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3 More Sleeps till the 2 in T.O.!

There I was, work done, feeling antsy, unpacking my suitcase from the weekend, thinking… “geesh, I won’t be driving to another race until Mid-Ohio”… then I remembered, THE CIRCUS COMES TO MY TOWN THIS WEEK! No travel required!!!

Still in possession of my sweet little CR-Z courtesy of Honda Canada, I decided to drive down to Exhibition Place on Monday see what was happening at that track.

When I got there, there was a lot of activity. Roads were closed, men were laying cable, building structures, directing workers… and I wandered around, camera in hand, trying to “blend in”
*note to self, keep hard hat in trunk* Continue reading

Poking around the Poconos

Wednesday night, the temperature in my apartment approximately eleventy billion fahrenheit, with 200% humidity, I decided that I would rather spend the next couple of days working and sleeping in air-conditioning, so I packed up my CR-Z (thank you Honda Canada) a couple of days early and hit the road at 4:30am headed towards Long Pond, PA.

I had forgotten how beautiful the drive through upstate New York is. I really miss my annual sojourn to Watkins Glen, mostly due to the gorgeous landscapes. I let Google choose my route, and quite enjoyed my drive through the mountains, as the sun was coming up. It took all my reserve not to side trip over the Glen. I’m actually still debating head to Seneca Lodge for dinner… maybe on the way home ;-) Continue reading

Iowa Corn Indy 250 *live* blog

It’s 2:30pm on Sunday afternoon, and I am chewing glass and sticking hot pokers in my eye! Oh no wait, I’m watching the pre-show on ABC…

How the fuck have I managed to get my timing so wrong this year. Every race I’ve physically been at… NBCsports. Every race I’ve had to suffer through at home? ABC. :facepalm:

oh well, it is what it is. We all know it sucks. Can’t really do anything about it at this point. Thankfully they are down on the grid with presenters that don’t sound like they are doing commentary for a funeral procession. Moving on…

I’m officially “off duty” for the race so I’m enjoying an adult beverage (Spanish Gluten Free Beer I smuggled home from the US) and being a spectator! and I have the most hysterical, kinda” ghetto chic” set up, but it works!
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Indy/Detroit – Rewind!

I was feeling guilty about not writing about my Indy/Detroit jaunt yet, but then I looked at the calendar. I got home late Monday night… a week ago. Tues-Thursday were spent catching up on “real job” work & sleep. Friday shot a wedding for 18hrs, Saturday sleep/work/bbq/watch the Texas race, Sunday sleep, grocery shop, work, catch up on writing/editing… today? (Monday) work, write, recap, upload photos, post!

One of the downsides of driving to events is that all that valuable commuting time, which I normally make use of in airport lounges and on planes, is spent actually driving. So no time to write, edit, post, etc… so bear with me as I go back in time to recap in what will surely be a random brain purge that will make little sense to anyone but me. Continue reading

Doing My “Civic” Duty…

It’s the summer. It’s race season. And that means it’s time for some test drives!

Living in the heart of Toronto, I don’t do a lot of driving. It’s impractical, and incredibly frustrating to be honest. I don’t even own a car. But, come the summer months, I spend my weekends traveling cross country and cross border to attend and cover races for the IZOD IndyCar series (and any other series races I can squeeze into my schedule)

So what better opportunity to test drive some vehicles? I get to put them through their paces while getting a true sense of their capabilities and comfort.  I also get some honest reactions to said vehicles from some true gear heads in the process.

Oh, and let it be noted that every event I have attended whilst test driving a Honda has ended with Honda atop the podium! In fact the last event was a Honda sweep!! Continue reading

Indianapolis… I am in you!!

Well, that was an adventure! So glad I decided to head out on Wednesday, instead early Thursday morning. At least this way I got to sleep last night and acclimate myself today, and arrive at the Yellow Party refreshed ;-)

Anyway, I took a look at the radar yesterday in the morning, and there was a band of thunderstorms tracking along the 401, and over Detroit, so I decided to go my usual way (Buffalo, Erie PA, Columbus, Indianapolis) (it’s kinda fun crossing multiple state lines in one day too!) and just enjoy the drive.

The best part of giving myself a travel day is that I was able to stop at this great bakery just outside of Niagara Falls, that carries the best gluten free baked goods, and they have a separate GF kitchen to prepare fresh sandwiches. Yum! (that sandwich turned out to be lunch and dinner) Continue reading

Travel Channel Seeks Enthusiastic Indy 500 Fans for New Show…

Are you who they’re looking for? I was approached this week about this, but alas, as much as I would like to participate, (mostly to meet Adam Richman who is one of my food/travel channel crushes) I hardly fall into the Indy 500 Superfan category. In fact, as you are all aware, I’m more of an ‘anti’ superfan when it comes to the “greatest spectacle in racing”.

I go to this race to work. It’s actually one of, if not the most frustrating race on the circuit for me. Thankfully Detroit is the following weekend. It is such a joy to cover and attend that race, that it makes up for all the anger and tears Indy sows in my soul…

That said, I told them that many of my friends, colleagues and readers definitely fall into the Indy 500 superfan category, have many more stories, and do many more interesting and traditional things that weekend with their friends and family. So, here you go kids! If you think you are who they are looking for, drop them a note!


Passionate Indianapolis 500 fans are encouraged to contact The Travel Channel to appear on a new show celebrating great food, amazing tailgate setups, one-of-a-kind traditions and the best parties at “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.”

The show will be taped in and around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway beginning on Coors Light Carb Day, Friday, May 24, through Race Day on Sunday, May 26. The episode will air in August or September.
If you’re a die-hard Indianapolis 500 fan attending this year’s race and hosting a great tailgate party, have an amazing RV or a special dish you’d like to share, contact The Travel Channel by emailing with subject line “Indy 500.”

Be sure to include photos of you and your friends and family showing off your Indianapolis 500 pride and passion!

Good luck everyone! Let me know how it goes!