And Here’s What I Have To Say About That…

Happy Friday. Here’s a look back at what got everyone’s panties in a wad this week:
(was just easier to spit it all into one post)
Warning: Brassy Level 10

So… NAPCAR sure made the most of their new show pony … er show Sparkle Pony.
It was all Danica, all the time. 24/7 coverage of her during “Speedweek”
Hell, I got bombarded by more Danistar news/tidbits daily than I did when she was in IndyCar, and I hadn’t watched one minute of Nascar coverage on tv or online until the Juan Pablo CarBQ.

I had to have a little empathy for the NASCAR fans of the other 42 drivers on the grid. Welcome to IndyCar with Fenders boys and girls. Y’all might as well get on the Dayglo green bandwagon now, cause once it’s in motion there is no stopping it, and it will only frustrate you trying to fight it.

NASCAR 2012: Danica and the other guys

The one bright spot this week was that the coverage momentarily shifted from Ms. Patwreck (man she tore up a lot of equipment last weekend) to Brad Keselowski and his creative use of his cellphone during the red flag.

What are the chances that the series whose demographic is misconceptually (my word, deal with it) identified as beer bellied, mullet sporting,”good ol boys” barbecuing in the parking lot, would give the rest of the world of sports a good old-fashioned ASS WHOOPING when it comes to the use of social media?
That’s right. Throughout the broadcast, the booth boys, amidst all their down home, twangy word play, managed to spit out “tweeter” handles (as DW called them) and showed actual graphics, with names, hash tags, total followers, etc… WHAT?!
Oh, but it gets better! During the red flag, the aforementioned Brad Keselowski (@keselowski) tweeted a picture of the view from his car! After we all picked up our jaws, and stopped making fun of the fact that in NASCAR drivers basically have a mini cooler full of stuff in their cars (phones, hats, sunglasses, etc..) we watched the magic happen.

He went from already having a sweet fan base of Twitter followers to a GAZILLION! ok… not quite that many, but you get the picture. Not only was he engaging with the fans, but it gave the broadcast team something to talk about (besides Danica) during the extended clean up.

There are two really great post event wrap ups, filled with analysis: Here and Here!

NASCAR capitalizing on this of course made HUGE news, particularly in the mainstream media. (hey, it was a slow night, awards season is over,  we had a jet engine explode into a fireball, a driver tweeting from his car, and the only thing Danica did on Monday night worthy of a close up was walk across the infield to the porta-potty during the red flag)
So why was NASCAR able to capitalize on Monday’s events? Because they were prepared. They already had the infrastructure in place to take advantage of the situation and roll with it.

The patting on the back and kudos to NASCAR also subsequently caused many  in the IndyCar fan base to curl up into the fetal position and wail “But we did it FIRST!!”

Boofuckingwho kids! Just cause you did it first, doesn’t mean you did it best or correctly for that matter. And while I applaud the efforts of everyone who busts their asses to promote the series/drivers/races/teams on twitter and in the blogosphere, let’s face it, it’s masturbatory at best.
We’re essentially convincing each other how great the thing WE ALREADY LOVE is.

Unadulterated, unfiltered truth?
It’s not up to US to pick up the ball and run with it. Shit rolls downhill. In other words, unless IndyCar itself makes it a priority and devotes a great deal of manpower & money into making it happen properly, then we’re pissing in the wind. Sure, IndyCar, and pretty much every team/driver/race/ has a twitter stream and w/hashtag, but it’s not being used effectively. If the powers that be were smart (and that can be a debatable topic some days) they would be HARD at work RIGHT FUCKING NOW preparing for the season and putting the foundation in place (tv graphics/metrics and measuring/social media plan of execution, etc….)

23 days til the season opener, but who’s counting.

“Don’t call me sexy, but don’t call me a Bitch either”

GMAFB. First of all, anyone who’s spent anytime near Princess Pouts-a-lot over the last couple of years knows that what that reporter “inferred” (he didn’t actually call her anything. Another B word, that’s not beautiful could have been “Bratty” for all we know) is TRUE a good 80% of the time. Hell, I’m a bitch 90% of the time. Big fucking deal. And lets face it, a lot of the boy drivers are little bitches too. I guess cause she’s following the nicey nice hearts, flowers and fluffy bunny chapter of her NASCAR introduction Script/Brand manual, the bitch moniker seems harsh to the unknowing masses or the Fanica’s. Give her a couple of months of hammering the dents out of her fenders, and dealing with DNFs, and the dude in Cali won’t be the only one cleverly disguising insults.
I am curious though, how many reporters were reprimanded/fined/suspended for “inferring” that Kyle Busch was a complete ASSHOLE last season? I’m guessing none…
Double standards hail supreme!!

