So sayeth the big boss…

IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard wisely didn’t let too much time pass before making a statement about last weekend’s, or more pointedly, yesterday’s controversy. (cause face it, the shit REALLY hit the fan when Jr. stuck his foot in his mouth up to his fucking KNEE on Wednesday)

Thanks again to the uber-awesome Marshall Pruett for this tome

As expected, he took the side of his employees. (an admirable trait actually, as I have been thrown under the bus more than a few times by former employers) and remained rational in the face of the shitstorm that I’m sure is his inbox this week. He did however say they would explore some other options with regards to the officiating.

No, he didn’t guarantee that there actually would be any or that it would be fair or balanced. (that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon who are we kidding there?) But he did allude to exploring and researching the F1 notification system that is in play in that series. Meh… it’s a start I guess.

In the meantime one can only hope that off the record, behind closed doors, he has had Mr. Penske give his staff a “stern talking to”. Cause we all know that would  be a worse punishment than actually calling them to task on their poor officiating.

Oh, and Randy, I’ll attempt to answer your question for you. (not that you would ever troll the gutter long enough to ever find my little foul mouthed gin-joint on the WWW)

“If anyone thinks there’s favoritism, it’s just not true. Where were those people [questioning favoritism] when the call was made to penalize Helio for blocking at Edmonton last year? “

Let me spell it out for you: There was no outcry because THE PENALTY WAS WARRANTED! I’ll go even further and clarify the “outcry” from last weekend for you too. It’s not that Tracy was punished that has people pissed off. It’s that Helio WASN’T, for the same offense. Simple logic.


8 responses to “So sayeth the big boss…

  1. Demond Sanders

    If Randy knows what he’s doing (and I think he does) he is lurking here, there, and everywhere in the INDYCAR blogosphere.

  2. Heck, he’s from bull riding You wanna bet there was no foul language when the rider got gouged or tossed or kicked? LOL!

  3. I remember a big outcry when Helio was penalized. The common theme between the two (Edmonton and Long Beach) was that Barnhart is an idiot and needs to be fired. The two dudes that seem to want to throw coal on that fire are Miller and Pruett, with Miller seemingly using a much bigger shovel.

    Personally, I think it’s a tempest in a teapot. The mistake (if you want to call it that) made by the series is that it took them two articles (one on, and one one to get their story straight.

    Now we have an explanation that says Tracy and RHR (previously, at Barber) made banzai moves at locations on the track that only an eternal optimist would call a passing zone, but when Helio turned Justin around he wasn’t trying to pass, and they couldn’t determine whether he did it on purpose, so they decided to call it a “racing incident.”


    That leaves Pee Wee’s Big Adventure in turn #1. Apparently that was one of those “let ’em race,” deals—at least that’s my takeaway from Jr.’s remarks. Looking back at Edmonton, that was exactly what fans were so upset about: they wanted Race Control to “let ’em race.”

    So they did. But the response from the FBB (Fire Barnhart Brigade) is still… wait for it… fire Barnhart.

    Big surprise.

  4. You are full of crap! It is obvious you are still bitter about cart failing , and it’s so easy to find fault , like you know. Stop airing your I hate Indycar crap. Go watch nascrap or f-1 shit.

    • when I first read this asinine reply, I was laughing too hard to type a response. Trolls like you do amuse me so.
      The “you’re still bitter about Cart” argument is so 2007…
      I have since stopped laughing and offer you this.

      You obviously lead your life under the misguided misconception that “ignorance is bliss”.
      Unfortunately you’re wrong.
      It only makes you look like a jackass.

      When you spend as much of your money, time, energy and resources as I do every season, covering, and SUPPORTING the series, teams, drivers and sponsors, then by all means, come on back and spew your rhetoric. (though it will still be way off base)

      But until then, I suggest that you do a little reading and research before you walk into my living room and fling this unmitigated shit at me.

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