Duff, Crab, Camden Yards and a brand spankin new race!!

So here’s the thing… I haven’t been this excited about going to a race in a long time. Not even my own home race. I’ve been trying to figure out why…

I think it’s all the newness of it.

I’ve never been to Baltimore first of all, and I am always just thrilled to travel somewhere new! I am over the moon excited that I got to go to a baseball game at Camden Yards!! I real American open air baseball stadium! And as luck would have it, my Toronto Blue Jays were playing a series there this week! Ha! Oh, and though I haven’t had any yet, I am anticipating a fabulous helping of Maryland Crab at some point. Baltimore is also home to “Ace of Cakes” Duff Goldman! If by some chance I get to meet him, my life will be complete! 😉

I’m meeting a 2D friend in 3D for the first time after many years of online friendship! How cool is that?!

And of course, and brand spankin new Race!
I’ve been to a few “inaugural” races. They are adrenaline filled, almost trying too hard events. Usually, because of the novelty, they are well attended.

Admittedly this one is getting off to a rocky start. A few changes at the top of the Baltimore GP organizational food chain, a hurricane, and the usual “new event” fly by the seat of your pants hurdles to jump over, and well, we’re a little behind the eight ball on the official 1st day.

So, the bad news is that we’re about 4hrs behind getting things actually moving.
The good news, there are a lot of people milling about out there, and those that aren’t pissed off about their grandstand seats being “adjusted” or the traffic/parking situation, are pretty excited about the circus coming to their town…

more later…


One response to “Duff, Crab, Camden Yards and a brand spankin new race!!

  1. Have fun! Please keep the ‘on the scene’ posts coming. I love to hear firsthand experiences. Fingerscrossed that the track gets finished in time. I’m really anxious to hear how this race goes. I love Baltimore, but I haven’t been there in 15 years. I am hoping this race is a success and stays on the schedule; it would give me an excuse to make a trip to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor next year

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