Canadian Motorsports Expo Update

So they’re really pulling out all the stops and hyping the crap out of the NASCAR driver appearances this weekend. (don’t remember them creating quite the same frenzy for Tracy, Villeneuve, Hinch or Franchitti)
Anyway, this dropped into my inbox earlier today.

“Starting today, CME showgoers will have an opportunity to participate in special access sessions with NASCAR stars Michael Waltrip and Kyle Busch. There are a limited number of tickets available for private VIP Meet & Greets as well as Reserved Seating for the on-stage Question & Answer sessions. Both feature guaranteed, enhanced autograph and photo opportunities with Waltrip and Busch.”

VIP Packages range from $150 to $50 (!)
For more info and to order your VIP tix in advance, click here:  CME Website

Additional info:
NOTE: For those who don’t wish to purchase a VIP Meet & Greet or Reserved Seating autograph package, there will be General Admission autograph lines for both Michael Waltrip (Saturday) and Kyle Busch (Sunday). People in these lines will receive an autograph (1 each) on a ‘first come, first served basis.’ Tickets go on sale each morning of the show at 9:45 a.m. and the autograph lines will form inside the show, adjacent to The Mazda Stage. No additional costs are associated with being in the General Admission autograph lines. However, as we cannot predict the number of people who will want autographs, the CME is unable to guarantee that General Admission line members will receive an autograph. That said, everyone in attendance will be able to see and hear our guests on The Mazda Stage during their respective Q&A sessions and we will make every effort to satisfy as many people as possible with autographs. Our experienced staff will keep the line moving as quickly as possible. If you have already purchased a General Admission ticket to the CME but would like to upgrade to a VIP package, please email or call David Weber at (416) 938-7223.

The Rage’n Canadian meets the cast of Swearnet!

Has a nice ring to it huh? Also announced was an appearance by the stars of  “Trailer Park Boys” who apparently have a new racing themed movie called “Swearnet” coming out. (sounds like it’s gonna be right up my alley!!) This might actually be the most fun part of the weekend!

There is still no schedule up on the site, so I have no idea who or what seminars are being offered, or the full stage schedule. And since no one at the show has responded to my email from a week ago asking for those details, I have no further recommendations for you at this point. But should they decide to enlighten me or upload the schedule, I’ll let you know!

One response to “Canadian Motorsports Expo Update

  1. Wonder if there is a Snowshoe booth? Good opportunity for some entrepreneur to organize sleigh rides from the parking lot.

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