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Autoshow Media Day… 2011

Bland. Today was very bland.
From a car enthusiast point of view at least.
Sorry, make that from a fast/race car enthusiast point of view.

Apparently white is the “it” colour for this year (personally it just makes me think of rental cars) The show was very black & white, with pops of red & blue, and when I was lucky, metal flake lime & orange. (no, not together, though there was a nasty metal flake purple infinity with a pink interior… blech)

Aside from everyone pulling white sheets off to reveal white cars, every manufacturer seemed to have hired the same marketing consultants to write the same speeches, interjecting their own company’s name. By the third presentation we were enjoying a virtual game if Autoshow Bingo. (think of it as a drinking game for your brain… everytime the same word/phrase is used, you mentally check it off on the grid)

This year was all about eco friendly, hybrids and fuel efficiency.
And bland white cars. Continue reading

hump day… week… month…


sorry… No rants tonight. No clever essays, no interviews, or stats or predictions.
Just a blog.
All this was ever meant to be.
All it ended up being after all.
“Don’t believe the hype” she said. Should have listened to myself…
Moving on…

Feeling a little ovewhelmed (my own fault), and overworked (my own doing!) and under prepared (where did the month go??)and undeserved (…)Β  and… and…. and…
But you know what? I’m going to Indy!

Yup, that’s right fuckers. Little ol’ fly under the radar, not good enough is hopping in a car on Friday afternoon and driving for 9hrs to take in the “greatest testicle er spectacle in racing”
All of the hours I put in, appreciated or not, finally paid off and I was invited to the party.
I don’t know why I’ve kept it quiet so long. Guess I didn’t want to jinx it or something. Or maybe it just doesn’t seem real yet.

I’ll be spending more time on the road than actually at track, but I’ll be there damnit, supporting my boys.
My main man PT, who’s finally getting just an iota of the respect he deserves.
No matter where he finishes this weekend he is a winner in my book! Always will be!
Looking forward to seeing Patti and Allen and embarrassing my bud C.J! (Did I ever mention Paul’s son & I share a birthday? How’s that for uber fandom?)

Then I’ll throw some good luck vibes down pitlane to mon ami Tags! (Maybe counter act the Brazilian cornholing karma gods…)

Here’s the thing… The problem with being friends with drivers & crew members is the highs and lows you share with them on a deeply personal level. When Tags got caught out last weekend my heart absolutely broke for him (and Bronte and Sonja and Karina…) I’ve been there with him at the track, and off the track, and in the car driving home from the track. I know how passionate & emotional he is. I knew that look in his eyes when the camera focused on him as the “iron hand of justice” told him his time had run out.

When the team “made the call” I was torn between my glee for him and my heartbreak for Junky & Diana. (of course I knew last week that he was racing with AIM in Grand AM (see Jameson! I can keep a secret!) so that cushioned the blow a little. )

I know… “It’s racing” But I also know how hard I cried in Long Beach last year at the injustice of it all when it was aimed at Paul. None of these guys or gals deserve to be tossed aside or used like pawns in the chess game that is racing economics.

At some point I’m gonna give my little spark plug E.J. a big squeeze and ask him what the fuck happened to him over the winter! Where’s my bad boy??? Where’s the fire?? Come back!! (oh and I’ll have inappropriate thoughts for a woman of my age about a boy his age… but I digress)

Hopefully I’m finally going to meet Sarah! Yay! I have so much respect for what she’s come through to be here.

And of course I’m finally going to make the aquaintance of the creme de la creme of the blogging crew. Hope I don’t stink up the joint…

All that said, I will have about 10 mins to accomplish all of that, while I will be trying to write all the coverage for the site, will be hounded constantly by the euro team for info and interviews for them, and will be back on the road post race at around 3am to drive back to Toronto.

Will it be worth it? The fact that Paul’s on track is worth it alone. All the other stuff is gravy.

It seems every season there is something taken away from me that makes me regroup and rethink this whole stinkin racing thing. Something is amiss this year. I hate that this is my first event of the season. I hate that I have about 10 mins to enjoy it. I hate that the people who I would have shared it all with a year ago decided I was no longer relevant personally or professionally. I hate that that even matters to me. But it does. :shrug:

I think the thing I’m most looking forward to (besides Paul tearing it up baby!) is the 8 -9hrs of solitude on the way there and on the way back. Maybe I’ll keep my digi recorder on the seat beside me just incase I’m inspired. (especially on the way home)

and with that long winded post about nothing in particular, I’m going to bed. Trying to get as much quality sleep as I can before the weekend as I doubt I’ll get any then.

I hate to say it…

but I am soooooo relieved there is no racing this weekend. (at least none of the series I cover) I have so much to catch up on this weekend. Tons of reading, a truckload of writing, and approximately 5 days worth of cleaning, all of which is to be somehow packed into the 2 days allotted. I will however attempt to find a feed of the A1GP finale somewhere and watch for fun. For fun!? imagine that…

oh and in case you haven’t seen it yet…


booyah! NOW I’m excited about the Month of May….

*thanks to @kvracing for the pic!! *


is this thing on?

I know I know… you would think having all the time in the world right now (being gainfully unemployed… still…) that I would just spend my spare time blathering away on here to pass the time. Unfortch, that has not been the case, and for that I apologize. But really I’ve had nothing to say. That’s probably the saddest reflection on the preseason. The first of our American open wheel series hit the track next week to kick off their seasons, and I have never felt so underwhelmed…

I am mulling a few ideas/rants around in my brain right now, but I am about to head out the door to the to hang out with some gear heads and hot rods and see if I can find some inspiration. At the very least I will come back with a camera full of pics of scantily clad booth babes to entertain y’all with. (hey I know what keeps the boys happy)

If it’s as sunny and gorgeous where you are, then get off the goddamn computer and go outside!

