The Iowa Corn 250! *live blog*

Yes kids, I’m live tonight. I have a dodgy American stream and a dodgy UK stream and will have the dodgy radio stream booted as well as a fail safe.

I have a belly full of Pad Thai, and am halfway thru a giant can of Sir Perry’s traditional English style Pear cider. (I have another can chillin in the fridge, but I’m already a little tipsy, so this could be fun…)

Already Iowa is one of the most interesting races this season, and the race hasn’t even started yet. MASSIVE kudos to Versus for their pre race programming. (massive kudos to those who have provided me with streams so I can watch) The “F1” like pit walk with Miller and Wheldon was AWESOME. Dan Wheldon is AWESOME.

Here we go….
Green, Green, Green!! Clean clean clean! Amazing.

The princess drops like a stone… ok, a small pebble maybe, but she’s dropped to 4th.

Dashley making the moves… UGH already has the lead. Snore.

Some good racing out there tonight. Woah, and just like that, James Jakes is in the wall. OUCH that was a big hit. All credit to James. This is a big learning curve for him and he has held his own so far. Replay shows him hit the bump and then he’s just a passenger

Everyone is going to come in to the pits, and OH!! WHAT THE FUCK!! Big clusterfuckage on pitlane. Crew waves Power out, Kimball dives into his pitstall from outside lane, major wreck. Power plows into the side of Charlie.
Poor Will. This is going to have MAJOR championship ramifications unless someone takes Dashley out. (not that I’m wishing that… no really … I’m not… *crosses fingers*… )

Restart, clean and green (not lined up again of course)

Major contrails coming off the cars. Very cool. Wish I was there to try to photograph it.

Yellow Yellow Yellow… Turn 2-Lap 45
Ana Beatriz and Mike Conway. Replay, yikes. Holy shrapnel batman. Big mess to clean up. Vitor Meira picked up a large piece of someone else’s bodywork.

I am loving the SkySport broadcast stream. NO commercials! When the American broadcast goes to commercial, we just get the track feed, with ambient car sound. It’s AWESOME.

Cars heading into pitlane soon… Vitor has been there for a while. Power has come in for a few more repairs to try to get that car back in good running shape.

Clean up complete…
Restart on Lap 64… Green Green Green!
Dashley Kanaan, Helio Sato, Parko, Brisco, Hildebrand, Dixon(!) Servia Rahal

Wow… Helio has tire issues for the second race in a row, has to come in for tires. Drops a lap and slots in behind teammate Will Power.

Speaking of Power… he just put himself in the wall. Fuckity Fuck Fuck Fuck!! This is one night that Will will want to put behind him. Major shitshow™ for the #12 and his championship.

WOAH serious squiggles and wiggles on the pitlane out. Clown car(™pressdog) was on standby for that one!

Speaking of clown cars… time to crack open my second cider! (It could be an amusing commute home for the Meeshster tonight! LOL!) (public transit, no worries!)

I just realized they don’t show any of the pitlane feed either (on the Sky stream) I have two monitors going, two feeds so I see both. Pretty funny.

and the cars are starting to line up for the restart…

Dashley gets the jump… *mocks surprise* Sato says “see ya Tony” and takes 2nd, Tony settles for 3rd…

Fyi… Dixon is up to 5th… (started 23rd)

YELLOW YELLOW YELLOW! Saavedra hard into the turn 2 wall. Taking while to get him out of the car. Using that helmet lifting bladder thingamabob

Power out of the medical centre. “had my bell rung” says he. oh and he dropped the word “shit” clear as a bell. Love ya WillyP! He’s a little “oof” and has a headache. Good thing he has 2 wks to rest up before Toronto (Woot!!)

Tony Kanaan having some harsh words for Taku over his radio. “he’s gonna learn a lesson he’ll never forget” … Dayum. Play nice ladies…

ok… grabbing that cider now…

ReStart on lap 130 clean and green. No “lessons” for Taku 😉

Drinking and watching… keep forgetting to type.

“JR Hinchcliffe” … apparently Bob is drinking in the booth too… LOL!

Holy wheel to wheel batman Kanaan and Hildebrand, Andretti and Kanaan, Kanaan and Hildebrand again.
Andretti and Taku! WOOOAAAAAAAH! I should really record myself watching, cause I have screamed out loud several times.

