Where to Eat in T.O.? *the cliff notes*

Seems to be the most popular question in my twitter stream this week, and scrambling to answer in multiple 140 tweets is proving brutal. So… here you go gang. Here is a generalized listing, featuring choices mostly in the core, where I figure most of y’all will be sleeping the next few days, with concentrations of restaurants of many genres, which should satisfy all tastebuds. I did up some really remedial Maps/legends for you to peruse, print, etc…

I’ve concentrated on the Entertainment District (if you are staying at Hilton Garden Inn, Hyatt, etc… you kids are on restaurant row! The world is your Oyster!) and the St. Lawrence Market District.

You’ve got everything from multiple coffee shops, and mom & pop take out places, to sports bars, to 5 star restaurants. And a vast selection of “street meat” carts (which we Canucks enjoy after a night of drinking!)

For the restaurant rows, I didn’t list venues on the maps in detail, but I’ll outline a few choices below

Click to download pdf of -> King-Spadina Area

Restaurant Row 1 – King St. from Peter over to John is home to many great restaurants. N’awlin’s is a personal fave. Just walk the block, read the menus, choice what appeals.
Restaurant Row 2 – John St. from Adelaide to Queen: Hooters, Jack Astors, Milestones, etc..
Restaurant Row 3 – Spadina Ave from Adelaide to Queen: More cafe style, & take out choices
Restaurant Row 4 – King St. from John st. to University: Starts w/Timmies 😉 then a bunch of sports bars/pubs

Click to download pdf of -> Yonge & Front Area

Restaurant Row 1 – Front St. from Yonge to Victoria – Oliver & Bonacini, Biff’s, Fran’s,
Restaurant Row 2 – Wellington St. from Yonge to Church: Vagabono, Hernando’s Hideaway, Reservoir Lounge, Hot House Cafe
Restaurant Row 3 – Esplanade from Victoria to Church: The Keg Steakhouse, Spaghetti Factory, The Bier Market, etc..
Restaurant Row 4 – King St. from Victoria to Church: Origins, Mercatto, La Maquette, etc..
Restaurant Row 5 – Front St. from Victoria to Church: The Sultan’s Tent, Le Papillon, C’est What, SpringRolls, etc…

These are of course all pretty mainstream. If you have a driver/sponsor budget, then you can afford to check out one or two of Toronto’s exceptional dining establishments (there are many) (Canoe, Spice, Byzmark, Brassaii, etc…)

If you want to eat like you have a driver/sponsor budget, you can do that too! There is a festival that begins on July 6 called Summerlicious which gives the “have nots” an opportunity to eat like the “haves” with specially prices prix fix meals.

If anything, give the search engine a looksie, as it lists about 180 of the participating restaurants, and you can search by genre and location, and check out menus instead of wandering the streets hungry 😉 It’s always wise to call in advance and make reservations.

There is a huge Microsoft convention in town this weekend in addition to the Honda Indy, so every hotel is booked solid, which means every restaurant is hopping this weekend! You have been warned!

If you still need help finding somewhere to eat (specific food requirements, etc…) drop me a tweet at @whatimthinking or track me down at the track. I’ll be glad to help you out!

Welcome (or welcome back!) to Toronto race fans and apparent foodies! Drop the flag and Bon Appetite!

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