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The Catch 22 of Fandom…

Last one for today I promise. (Bear with me, everything on tv was a rerun tonight, and I was enjoying a glass of red wine, which put me in a “thinky” mood)
So… What is it? The “Catch 22”? Well, you’ll just have to scroll to the last paragraph for that bit of wisdom πŸ˜‰ (what a bitch eh?)
But before that, I just want to clarify my last post.

It wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular. It’s just that I’ve seen myself, my friends, my colleagues and my fellow fans being chastised and belittled virtually, for the last 24hrs in particular, for expressing their opinions and venting their anger/sadness over the mess that is IndyCar right now, and well, it really pisses me off. Here’s why: Continue reading

Yup… still talking about it…

Disclaimer right off the top: If you don’t want to discuss the situation we find our series in, or if you’d rather stick your fingers in your ear and sing “la la la I can’t hear you” because some of us are not filling your newsfeeds with hearts and flowers, that’s totally fine, but this is not the place for you.

I am not going to tell you how you should feel or deal as a fan of racing, so please give me and my fellow #teamWeretiredofthebullshit folks the same consideration.

We all have things that need to be said, positive and negative, even if it is only for ourselves to try to work through what we are feeling. It’s a discussion. Instead of chastising each other, why not be open to some other points of view? Have some empathy. I think it’s great that some of you can let this all roll off your back, and just move on like nothing has happened. Kudos to you. I wish it were that easy for all of us. But it’s not.

So, that said, If you want to unfollow or block me because I refuse to go quietly into this good night, and accept whatever is tossed my way, so be it. I won’t hold it against you. (I really won’t) But please do me the courtesy of not telling me how to think and feel, or what I can or cannot say in order to be your version of a race fan.

Those still reading, welcome to the discussion, lets see if we can weather this storm together…

“Who, what, where, when, how”

I had a thought this afternoon while I was walking, doing errands, and scrolling through the many thoughts of my colleagues and friends on twitter.

When it comes right down to it, at least for me, it’s not as much the “who” of this decision that is the most disheartening. It’s not the change at the top, or who “deserves” to be listened to with regards to who should be next up to bat, nor should it even matter if the “next guy” is the fucking second coming of Christ.

It’s the “why” “when” and the “how” how it was done, or not done as the case may be.

If you listen to the comments about Randy over the past 3 days (and long before that) the common theme is “honest” “transparent” ” he listened”

If (and it’s a pretty big if) Randy Bernard wasn’t the man for the job, then so be it. But please justify it. And please do it in a way that reflects and honours the man himself, and those who respect him (and vice versa)
Sack up and come right out and say it, with CLARITY, and CULPABILITY, and HONESTY.

I guaranfuckingtee had the powers that be just come right out at first hint of rumoured unrest and succinctly said:

“due to overwhelmning concerns regarding situation A, B and C, from within the franchise, as well as from outside forces (promoters/sponsors, etc…), we have come to the difficult but mutual decision that it is in the best interest of the series to reevaluate Mr. Bernard’s role as leader moving forward. As such we have asked Mr. Bernard to step down to a consulting role while we explore other options. In the interim, we will continue to move ahead with our plans for 2013 and beyond, and ask for your patience and support during this difficult transition”

See how that worked? Simple.
No bullshit. No deception. No hearts and flowers. No Spin.

It doesn’t change this shitty situation, and there sure as hell still would have been push back, but they would have been ahead of and in control of the message, and come off as a group of professionals looking out for the best interest of the series, instead of a clique of catty teenagers trying to usurp control of the high school cafeteria from the nerdy popular kid.