IndyCar steps up re: Social Media Plan

Happy Monday my fellow Racing Rebels. (I can only assume that all of you that venture into my nasty little neighbourhood are also the ruffians of the playground 😉 but I digress…)

So, of the four five blogs that called IndyCar to the mat last week regarding the social media strategy or apparent lack thereof,  three of them were contacted personally by IndyCar with all the details on what’s on tap for 2012. Since I wasn’t, have never been, and apparently never will be a “chosen” one, I’ll just link you to the information they were all provided so y’all know what’s going on this year.
(on the brightside, I guess it saved me a lot of typing :-P)

More Front Wing’s take here:
Pressdog’s Take here:
IndyCar Minnesota’s Take here:
(and so I don’t get bombarded with give credit comments/tweets, this blog was via a guest post from Angie King who I’m assuming doesn’t have a blog of her own)

Here’s an idea from me: (I just did this)(oh and feel free to steal) Put the hashtags in your calendars along with the race name/date so you’ll have them handy on race weekend.
(I also added them to the schedule in my sidebar, look over there)

Oh, and speaking of stepping up, and brilliant ideas… As you may have surmised via previous rants/tweets, one of my biggest pet peeves is PR or significant others taking over a drivers twitter account and tweeting on their behalf, without acknowledgment. It leads to me wondering if said driver ever actually tweets for themselves. I don't like to be mislead. I also find it laughable when a tweet comes from a driver mid-race or in the form of a  third person comment.

So… with all of that in mind, the team behind Katherine Legge's Social media efforts this year announced this morning that they created "@katontrack” for her pr team to tweet on her behalf during live track sessions. BRILLIANT! No second guessing. No confusion. Love when people think outside the box!

And with that… my coffee break is over… enjoy day one of Spring Training kids

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