2012 Grand Prix of Long Beach *live* blog ;-)

I’m actually getting watch the race with friends, on a large screen in HD! Woot! oh and there is alcohol and barbeque involved… so this will be a little disjointed (don’t want to be completely anti-social) and maybe a little edgier than usual 😉

Pre-show… so far so good. Love that they have given time to
Oh Hinch… we love you kid.

mamma and poppa Hinch sighting in the background of the interview with M.Andretti

Poor Robin… who the fuck is calling the schedule from the truck? He gets boned every week now! LOL! and is no one in his ear letting him know there are folks like .. oh I don’t know, Randy Bernard, behind him???

Ok… I think I’m going to stick to twitter for most of this… maybe update later.. LOL.. (had 3 Mike’s hard for breakfast, and 4 strips of bacon… ) (I’m already tipsy)

Ok… lets’ start this SHITSHOW™!!

Looking good!…. Lined up two by two!


Dario got the jump… oooh Josef not letting him go! Atta boy! Oh damn….
Can’t win the race on the first lap Josef… Credit to him for trying, but damn… ;-(

hmmmm….looking at the replay, I’m not convinced that was entirely Josef’s fault. He had the line and was ahead of Dario into the corner. Dario, being the veteran should have conceded and gotten the position back.

#bobism #1 for the race: Becky Gordon = “Betty”

Woot!!! Simon got around Dashley!
And now Sato and Dixon burn by him… too fucking funny! Suck it Dashley.
Funny how he is conceding to all the other drivers, but took out Josef… #karma

sorry… sticking to Twitter for the remainder… will go back thru my stream and pick out the highlights… 😉


3 responses to “2012 Grand Prix of Long Beach *live* blog ;-)

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  2. I know that you and others despise Dashley, but he didn’t shove Josef. His car crabbed right under acceleration out of turn 1 at the same time & place Josef was turning left, away from the wall. So… a little accidental contact. Josef was too impetuous. He was GIFTED a front-row start and had 85 laps to pass Dario. Yes, Dario’s car had a turbo problem or something, so Josef thought that he ought to swing around him and win the race in the first turn of the first lap rather than try one of the two long straightaways or a turn of one of the subsequent laps. (sigh) I hope that he learned a hero-to-zero lesson that’ll last.
    How the heck did Wilson go from first to fifth to eighth to eleventh if he and Pagenaud had Honda engines, DW12s, and Firestone tires?! Ugh.
    Tweeting during races is too much work, too much looking at a keyboard to hunt-and-peck and use trackpad to press “Tweet” button when I should be watching the race! I have avoided live timing and scoring at IndyCar.com for years because others have complained of it. But I think that monitoring T&S would be be a better use of my attention than tryin’ to tweet my opinions and observations to just a few (not 3,000) followers.
    But let’s go to this race next year!

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