I am putting this out there right now. I am going to Iowa next year. Fuck this is an awesome race.

MARCO TAKES THE LEAD!!! Pull away ya bastard!! Do it!!
Ugh… Dashley is a fucking killjoy, takes the lead back. Seriously. Will is out of the race, let someone else win please!

WOAH… EJ is plummeting backwards thru the field, everyone is all evasive maneuver Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! ™pressdog

WOAH! EJ comes off of pitroad into the path of the leaders! Safe!

Leaders on pitlane!


Marko beats Dashley off pitroad!! Woohoo!!!

NOOOOO Cookie is all Fuel hose if fucked! Damnit!

They are showing the recap of carnage…

Here we go… green green Yellow… The call it cause Marko jumps out front. Too fucking funny. Anyone but Dashley does it, they find the yellow flag suddenly. Give me a fucking break. Nice consistency there IndyCar…

Green 2nd time around. Marko out front. TK gets Dashley! Schaweeet!

TK around Parko for the lead. Dario just a specktator (ya, I spelled that wrong, but its funny, so I’m leaving it)

Parko gets it back!

TK back to the front!! Yeee Haw!!! We’ve got ourselves a real race!

Saavedra and Taku cleared from the medical centre. Good news.

WOAH!!! EJ Viso is a pylon, Hildebrand dives the inside and squeezes him up. Somehow he saves it. Go EJ go.

Parko out front, TK on his ass. This is gonna be a shootout kids. Dashley now down to 4th.
White Flag! Marco on the button, way out front
Winner Winner Chcken Dinner!!!

It’s been so long, Marco has no idea how to get to victory circle

Now comes the fun part… post race interviews…

TK shows he’s a class act and congratulates Marco and the crew.
What??? No whining?! No accusations?! No bad blood?!

Alright… best start to pack up so I can commute home… LOL! night kids!

14 responses to “The Iowa Corn 250! *live blog*

  1. Yes, nice to be back on Versus. I don’t have to put IMS radio on XM on to hear a pre-race that is not “All Danica, All the time”.

    If Sato wins, we might hear all of Japan cheering here in North America. I would like that.

    Lastly, how big are those cans of Cider? I’m not sure I have ever seen the name brand here in the states.

    • they are 500ml, 6% alcohol (but I’m a lightweight) I almost grabbed something that was 12%, but thought better of it for the sake of my mad typing skillz

      • You’re a Canadian. How can you be a lightweight drinker?!?!

        • dude, you’ve had drinks with me! You KNOW what a lightweight I am! Speaking of which, are you bastards coming to Toronto next week? ;-P Since I sadly have no reason to come to the Glen this weekend 😦

  2. what happened to the end? (not the race–that was awesome, but the live blog? exciting race, best of the year. Marco was great, really.

    I thought the same as you–if it’s Dario, they let him have a head start, anybody else, they throw the yellow. It’s also funny how every driver complains about blocking, then they go block someone. good job on the blog, made me want to find that cider too.

    • LOL! I couldn’t type and watch two streams and tweet all at once! Those final laps were awesome! I swear I will record the next one… to fill in the written gaps! mmmm… cider… 😉

  3. Good to have the real deal of live blogging from the site author back instead of some wanker guest blogger. 😉

    • ha! hardly! You’ve inspired me to put the camera down next weekend, and do some writing again. (though I’ll still be shooting… just not as much)

  4. Is this not a live blog? Anyway, it’s good to see that there’s a comparatively high no. of mentions on the word green. Racing should always embrace the environment.

    • Well, it was live at the time I was writing it! LOL! it wasn’t one of those new-fangled live blog/chat thingies if that’s what you meant.

      And yes, I agree on the green aspect of it, as ironic as it seems to most outsiders.

  5. Demond Sanders

    It’s been a long five years for us Marco fans… FINALLY 🙂

    • Happy for you D! Sadly I don’t think any of us PT fans will live that awesome moment again, but a podium would rock! *oh, that reminds me of a picture I found of Paul’s last open wheel win… I should dig that out as you guys will get a kick out of it*

  6. Everyone thoughtfully refrained from the whining and complaining… Though I would have had an issue with TK complaining about chopping and blocking. This Dario fan was relieved to see the smile on his face during his post-race interview.

    Oh, and go Marco! Thanks for helping me out with at least one of this year’s predictions…

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