Talk to y’all tonight

You can’t handle the truth!…

or can you?

I’ve been mulling this one around for a while now, and as we get deeper into the depths of the silliness that is silly season, mired knee deep in rumours and hearsay and bad news, I thought I would purge the brain and perhaps start up a conversation with y’all to see how you feel about it. Bear with me as this is going to be pure stream of consciousness…

This stems from a couple of incidents this week. Firstly, the not so surprising report that Rahal Letterman may or may not, but probably not, but they don’t want to say No just yet, so they’re going with ‘we’re still working on it”, but who are we kidding, it’s probably not going to happen, and if it does, it’ll only be for the 500, proving once again that the business model for this series is all wrong cause it’s crazy to market an entire team/season around one race… and…. wait, I lost my train of thought…

where was I? Oh ya, there was a big kurfuffel over an AP article that hit the newswires on Thursday. An innocent little 2 paragraph note saying that RLR was likely not going to answer the bell in 09.

Well, as always happens with these AP articles, it got picked up almost instantly by everyone and their brother… and their brothers brother. In the process it got misread and re-titled and the sky was falling and the series folding and… well you get the picture.

When it landed in my hands, it came as no shock to me, as I had just had a conversation with the PR guru at RLR, wherein he had told me pretty much the same thing. “Nothing is set, it’s not looking good, but we’ve not given up yet” So when I presented this “breaking news” to the 100 or so people that religiously follow (we’re hoping to kick those numbers up a notch this season!) I was careful to use journalistic buzz words like “allegedly”. I was also able to dig into my personal stash of correspondence and add another quote lending credence to the story while supporting the “we’re not dead yet” theory.
Of course I still willingly wrote an amendment to the story immediately when the RLR team went into spin control about an hour later.

Yesterday a couple of other tidbits hit the interweb rumourmill highway. As one involved a friend, I immediately reached out to clarify the story. Turns out it was much ado about nothing and I was asked to nip it in the bud if possible. I won’t repeat it as we all know how broken telephone works.

I will say as well though that I do believe where there is smoke there is fire… this is inbred in me from years of being a Champ Car fan and proclaiming “it’s only a flesh wound” while series bled to death before our very eyes… but I digress..

So here’s the thing… every week there seems to be a one step forward/two steps back situation. Every week another little “hey didja hear??” rumour makes it to the surface (both positive and negative) and rides off in an internet air bubble… to be popped sooner or later by the fickle finger of truth.

So what’s better? Blind faith that the season will happen, while we swat at the rumour bubbles, or a consistent, controlled message, released by the teams/drivers themselves. (and here is where we get to the actual purpose of this long winded ramble-a-thon)

I believe, especially in this economic climate, and especially after years of both sides of the split riding the precarious “will they or won’t they answer the bell” fence, that it is important for everyone; teams, drivers, series, to stay ahead of the rumours and control the message.
The off season is a breeding ground for negativity and doubt. Sure we all know in the back of our minds that things slow down, people get laid off, sponsors fall away… because we’ve been through it season after season. And season after season we laugh it all off at the first race when the green flag waves.

But what of the new fans who aren’t aware of this? What of potential sponsors who may be interested but are put off by the spinning and beeping of the backpeddling news stories?

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a little weekly or heck, how about monthly updates from the shops themselves. “we’re on our annual break, the crew has been let go temporarily as a cost cutting measure, but we are confident that come (Jan? Feb?) we will regroup to prepare for the season ahead” blahdy blah blah… or a brief Q&A with the team owner reflecting on the past season and their hopes for the one ahead.. How about a “hey isn’t our sponsor great!?” article. You know the kind of thing that there is no time for during the season or would get buried by all the other news, but in the off season would be a nice thank you to the sponsors that are still sticking it out, and would act like a big dangling carrot to sponsors that are on the fence.

I personally am a “give it to me straight” kinda gal. I want to know, for better or worse, what the situation is, so I can prepare or rally or whatever. If it’s bad news, tell it to me straight, up front. It’s not going to get any better the longer you hold on to it. Case in point, RLR. They know they are in a shitty situation. Why give a misconstrued quote to Mike Harris at the AP only to have to fix it later? Why not utilize the awesomeness that is your director of communications, Eric Mauk (little plug for my bud!) and put out the story yourself? “The struggles of a team trying to survive in trying times” Right away you’ve garnered the sympathy of people who will rally around you rather than the suspicion of folks who now feel you are back-peddling.

As a potential sponsor I would be more inclined to hang my hat on a team or driver who maintained a positive buzz in the face of a negative situation, than one who remained mum while rumours of their demise swirled the drain.

IndyCar itself gets a B+ for their off season efforts. There has been a nice mix of fluff, and information and the occasional fire outputting since the checkers waved in October. Every week some little tidbit of information about the series or a driver lands in my inbox. That to me signifies strength and growth or at the very pessimistic least, sustenance. If all of the teams/drivers within the series followed suit, and if other series did the same, then we wouldn’t be subjected to months of speculation every off season. We would all be more inclined to talk UP the series rather than talk it down. That in and of itself can only be seen as a positive in a time when the decision to support can be made or broken based on the smallest perception of “this might not be a good thing”

So, my lurking interweb brethren, what say you?