Trackside Rolls out the Butcher Block

Yes kids, tonight was the annual “Blogger night” on The Fan 1070, where they play host to word butchers of all shapes and sizes, and discuss the topics burning up the racing interwebs

As usual I was MIA. (who are we fucking kidding here? I’m the Kathy Griffin of IndyCar bloggers. D list at best, brassy, and unpredictable. No one is stupid enough to put me on the air live without a censor button at the ready;-) )

So I just sat on the sidelines and listened. Oh, and tweeted of course! (but because of the line up, there was very little, actually no engagement with the listeners tonight)
Anyhoo… the elite “who’s who” of the IndyCar bloggerazzi were all lined up and ready to pimp themselves out while prognosticating on the upcoming IndyCar season.

I recommend you check out the podcast if you missed it. (iphone users, you can subscribe! It automatically uploads to your phone! I listen to the show the next morning on my commute if I miss it live) oh, and if you don’t have a smart phone… get the podcast here:

So here is a brief overview (just people and topics, no details)

1. George – (@oilpressureblog) was up to bat first. Topic: calling the haters and negative nellies to the mat. (hope I’m not part of that group there George!) I always forget that George has that sweet southern drawl.. 😉

2. Joe – (@tracksideonline, @joeberk) was gonna touch on the haters too, but since George had already taken a swing at that, he took on the topic of ovals (or lack there of) on the schedule. (oh and his mere presence reminded me I need to check my subscription as it is up for renewal!) (not a subscriber yet? What’s your problem? no seriously, what the fuck are you waiting for? Best $22 you’ll spend during the IndyCar season)

3. Jill – (@indycarmom) said she doesn’t talk telemetry, or all that other technical mumbojumbo etc… (my paraphrasing) but rather concentrates on how to get your kids interested in racing. (very cool!) (I doubt she reads my rhetoric, but if she does, hi! sorry for the potty mouth)

4. Paul – (@fieldof33) pimped out More Front Wing for most of his portion of the program, then lost his signal and disappeared… LOL… when he got back online his chosen topic was voicing his concern about Milwaukee and other stuff. (just grab the fricken podcast already… )

5. Mark – (@newtrackrecord) He talked a lot about song lyrics and the WWE.
(dudes, I’m not kidding, you need to listen to this show!)

6. Bill – (@pressdog) The Grand Poobah of Word Butchers, and Blogger night record holder for attendance, came on and chose the topic of IndyCar on Mile & 1/2 tracks and their inevitable extinction. It’s funny, it always surprises me how Bill doesn’t sound the way I picture his voice in my head. LOL!

7. Erik – (@erock_in_Indy) His topic du jour…. Wikipedia Pages
(again… no summary from me… go listen!)

8. Doug – (@xorpheous) championed the Mazda Road to Indy (yes! support the feeders!)

9. Tyler – – (@indycargarage) his topic: the viability of Indy and the Speedway as a year round destination instead of just a Month of May thing.

10. Zachary – @indycaradvocate for his time in the spotlight he chose to talk about Team/driver Sponsorship and fan activation of said sponsorship

11. Steph – (yes, they got two spots, cause they’re special) (well three technically as P-dalb disconnected himself during his allotted time and had to call back LOL!) (@99forever) Steph’s topic du jour: She chose to throw @paultracy3 under the bus.
HA… I keed, I keed.
No, technically she did, but I agree with her take on it, so there.

sidebar: Ya, you can all pick your jaws up off the floor now and give me some credit here. The assumption that I’m a koolaid drinking, support at all costs, blinder wearing PT fan is greatly exaggerated. I love and respect Paul both as a person and as a driver, and will do anything I can to support him in his efforts. That said, I also have grey matter between my pigtails, and am able to use reason and logic when the situation warrants. And the situation he is in this year warrants it. (more on that in an upcoming blog)

12. Tom – “Tomaso” Topic: advocating for Portland to come back on the schedule (as an oval not street race)

13. Paul Henry – … truthfully, I didn’t catch his twitter or get to hear his topic as someone came to my door at that moment. (I think he just talked about his blog)

And that’s that.

Kudos to Trackside and 1070 the Fan for their support of all the butchery, wordy, goodness out here in webland.

What are you still doing here?! Go download the fricken podcast and give it a listen! geesh…

EDIT: made all the websites clickable… sorry for the oversight 😉


11 responses to “Trackside Rolls out the Butcher Block

  1. I agree! it was a ton of fun to listen to these folks and I hope its maybe a quarterly event on Trackside. I totally agree w you on Pdog’s voice and I’ve spoken w him in person. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that Steph’s voice does things it shouldn’t to an over-40 male.

    I was more than pleasantly surprised at the diversity of people and topics.

    Considered trying to get in this time and bagged it because I knew my evening’s schedule would be quite hectic already and having me holding on the phone would’ve made for family insanity. I also don’t reap any financial reward as these folks do, so they deserve the public pimping more than me.

    Next time, however, you AND I are getting in line and chatting on Trackside simply because we should.

    • Ha! Glad I’m not the only one w/ regards to P-Dog’s voice.

      nope. Won’t find me calling in for the next one, or ever, but no reason why you shouldn’t though!

  2. Glad to see you’re writing here more recently. You have a unique voice and an always interesting and animated perspective.

  3. Nice summary Meesh, good to have it on written record. I enjoyed the show. I’ll call in next year if you will! 🙂 🙂

    Pretty sure Tomaso was advocating Portland the road course not an oval.

    • haha! Just realized I wrote “as an oval”. It’s pavlovian to write oval when someone says they don’t want a street race.

      Well, I won’t ever be calling in, so don’t count on that!

      Hell, at this point (for a number of reasons) I’m questioning why I even bother to bust my nut to cover the series.
      Today I’m rethinking my schedule and participation at all this year. Ticket is bought for St. Pete’s so that’s a given, but after that… well I’ll play it by ear.

      • Ha yeah that was my first thought when I read it back! Hardly anyone calls for a road course over a street track, or so it seems.

        A shame to hear you say that you may cut back. Would you still go to some other races as non-media? I hope whatever problems are surmountable..

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  5. Thanks for the bump, Meesh. I love reading your stuff and getting my dose of INTELLIGENT snark. Anyone can snark but you do it with class. Please come to Indy sometime so I can show you some pretty damn good micro brewed beer. “tis how I got my nice, round shape. Round is a shape!

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  7. Wow, blogger night. Sounds like a cool party or a very geeky event. Wish I was there.

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