Life happens when you’re busy making plans…

I was so “chuffed” as they say for the upcoming IndyCar season in January that I dusted the cobwebs off my blog, and “teased” it rising from the ashes…

I was planning travel, both to races and just in general. One of those trips was going to be a long overdue jaunt across the pond to England for a joint Virgo birthday celebration with my racing bestie. (the subject of my last full post) It had been far too long since we had seen each other, and she felt long haul travel from her end was no longer an option, so instead I would come to her and we would watch the season finale together.

But cruelly life intervened, and at the end of January the checkers waved for my partner in crime.

I am beyond heartbroken… 💔 and almost 2 months later, I’m still reduced to tears on race weekends and can’t really find the words.

*Thankfully I wrote them while she was still here, so she knew how I cherished our friendship*

A decade of race weekends as roommates, sharing dinners and margaritas, seeking out the best gelato in every town, exploring the host cities, and of course enjoying the racing.

We experienced so many amazing triumphant moments, and shared such great sadness due to tragedy and friends lost.

Even those of you who didn’t “know” her, knew her. #twitterlessCarol, the diminutive lady with the camera, black & white checkered back pack, wearing a Justin Wilson t-shirt. (eventually a t-shirt with both Wilson boys names emblazoned on it)

Her support of Justin (as an investor) and Stefan (setting up and maintaining his website when he was starting out) was unmatched, and it was such a joy to experience their successes and milestones along side her. She also had a soft spot for our Canadian boys (must have been a commonwealth thing) cheering on and supporting Daniel Morad and James Hinchcliffe during their A1GP years, and of course throughout their ChampCar/IndyCar forays. Certainly those boys will never look at Custard Creams and not think of Carol.

Memorial done, next came the conundrum… how to best honour our friend…

Enter Stefan Wilson and a brilliant idea from her mutual investor/friends Darren and Roz.

You see, Carol and I got a trip around the track with Stef pretty much every race weekend we were in attendance over the years, and she was, without fail, always disappointed by the brevity of the moment. One lap was simply never enough. (just look at her sad face! lol)

So this weekend she enjoying the ultimate “pace car ride” with Stef for the 12 hours of Sebring!!!! Oodles of laps! I’m sure outwardly she would be embarrassed by the all fuss, but secretly would be thrilled and honoured by the tribute.

I like to think of her and Justin catching up in the great beyond and watching it all unfold this weekend.

Farewell my sweet friend… I’ll see you on the other side for gelato and margaritas.

Both of us always had cameras in our hands, shooting others. I’m so thankful for these rare shots of the two of us together.


One response to “Life happens when you’re busy making plans…

  1. What a great tribute, Meesh. I’d say that the two of you were lucky to have each other as “racing buddies”.

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