing happened on the way to hiatus…

  1. F YOU, MEESH! How was that? Are you SURE you’re Canadian given the unpolite vocabulary?

    • LOL! didn’t you hear?! Canadian’s swear more than Yanks and Brits!! And we’re fucking proud of it!! (well I am anyway)

      • No you fuckin’ don’t. 🙂

        I love spur of the moment racetrack visits! I’m not long back from Spa-F but I’ve a hankering to see another race before the shitty winter arrives again, the Silverstone 1000km is calling me, I wasn’t going to go.. but..

        • haha! Ya, we disputed the “more than Brits” thing too! (of course you guys use WAY harsher swear words than we do, so on that scale, you win hand’s down)

          Once you open the “live race” can of worms each season, its all about when and how can you get to the next one right? I’m sad that we haven’t added any european stops on the schedule yet. Hopefully after we get the new car figured out. (if and when that even happens) we can look at a British stop on the schedule!

          • Oh definitely. I saved all year to get to the Belgian GP (road trip, natch) so I had to skip the first 3/4 of the season, painful I tell you. I’m already thinking of back-to-backing Le Mans Series this week and Renault World Series next week.

            Euro trip has gotta be done. I was at both Rockingham races and they were fantastic, there is nothing else like it on the entire continent. I’m not an oval fan per se but I’d go that every year if I could. I missed Brands Hatch but by all accounts I didn’t miss much. Assen could’ve been made into something really big every year. Zolder.. not so much.

            Y’know back in the CART heyday I was convinced the future was a truly international series based in North America, like at the time F1 had most races in Europe and 1/3rd around the world (heading the other way these days, arguably rightly for them). CART could’ve should’ve been the same for America. 2/3rd US/CDN and 1/3rd elsewhere, Surfers, the Rock, Lausitz, etc. Unfortunately there are the idiots who want to keep it a national series and struggle to even accept Canada/Mexico/Brazil, yet somehow also want the whole world to pay attention a series of one-nation races. Pick one route guys, you can’t have both.

            So there’s my Friday rant for the week 🙂

            • The idea of racing in Europe sounds interesting, but I think it really depends on the lenght of the scheduale. If it’s 26 or 28 races, then 6-10 races in Europe and Brazil would make sense. But if it’s 18 or 17 races, then it’s hard to see. And the other issue is that they’d have to run enough races in Europe to get european sponsors for the cars, or they’d need to raise the TV ratings enough that American sponsors would be willing to pay for them, becuase from what I’ve heard, US sponsors generally won’t pay for Brazil and Motegi, and some even hesitate to sponsor the teams when they head out to Canada. With ISC in, i could come up with about 26 good tracks in the US and Canada to run Indycars 0n, but without them, it’s down to about 18-20… so Indycar might need Europe to get to 26 races…

  2. HOORAY!!! Finally! I’ve never actually given a girl a “moment” before. Ever. Oh sure, sometimes it’ll SEEM like I have. But frankly, I’m 99.8% sure they’re just faking it. 😦

    Wait. What are we talking about here?

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