Baltimore Sunday am – Quick thoughts

It’s funny, as the weekend progresses, you get more tired, your call times are earlier, your evenings are later, and your schedule gets tighter and tighter, very little time to just sit and reflect. So, as I prep for my day, I’ll briefly dump some quick thoughts while I have a quick moment.

Thursday when I arrived, I was filled with anticipation, then awash with dread. Things were not looking good for this event. Track not built, staff either not in place or so clueless about what was going on that it was frightening.

Friday morning, with hours of “non action” ahead, I had a knot in the pit of my stomach. Not because of that, but because there was an enthusiastic crowd that had begun spilling into the grounds, and we had nothing to show for it. It was like inviting a bunch of people to an awesome party and not serving food or drinks.

Thankfully the cars finally took to the track, and as each session got underway, the weekend began to look more and more promising.

For every one thing they got wrong this weekend, there were 10 things that they got very very right.

Patience has been the buzz word behind the scenes. Those of us who are series veterans have had to pitch in with some guidance and policing of the newbies, and remind ourselves that this is a first time event and to quell our own personal frustrations.

Honestly though, other than the entrance/egress issues due to the overwhelming amount of people trying to move about (and really, EVERY event and IndyCar fan should be happily bitching about that problem and welcome it!) I haven’t run into anything warranting an epic Meesh rant, which is saying a lot.

Gonna put it out there now, even before the race is run or complete: this is now an annual race for me. 100%.

Alright, must grab some food, put the hair in race mode, format my cards and set about to enjoy the Inaugural Grand Prix of Baltimore.


2 responses to “Baltimore Sunday am – Quick thoughts

  1. It sounds and looks like an absolutely brilliant weekend. I hope the race goes off smoothly, and even if it doesn’t, these seem like the sort of people who will fix any niggling issues in time for next year’s event.
    I bet when the two series and their supports pitch up next year (and I do hope both IndyCar and ALMS return), we’ll see the place resurfaced and a redesigned front straight chicane, maybe some changes at turn one.
    A lot of work goes into street tracks and there were always going to be things they weren’t going to get right on the first attempt, they’ll be fixed next time.

  2. The chicane may have been the biggest culprit if the public didn’t like the race.

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