so… what have I missed?

*pulls dust covers off, raises shades, throws open the windows*

Damn, where does the time go?

Seems there is a state of the union address this week, so I figure this is as good a time as any to get back in the car and get in a little “spring training” pre-season.

Don’t really have an opinion on anything in particular tonight, just testing the keyboard.

Making sure this thing is still active.

Still figuring out how this juggling act is gonna work this year. New “real job” responsibilities for 2011 piled on my already over-filled plate should prove challenging, but I’m up for it!

If any of you are still around and reading my crap, Happy New Year!

(I know, I know, I’ve gone the way of the dodo bird around these parts)(hell, I never was taken seriously as a “big player” by anyone who mattered, who am I kidding lol!)

Anyway, gonna spend a little time this week catching up, then I may chime in…


*EDIT* disregard the pity party… just a reflective moment from an old broad who had a dream, blazed the trail and has since watched others capitalize on what I never could, for reasons beyond my control. Somebody had the lead the way right? I can be proud of that. Moving on…


11 responses to “so… what have I missed?

  1. Who cares if you are a ‘big player’ or not. Just blog.
    Also, stop working so damn hard.

    • LOL! true dat! *low blood sugar pity party moment*

      Ah, that I could my friend! I’m hoping to see a little monetary reflection of my work ethic this year, which could allow me to ease up on the 2nd/3rd jobs, so I could, oh I don’t know, LIVE a little 😉

      You coming across the pond this year?

      • Oh we all have pity parties, I do too often as I feel I never get anywhere or do anything, especially bad last year as my birthday saw my age end with the digit zero.. ‘woe is me what could I have done’ and all that. Never mind, have resolved not to get into that rut this year!
        I hope the monetary reward comes through. Anyway one of these days we’ll have to have a chat about what you did to blaze the trail because I sense there’s more than you’re letting on, to those of us who know you primarily for this place and OWW. 🙂

        I can’t come over this year and actually I’d rather wait for these new cars! Instead I may well drive or hop on a budget flight to somewhere in Europe for an F1 race like I did last year (doesn’t have to be an overpriced grandstand seat), and another trip to see my sister in Spain. I’m addicted to the F1 V8 howl and want to get my fix as much as poss before they are phased out. 🙂
        That said, I’d love to do either Indy or a combination of other races in ’12 or ’13. If I can’t do two weekends of IndyCar it would be good to be able to dovetail an IndyCar race with either the Montreal or Austin F1 races, or ALMS.

  2. As long as your a “big player” in your own head is all that matters. THAT is the sign of a true big player, and or schizophrenic. lmao

    Hope 2011 is a good one for you too. If only it was 2012 already! lol

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  4. Just go back to the kitchen and get me a sandwich and a beer.
    (Is that what you wanted to hear? Now, snap out of it, get a S.A.D. lamp, turn it on, and you’ll feel better in 3 months.)

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