*Sidebar:  I’ve seen some pretty nasty things in print flying about the interwebs this week. Here’s the thing. You all know I’m not a Fanica. I think she is mostly hype and very little actual substance, especially when it comes to results. (and face it, it’s about results is it not?! Male or female??) I want the  drivers I support to become popular because they kicked ass ON track, not because they pimped themselves to the highest bidder off track. BUT… all that said, if she couldn’t actually drive the damn cars, she wouldn’t be out there. So all of you  “she’s a girl, so she can’t drive” or “she stole the ride from a boy” tiny penis sporting misogynist out there need to take your heads out of your asses and come up from the basement at mommy’s house once in a while to see that we’ve indeed “come a long way baby”

And speaking of little bitches…

How about this little gem from Eddie Gossage:
“I’m really disappointed and don’t know why IndyCar drivers feel the need to constantly damage the sport. You know, engineers have told us over and over that the current fence design is the best that technology provides us today. But if you were a sponsor, if you were a fan, if you were a TV network _ why would you get involved with IndyCar racing if they can’t tell you today where they’re going to race tomorrow? And the drivers _ the spokespersons for the sport _ are tearing it down? So, it’s absolutely irresponsible of those drivers, and they deserve _ because of the way they conduct themselves sometimes _ they deserve where they stand now in the food chain of motorsports.”

Really Eddie? Give your ego-swollen noggin a fucking shake there dude.
Yes, clearly striving for safety is hideously destructive to the sport of motor racing. Good thing IndyCar is so fucking irresponsible, otherwise we wouldn’t have safety teams and SAFER barriers, and dozens of drivers across many series who WALKED AWAY from serious accidents on many tracks, including YOURS, because of IndyCar’s pioneering irresponsibility.
Instead of being such a colossal JACKTARD and blowing off their concerns with pithy quotes and self promotion, why not actually speak with the drivers and the series and find a compromise. Better yet, strap your ass into one of those cars, with the potential to become a projectile hurling towards one of those “best that technology can provide” exposed posts, and tell us how safe you feel.

And now for something completely different…

Something that isn’t making me spit nails or laugh maniacally because of, is the signing of Rubens Barrichello this week with KV Racing Technology. Not only does that put more international eyes on the sport (oh, good luck with TV coverage Mates!) but it also ups the ante competition wise. I think the combo of Kanaan and Rubens will be formidable, and if EJ can soak up all of that knowledge and follow their lead (which he was already doing with TK last year) well, I think KV Racing will be one of the most competitive teams on track this year. Lots of trophy hoisting in their future me thinks.

And with that, I’m outta here for the weekend.  (would it surprise you to know I’m a little pissed off this week) (would it be more surprising that NONE of the above is actually the thing I’m most pissed off about?… Ya… saving that for a future epic bridge-burning swan song… )

29 responses to “And Here’s What I Have To Say About That…

  1. I just wet my pants. Eddie, Danica Patwreck, fuctards. You covered the trifecta and gave us even MORE truth. Thanks Meesh!

  2. Swan song? Don’t like the sound of that! Must be pretty severe stuff!!

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  4. Great post! And while I agree that “It’s not up to US to pick up the ball and run with it.” regarding social media and Indycar, I disagree that fans can’t make a difference in improving what they do. Sure, it’s ultimately the organization’s decision to do something great, but the point of social media is that it’s a two-way street. There needs to be engagement with fans and not just broadcasting on Twitter. Broadcasting is for TV. Maybe I’m just too damn optimistic for my own good, but I just had a really great interaction with the person behind @indycar in the past 24 hours and I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt to do great things this year.

    All of our your other points – awesome. You’re a firecracker. Love it. Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Thanks.

      I didn’t say that fan’s can’t make a difference. And there is engagement on twitter. But all of us walking around patting each other on the back like a bunch of sycophants isn’t growing the fan base or gaining national exposure for the series or it’s sponsors. There has to be a solid plan and foundation in place, otherwise we are attempting to build a skyscraper on quicksand.

      Nothing wrong with being optimistic. (I’m actually pretty optimistic myself most days, contrary to today’s post) and I’m glad that @indycar is so engaged with you. Kudos. I haven’t had the courtesy of a follow myself.

