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Indianapolis… I am in you!!

Well, that was an adventure! So glad I decided to head out on Wednesday, instead early Thursday morning. At least this way I got to sleep last night and acclimate myself today, and arrive at the Yellow Party refreshed 😉

Anyway, I took a look at the radar yesterday in the morning, and there was a band of thunderstorms tracking along the 401, and over Detroit, so I decided to go my usual way (Buffalo, Erie PA, Columbus, Indianapolis) (it’s kinda fun crossing multiple state lines in one day too!) and just enjoy the drive.

The best part of giving myself a travel day is that I was able to stop at this great bakery just outside of Niagara Falls, that carries the best gluten free baked goods, and they have a separate GF kitchen to prepare fresh sandwiches. Yum! (that sandwich turned out to be lunch and dinner) Continue reading

A Quick Hello!

My goodness, where does the time go? I swear I try to schedule time to update this thing, but scheduling my brain to produce something interesting on demand is not always the best course of action! *trust me you should be thankful*

It’s not like I’m not enjoying the season! On the contrary. I’m one happy camper as far as that goes. Real life has just intervened and taken up all of my spare time and then some. I actually wrote a couple of blogs that I, for whatever reason didn’t go live with. *duh* (I may tweak and upload at a later date if relevant) I even attempted to live blog the Brazil race, but that was just too edge of your seat enjoyable to be distracted! (plus it was the first race I was able to watch live since St. Petes due to ‘real life’) I was even recently a guest on Motor Week Live (not archived yet) where I gushed lovingly about the season to date. (one big run on sentence, no breath taking, will likely not be invited back… LOL) All the while also overseeing my team at Open Wheel World. So I have been in the fold, just not on here… sorry kids, I’ll try to do better.

That said, I have a good chunk of racing scheduled in for the next couple of months, starting with Indy, and will be catching up and updating more frequently.

I hit the road on Wednesday for Indy for my annual Indy/Detroit sojourn. As much as Indy isn’t my favourite race on the schedule (I know, I know, sacrilege…) it will definitely be a barn-burner this year and not to be missed! It’s also a chance for me to catch up with my Indy-Only peeps, and try to convince them to venture out of their bubble and come to the other races on the schedule! Oh, and there will be a little bit of socializing… (just a bit ;-))

I won’t go into too much more right now, as “real life” is pressuring me to close the lid on this thing and get ready for work (I have too many jobs!) But I just want to say how chuffed I was to run into the dressing room last night, open up my livestream app, and watch Ed Carpenter snag the pole! It’s so nice to see him come into his own. He is one of the nicest, most down to earth drivers, and to see him come up through the ranks, run his own team, and accomplish this monumental David vs Goliath achievement, well, you can’t help but smile and root for him to drink the milk a week from now.

Ok, more later! But for now, enjoy the rest of bump day!

Travel Channel Seeks Enthusiastic Indy 500 Fans for New Show…

Are you who they’re looking for? I was approached this week about this, but alas, as much as I would like to participate, (mostly to meet Adam Richman who is one of my food/travel channel crushes) I hardly fall into the Indy 500 Superfan category. In fact, as you are all aware, I’m more of an ‘anti’ superfan when it comes to the “greatest spectacle in racing”.

I go to this race to work. It’s actually one of, if not the most frustrating race on the circuit for me. Thankfully Detroit is the following weekend. It is such a joy to cover and attend that race, that it makes up for all the anger and tears Indy sows in my soul…

That said, I told them that many of my friends, colleagues and readers definitely fall into the Indy 500 superfan category, have many more stories, and do many more interesting and traditional things that weekend with their friends and family. So, here you go kids! If you think you are who they are looking for, drop them a note!


Passionate Indianapolis 500 fans are encouraged to contact The Travel Channel to appear on a new show celebrating great food, amazing tailgate setups, one-of-a-kind traditions and the best parties at “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.”

The show will be taped in and around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway beginning on Coors Light Carb Day, Friday, May 24, through Race Day on Sunday, May 26. The episode will air in August or September.
If you’re a die-hard Indianapolis 500 fan attending this year’s race and hosting a great tailgate party, have an amazing RV or a special dish you’d like to share, contact The Travel Channel by emailing with subject line “Indy 500.”

Be sure to include photos of you and your friends and family showing off your Indianapolis 500 pride and passion!

Good luck everyone! Let me know how it goes!