Baltimore delayed…

I had every intention of sitting down tonight and doing a mega wrap up of what was truly an extraordinary weekend. Unfortunately my race weekend “happy place” bubble was cruelly burst upon walking through my door in the wee hours of this morning.

My beloved furry companion of 21 yrs took his final sleep over the weekend while I was away, and it has left me feeling rather unraveled at the moment. While I knew he was on the white flag lap of his journey, I had hoped to be there with him when the checkers waved.

So I ask for patience my friends, as I sort through my emotions alongside my photos of the weekend and collect my thoughts.

Life’s gonna be a little sad for a while…


4 responses to “Baltimore delayed…

  1. So sorry to hear this! Furry friends work their way into our hearts.

  2. Sorry to hear it…

  3. My condolences, Meesh. Its always hard to lose a “four-legged child”.

  4. Jeez, Meesh. Just catching up on the Google Reader today and found this. My sincerest apologies. I only hope that I’ve got a solid 8-10 more years before I find out exactly how that feels, but I’ll be enjoying every day I get with my little buddy until then. Hope you’re doing a little better this week.

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