      Yes, I am a firecracker 😉
      Guess it is just time to stick to what I do best

  5. Just another reason why I love ya, Meesh!

  6. Eddie is a stereotypical “Texas sized douche bag”. He un-friended me on Facebook because I dared posting on my own status a political comment that didn’t jive with his.

    I hate to break the news to him, but not all fans of four wheeled machines going fast in circles; wear cowboy hats, belt buckles so big you don’t notice the Monopoly thimble sized manhood under it, do a “Texas2 step”, and get confused on fathers day on if you call him ‘dad’ or ‘uncle Bubba’.

    Some of us, happen to NOT strive for being a “stereotype” at all. I do this dangerous thing–it is called “thinking”, something Texas Motor Speedway’s target demo apparently seem to think only “snobs” do.

    Speaking of snobs, how long until ASSCAR has a special cam for Danica’s potty adventures? That’s one DW can brag all he wants “NASCAR invented”. Or maybe he can say how; “NASCAR drivers are peeing less on the toilet seat after watching Danica–she learned that in IndyCar”.

    As for the social media thing, lets be honest, FOX spent 6 months promoting this race. IndyCar is lucky if they get 6 minutes of ads on ABC leading up to a non-500 race. Those rejects of the Blue Collar Comedy tour in the Fox booth–actually study the notes on every driver, and team. Marty Reid on the other hand, spends three quarters of the race trying to remember how to say Dario’s last name.

    And while the broadcast team, and on-air talent at (now) NBC Sports Network is the best at covering the series, their bosses at Comcast care about IndyCar almost as much as a Syrian dictator does for civilian lives. (Both parties could give a shit respectively).

    IndyCar seems to be happy to partner with media companies who have no desire to promote them. You can blame that 4 shot, soy latte I just made for this excessively long reply I wrote rather fast. lol

    • 4 shots?! eek… even I’m not that caffeinated 😉

      The social media thing has nothing to do with Fox promoting the race. I’m talking about them or Nascar (whoever was responsible) integrating the social media aspect of it right into the broadcast.

      Plus, how long are we going to play the “woe is me” card with regards to the broadcasting? If it’s BROKE, FIX IT! Don’t just shrug your shoulders every fricken season and say.. “oh well, if we were on a bigger network, and had more money and more exposure things would be better”

      BULLSHIT! Make it better NOW, so that it’s more appealing for the Bigger networks with more money to want to jump on board and make it even MO’ BETTER!

      • The lack of repairing promoting is the point I was driving at.

        Speed has been reading drivers tweets on Truck races for a few years now. So it is not totally new to ASSCAR as well. Just Cup. But considering the title sponsor is a cell phone company, they will look to pimp their services anyway possible.

        In all honesty, NASCAR promotes every thing under the sun they do, and spend money on it. IndyCar prays us silly bloggers keep spending money out of pocket for them. Sadly we lack the cash to buy the exposure they need.

        • “IndyCar prays us silly bloggers keep spending money out of pocket for them. Sadly we lack the cash to buy the exposure they need.”

          Don’t even get me started on that…

          • If only I could “+1” or “Like” that! lol

            • I swear I have written and deleted a full on rant about that a few times… The irony of course is that none of the series, teams or drivers actually follow me, so it’s not like I should be worried about what I say LOL.

              Of course it also leads me to wonder why I’ve wasted thousands of dollars “working” at 5-8 races per year, using up all of my vacation days and disposable income on their behalf

  7. What a great round-up come rant. 🙂 I agree with every single point, including the ones I hadn’t thought of.

    Danica’s coverage in IndyCar was OTT compared to the others but wow, that was just a warm-up compared to what we’re already seeing this year. At least she hasn’t changed, I see an interview and she’s same old same old. As ever its the hangers-on and the TV stuff and the interviews and adverts and endless tweets which are the most annoying. I still want her to do well though. A top ten IndyCar driver, which she is, should be on the pace or thereabouts in NASCAR (say top ten or fifteen), if not, what does that say about the rest of ‘our’ drivers?

    I hadn’t thought about it but yeah, absolutely right on being first being meaningless. I do think IndyCar led the way and opened the door on social media, and aside from ‘Keselowski’s view from a car’ I still think IndyCar drivers do a better job (especially Hinch and TK, and now RB). But certainly Fox/SPEED are getting a handle on it with NASCAR far, far more effectively than IndyCar’s partners ever have. The other difference is the sheer weight of numbers. Lots of people saw that tweet on their TVs.

