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because everyone likes surprises…

and we’ve certainly had our fair share over the last year. (hell over the last week… Mike Conwho??) I’m using my little soapbox on the interweb to solicit a free book. That’s right FREE!.
(and of course pay it forward and give you the same opportunity)

My friend & social media mentor Saul Colt (the self proclaimed smartest man in the world) (and really, the more I get to know him the more I believe it to be true) suggested I get over there and get this book. Only a fool disregards Saul’s suggestions, so I am no fool today.

Andy Nulman is giving away 200 copies of his book! (“Profiting from the power of surprise!”) Check his blog for details (and you must do so in order to follow the rules to be eligible)

I’m hoping to utilize the nuggets of information I discover in his tome during my journeys in motorsports marketing. And I’m not above begging… so

Please Andy!? Please? Can I have a book? Please 😉

Hanging with the big boys…

My morning has been spent with the voices of Wayne and Garth screaming “we’re not worthy!” (and that weird “doodle-e-doo” thing they do when going into a dream) rolling through my head.

The reason? The most awesome latest offering over at Pressdog! A collaboration between the top IndyCar blogging personalities, a couple of legit “big dogs” in the auto racing reporting schtick, and little o’l me!! (there’s Wayne & Garth again!)

As I started on my assignment this week, trying to come up with real predictions, I was failing miserably. (or at the very least boring myself to tears) So I dusted off my sense of whacky Canuckdian satire/humour and let the words flow. Despite completely second guessing myself, and begging him to just omit my submission, P-dog went ahead and included the whole damn thing, and for that I am honoured and humbled and slightly embarrassed.

oh and the best part is that I don’t have to do a blog entry this week! (hey wait, I just did!)

ok seriously, pour yourself a fresh coffee (or beer, it is Saturday after all) and RUN, don’t walk, over to P-dog’s for the Big Hairy Audacious predictions of 2009!

Hey 2008!…

there’s the door.
You’ve overstayed your welcome.
See ya!

Ok, so it wasn’t all bad in 2008… but it certainly wasn’t all good either. So, we’ll take what we saw, and learned, and felt, we’ll reflect on it, we’ll digest it, and we’ll move forward into the new year.

We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.
-Edith Lovejoy Pierce

Ok so it’s not New Year’s Day yet, but I plan to have a bit of a healthy brain fog going tomorrow morning, so I thought I would put pen to paper pre-countdown. (er… digits to keys as the case may be). I like to think of the countdown as a count out actually. 2008 is bloodied and beaten and laying on the mat, and we the ref, are counting him out, urging him to just stay down, give up the fight, it’s OVER damnit!

My hopes for the new year? Survival. For all of us.
I’m going to aim low this year. Less disappointing that way.
No that is not a cop out, it’s just reality. 2008 was such an adrenaline rush of “what the fuck?!” right out of the gate that I was exhausted by the time it (the season) rolled to a stop finally. I had spent most of the year convincing everyone else that things were “good” and “fine” and to keep a positive outlook and “look on the bright side”, but in the end it was me who was left unconvinced and battle weary.

Personally, I thought I had made some great strides as far as furthering my career in the industry, but again, circumstance and lots of empty talk and promises leave me starting from scratch in 2009. meh. Shit happens right? Wiser for the experience.

Again, I’m aiming low. With the economic instability as it is, I’m not even entertaining the prospect of full-time employment with a team for this year. I will however be more resourceful in my job-hunting, diversifying my options and making sure that every experience is a learning experience and that I make the most of finding every opportunity. Putting all your eggs in one basket or depending on a single source is limiting and in some case debilitating, something drivers, teams and series have all discovered themselves. It’s not about the money really (though that would be nice) it’s about doing what I love to do, in a setting I love to be in. It’s about being happy. I wish to be happy and doing something I love in the new year. That’s not too much to ask for really. Again, I put it out there that if any of you know of anyone looking for a “girl friday” for their team, driver or organization, point them in my direction. I am open to internships and low-ball offers 😉

Resolutions? I don’t make them really. Again, I think it sets you up for failure. I have goals and desires and plans however. One of those is that I would like to be more consistent and organized in my blogging/writing. I want be able to immerse myself in racing this year, without causing myself the usual financial fallout by year end. I want to be taken seriously. This isn’t a game, or a hobby, or a means of socializing at the track. I bust my ass doing what I do, both away from and at the track. I would like my efforts to reap a more substantial reward than “hey thanks for your help/research/opinion… I’ll call ya”. And if and when I get there, I would like to pay it forward and bring others of my ilk, with the same desires, along for the ride.

My new year’s wish is that come this time in 2009 we are all laughing and reflecting and wondering what the heck we had our panties all bunched up about in January. (and y’all know there are some panty bunching moments coming up right?)

I thank you all for your readership & participation this year. I looked at my stats this morning and was floored by the number compared to the start of the year. That my little soap box in cyberspace has garnered such a following is surprising and humbling all at once.

*sidenote: someone googled “meesh mean” to land at this blog this week, which I found quite hysterical. I assure you, I’m not mean, once you get to know me… if I like you that is… hehehe*

I specifically want to thank all of my fellow keyboard jockeys for your support and linkage and wealth of knowledge. (specifically Tony, Bill & Jeff, in no particular order) You guys continue to set the bar high, forcing me to continue to up my game and hone my skillz daily.

