Daily Archives: January 21, 2011

Racing season begins here…

At least that’s what the banner says!

Actually, racing season began for me yesterday when I headed out to a factory in the west end of Toronto for a media scrum for the Honda Indy Toronto, where they unveiled the new infrastructure for the race track. Brand spankin new concrete block barriers and state of the art fencing. It sure is purdy 😉 (I’ll be writing something up about it for OWW this weekend)

Tomorrow I head over to the CME for my annual “come out of hibernation” get together with my racing peeps, where we chat about what’s been happening over the off season, what is being rumoured about, and what our hopes/expectations are.

This year’s guest du jour is Dario Franchitti. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of draw he is, and how receptive he is to doing some interviews. Last year was PT which was a fairly decent draw. (and probably the most fun, laid back “interview”, with a couple of us and Paul sitting around a table in the green room just basically shooting the shit for about a half hour. Hilariously candid, and mostly unprintable… LOL) The year before that, Jacques Villeneuve brought in a large crowd.

There has been very little buzz leading up to this weekend. Hell even Hugh Burrill, who is usually on the media panel every year, didn’t mention it during his sportscast tonight. Though reading through the media panel roster, I see big Hugh is not there. Another “hmmm” moment for me. (I’ll expound on that after the weekend)

Of course the focus is rarely on Open Wheel at these shows. (both this one and the Autoshow) but I go every year hoping to be pleasantly surprised and perhaps see some top tear open wheel cars on display.

They put all of their push on the Napcar crowd, and as such, the cars and the motorsports personality on hand are usually cab drivers. (this year’s south of the border cabbie draws are Brad Koslowski & Mad Max Papis. (unfortunately Max isn’t appearing until 6pm, and I’m not sticking around that long, so unless he’s hanging out for the day to see Dario or perennial favorite Ron Fellows, then I won’t get to chat with him)

I’ll be snapping pics and will tweet anything interesting from the site from my @whatimthinking account.

Anything you want to know from Mr. FROchitti? I haven’t been able to get any confirmation on an interview slot from the organizers, but I figure I should be prepared just in case.

anyway… pics and follow up to come…