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And Here’s What I Have To Say About That…

Happy Friday. Here’s a look back at what got everyone’s panties in a wad this week:
(was just easier to spit it all into one post)
Warning: Brassy Level 10

So… NAPCAR sure made the most of their new show pony … er show Sparkle Pony.
It was all Danica, all the time. 24/7 coverage of her during “Speedweek”
Hell, I got bombarded by more Danistar news/tidbits daily than I did when she was in IndyCar, and I hadn’t watched one minute of Nascar coverage on tv or online until the Juan Pablo CarBQ.

I had to have a little empathy for the NASCAR fans of the other 42 drivers on the grid. Welcome to IndyCar with Fenders boys and girls. Y’all might as well get on the Dayglo green bandwagon now, cause once it’s in motion there is no stopping it, and it will only frustrate you trying to fight it.

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