    I’ve always thought Gossage was an arse.

    • Hey, I would love it if Danica somehow breaks through in NASCAR. But it ain’t gonna be easy. That said, I don’t want to feel I have to cheer for her unconditionally just because she’s “one of ours”.
      Fact is, she’s not anymore. She’s one of theirs.

      I would rather focus on the ones that are ours. Hopefully the series has become wiser about putting all of their promo eggs in one basket, cause over the years it’s left them with yolk dripping down their faces. (Helio poster boy-turned tax evader, Danicamania-who the hell is everyone else?)

      I want to see them promoting all of the drivers, equally, focusing on all aspects of their personality and what makes them unique. (anything but fricken gender, cause that is so played out) Promote their nationalities. Promote their off-beat hobbies. Promote their charities. Promote their mad skillz as drivers. Let’s get their names out there. I am able to name most of the Nascar field just based on their sponsor commercials alone. Let’s put their names on the rear wings of their cars. It’ll be like subliminal advertising. Viewers both at home and at the track will see the name and the sponsor visually, together. It will become symbiotic. I still see Barilla Pasta at the store and think Alex Zanardi.

      We need to start thinking outside the box again. We need to stop playing the “we’re being bullied by Nascar” card, stand up, and take the playground back!

      fuck I’m on a role today…

      • I think when even her former team boss has talked this week about her taking the promo away from all the other drivers in the series, that must mean things are about to change. I’m really looking forward to it.
        As much as I love Rubens, I hope he’s not The Next Danica in promo etc.

        To me a team putting driver names in prime sponsor spots says to me the team can’t find sponsors for said spots, so here’s some filler. It doesn’t look good. Admittedly this is less of an issue with the DW12’s gigantic sponsor-friendly sidepods!

        • I don’t want to see any of them become the “Next Danica”. I’d like to see all of them become the next

          I was worried when I saw all the glamour shots of Kat starting to be circulated last fall (before she even officially had a seat) that they were merely replacing photogenic brunette A with photogenic brunette B. But I’m hoping beyond all hope that my fears are unfounded, and that Kat won’t make that mistake, or allow the series to strong arm her into that role.

          Fair point on the sponsor vs driver name. Clearly we don’t want a repeat of the Ryan and Jimmy sidepods from the American Spirit years. 😦

          But really, when you look at the rear wings from years past, very few if any have sponsorship on them, so why not utilize the space for driver recognition? I loved seeing Ryan Briscoe’s name on his car during testing! and hey, it might even help Bob Jenkins during the broadcasts! 😉
          Right Kevin Biscuit?!

  8. I can’t help but see a parallel between Jackie Stewart in the 60s/70s and IndyCar drivers with the current fence issue. He was criticized by many both within the sport and outside the sport when he demanded safety improvements – turns out he was right and folks like Gossage were wrong. Gossage crossed the line from defending his facility into ignoring driver safety.

    • exactly. I had the great honour of hearing him speak of those days and meeting him at a book signing.

      Someone has to stand up. And really, it’s not like they don’t have a fucking good reason to be concerned. They watched their fellow competitor and close friend DIE before their eyes, from blunt force trauma to the head, from hitting an exposed post. All the engineering manuals in the world can scream “but it’s safe”.
      Ya, tell that to his widow and their children.

  9. Thanks.

    I didn’t say that fan’s can’t make a difference. And there is engagement on twitter. But all of us walking around patting each other on the back like a bunch of sycophants isn’t growing the fan base or gaining national exposure for the series or it’s sponsors. There has to be a solid plan and foundation in place, otherwise we are attempting to build a skyscraper on quicksand.

    Nothing wrong with being optimistic. (I’m actually pretty optimistic myself most days, contrary to today’s post) and I’m glad that @indycar is so engaged with you. Kudos. I haven’t had the courtesy of a follow.

    Yes, I am a firecracker 😉
    Guess it is just time to stick to what I do best

    You have a good weekend too.

  10. ‘First of all, anyone who’s spent anytime near Princess Pouts-a-lot over the last couple of years knows that what that reporter “inferred’”

    Ack! This sounds like a fascinating topic, but I have no idea to what it refers Now my curiosity is tormenting me! What reporter? What did he say? And in what way was he “reprimanded/fined/suspendd”?

  11. Meesh at 230 MPH with her hair on fire! Your honest, informed opinion always makes for a great read!

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