My own personal “transition” from Champ Car to IndyCar was made easier by your acceptance of my naivety, sometimes clouded perception, and “chrome horn” style of expressing myself. This was the one place I felt completely true to myself and just accepted for who I am and appreciated for what I had to offer, as uncensored and brash as I may be at times. (oh and for those who still haven’t figured it out, I’m a broad! LOL! You can only imagine how humorous I found the shocked expressions throughout the season when introduced)

I’m proud and honoured to call many of you friend, and if I had to make one resolution for 09, it would be to make the effort to meet up with as many of you as possible at the track for a frosty beverage and animated conversation!

For those of you venturing out tonight, have fun but be safe and be smart. (especially all you drivers… DON’T give me something lascivious to add to my “Watercooler Wednesday” article next week, particularly in the police blotter section)

Fare thee well 2008!
Bring it on 2009!
Drop the fucking flag and lets get back to racing already!!


“Dear Santa…

All I want for Christmas is for you to somehow PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS!!!

Enjoy the cookies & carrots.

I mean seriously, come ON!! Just how many more blows are we expected to take? I feel like that blow up Popeye boxing thingy I had as a kid. *smack!* *twap!* *blam!* *whack!* Who knew the intestinal fortitude that would be required to be a race fan in 2008/2009. My gawd, I don’t know about you all, but I’m spent.

No really, I’m zonked, but I thought I should chime in and let y’all know I hadn’t dropped off the planet. I’ve been working like a dog the past couple of weeks (thankfully), with lots of overtime this week, squeezing every last drop of $$ out of this seasonal job. (which is going to end sooner than I care to think about)

This of course means that I’m nowhere near my computer for 10 – 12hrs of the day, seriously limiting my blog surfing and racing news exponentially. The irony of course is that stepping away from it all for a bit actually refreshed me a little. I was starting to feel excited again, looking forward to the new year… but these weekly sucker punches keep taking me down man.

The possibility of employment in racing in 09 seems more far fetched than ever. The chances of me being anywhere near the 24 in January were flushed this week. And now one of the races that I could actually reasonably afford even on a tight budget has been canceled. (my own disappointment aside, I feel bad for the Detroit Grand Prix staff)


oh and what the fuck is up with Formula 1?? It is having an identity crisis of Sybil proportions. It’s like they put 50 “changes we could make” on one of those carnival wheels and spun in succession until they had come up with what they felt was a reasonable number.

double meh…

OH and happy belated B-day to my bud PT. Here’s to bigger and better things for you in 2009.

anyhoo… I can barely focus at the moment, (picture being on a treadmill while flapping your arms, for 11 hours… that was my day) so I’ll refrain from babbling anymore than I have.

Will try to drop in again soon. (will have plenty of time come January… *sigh* )

TGIF! For those beginning their xmas holidays… have fun, be safe.

Rock your VOTE! *public service announcement*

Ok.. first the serious stuff…
Hey you! yes YOU Americans! Have you voted yet? Are you planning on it? I sure hope so.

I’m not going to presume to tell you who to vote for. (and believe me, I do have an opinion on it!!) And I don’t want to know who you’re voting for! (no really, I don’t want to discuss it!) See, nothing polarizes friendships more than discussions of politics and religion. That, and I’m Canadian, so it’s not really my place. Besides, Canadian’s dropped the ball last month. (not me!! I’m one of the meager 58% of Canadians (all time low btw) who voted in our National election last month) Talk about apathetic. Geesh. Whatever you do, don’t follow our lead…

Voting is your right! It’s your privilege! Make your voice heard. Please. (besides if you vote you can get things like free Ben & Jerry’s and free Starbucks!)
(maybe if someone offered free bacon & maple syrup more Canucks would have voted)

Vote. VOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTE!! Please Vote. Please.

OK, now for some fun…

Hey, speaking of voting! Get yer arses over to and vote for the Rookie of the Year.
Now, in this case, I’m gonna tell ya who to vote for… E.J. VISO!!
Yes, our favorite little Venezuelan wildman is up for the prestigious award! You don’t get anything for this vote, other than being able to go up to E.J. at the track next season and saying “hey E.J.! I voted for you amigo!!”

Still feel the need to make your voice heard? Well, have I got a deal for you!!
*shameless promotional prodding to commence now*

Nominations have begun for the 2008 Weblog Awards!!

Now we internet keyboard jockeys don’t get a lot of opportunities for glory. Sometimes, if you’re one of the big dogs, (Pressdog, My Name is IRL…) you get shout outs from bigger dogs in podcasts and newspaper articles, and such. But mostly we’re just happy when someone comments on our latest word butchery. So show us some love! Click on the logo in the nominate me section to your right and start dropping some names!

I plan on dropping a couple of votes for my fave pitstops on the information highway. (both racing related an non-racing related) and I’m encouraging you to do the same! There are tons of categories, and while there are no freebies to bribe you with, you don’t have to leave your house or wait in any line ups!

So, to help you out, in case you’re wondering (for the new categories) my Authority# ranking is 5 (LOL! You Will Respect My Authoritah!) (by comparison P-dog is a 14, “da newtch” as referred to lovingly by Yaumb (who is an 11 btw) is a 28! Making us all eligible for Best Hidden Gem! My blog was established after November 13, 2006, so technically I’m still new! And of course there is a Best Sports Blog category (which last year was dominated by those damn stick and ball folks… grrrrr) Maybe if enough Motorsport related blogs are nominated, we can have our own category next year!

Remember, it’s an honor just to be nominated 😉 So if you’re feeling generous, please honor all those peeps who challenge your beliefs, make you think, get your ire up, or just plain make you laugh out loud over coffee in the morning!

Cheers! And ROCK YOUR VOTE!!! (the most important one of course being tomorrow!)