“The call is coming from inside the house…”

One of the creepiest lines in horror movie lore, when the babysitter discovers that the killer is not some outside threat, but rather within the safe confines of her own house.

Here are some more familiar phrases:
“the tribe has spoken”
“by a vote of 10-1, you have been evicted from the Big Brother House”
“you’re either in or you’re out”
“turn in your apron”
“pack your knives”

These are all the final taglines of popular reality tv shows that signal the final moments of someone’s journey.

In most cases, by the time the final decision has been reached though, it has not been because of the actions/non actions of the party being shown the door, but rather as a result of secret alliances, back stabbing, gossip, set ups and outright sabotage.

The injured party usually stands there blind-sided, he/she boldly lied to by poker faced game players who have a myopic eye selfishly focused on the big prize at the end, with little regard for who or what is destroyed in the process of securing it for their own personal gain.

And so here we are, watching from the sidelines, as a real life “reality tv” like plot plays out in front of us, we the “viewers” (fans) with little to no say in the process. We can only watch as once again the villains (owners) take out the good guy (RB/the fans)

Ok, reality tv show analogies aside, what at the fuck is going on over there?! Seriously.
Do they (the plotters/schemers/henchmen) not realize that what they are doing by their action/non-action is infinitely more damaging to the series and the future of the series than anything Randy Bernard has done or could ever hope to do with his.

And where is the marketing/PR team in all of this? Have they no concept of crisis management? Cause guess what, WE’RE IN CRISIS!
They need to get out in front of this mess instead of sitting idly by and waiting for the shit to hit the fan.
PRO-active instead of REactive.
A steady stream of positive news, future plans, testing, behind-the-scenes, whatever! Even if it’s complete bullshit, just do something, and a lot of it! Better yet, like him or not, how about showing support for your boss? The silence is deafening from both the IndyCar side and the BOD. There has to be SOMEONE out there who supports him. If so, NOW is the time to speak up, cause soon it could be too late, and the next guy could turn out to be 100 times worse for you and the series, and you will have NO ONE to blame but yourself and your lack of testicular fortitude for the situation you will be in.

Furthermore, if he’s in fact in place for the remainder of his contract, then stop with the fucking mealy mouthed canned sound bytes. Make a bold statement, stand in a united front stating that “Randy Bernard is the guy we hired to do the job, so back the fuck off and let him do it! ”

Cause while everyone pussy foots around, afraid speak out of turn, looking out for their own best interests rather than that of the series and the future, the validity and credibility of the series is deteriorating on a daily basis.

We just came off a successful first season with a new car.
No one is talking about it.
We just had one of the most competitive seasons in 10 years.
No one is talking about it.
We finally have the coveted and much sought after “American” champion.
No one is talking about it.

We should be concentrating on battling the attention away from F1 and Nascar and converting fans to the IndyCar way of life, but instead we are battling the evil within, AGAIN, and basically cannibalizing ourselves. Once again the already depleted fan base is eroding and dividing. Instead of spreading the joy and excitement of the future to potential new fans, we are regurgitating and explaining the past.

So what’s it gonna be IndyCar? Are you finally going to pull up your big boy panties and grow up, or are we going to remain a petulant toddler into perpetuity?

Cause quite frankly, I’m getting fucking tired of babysitting…

6 responses to ““The call is coming from inside the house…”

  1. Would you agree that if Randy doesn’t have supporters in IndyCar, it might just be time for the series to cut ties and find someone who will get the support needed (if that person exists)? Why keep going down this path if Randy isn’t going to get the support he needs?

    • I have thought about this for awhile. Forrest Lucas is our only chance. Time for the George family to sell the speedway and its assets, and disappear. A functional wealthy family with principles and values, instead of a disfunctional clan of incompetent goofs. This is sad on soooo many levels.

  2. No. Because what the owners WANT isn’t necessarily what the series NEEDS. Just look back through the history pre, during and post split on both sides of the fence. Generally the only leaders with “support” are are the ones with the owners hands shoved firmly up their posterior, controlling them like a puppet. Or it’s a group of owners, who have their own best interest at the top of the “to do” list, creating the great divide of “haves” and “have nots”.

    We actually, for the first time in a long time, almost, ALMOST had parity from top to bottom this season. That would NOT have happened without Randy at the helm, steadfastly refusing to give into the threats and stand offs.

    If the BOD doesn’t have the stones to keep Randy in place and not give into the petulant sandbox battles of the owners, then they should just liquidate and move on putting us all out of our misery, cause it will only be a matter of time before the “next guy” pisses the owners off, leading to the yet another battle du jour in this never ending cycle of instability.

  3. Ken @AbuelosDeTrece

    Ya know… as a non-connected ‘Fan’ of Indycar for a long time, 2012 was the first really good season we’ve had in quite a while. It was sad to me about Lotus engines not performing… but other than that nearly every race was exciting with lots of good “racing”. Racing… Maybe we should be firing Team owners who can’t seem to work towards the good of the sport. This is suppossed to be Indycar Racing… not Indycar Chess, or Indycar Monopoly, or Indycar Yahtzee.

    From my point of view (that of a fan), Randy was making positive gains with Indycar. I did not agree with everything he did or suggested, but overall things seemed to really be improving. What was really great about him is that he didn’t seem to have any hidden agendas with regards to previous Indycar connections… he didn’t have any, he came from Bull Riding. At first, I was concerned about not having experience with Indycar, but after seeing him make a difference, that idea faded quite quickly.

    I agree with you Meesh… When is Indycar going to stop throwing the Baby out with the bath water… I think it will take a good 3-5 years for the Indycar ship to right itself, and I think Randy was headed in the right direction. Now we’re starting over from scratch… again!

  4. Oops! Too late. Buh-Bye! Randy.
    Another tagline, that you’ve neglected. ” Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.”

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