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is thinking…

I picked the wrong $^%#! weekend to NOT be in attendance this season.

Bobby D is back with HVM, with a new attitude and probably an “I’ll show them” fire in his belly!

Cookie Boy is back in the driver’s seat at NHL. He’ll play “nice” with the boy wonder until they get on track then will be all, “see ya sucker, I’m auditioning for a seat, all bets are off!”

PT is en route as we speak from Cleveland to fill in for the absent Mario Moraes.

Yes, you heard me… PT, in the #5 car, on a track he knows like the back of his hand… with Push to Pass!!!


*where are those fucking paper bags…*

Who’s a happy boy?…

PT was like a kid in a candy store this morning as he unveiled his new car for the Honda Indy Toronto!
Even Jimmy was full of smiles!
I too couldn’t wipe the grin off my face.
Nothing makes me happier than seeing Paul so happy and knowing that he will be racing in the next two races I will be attending.
He looks great! He’s dropped some weight, looks rested and focused and happy. He was very comfortable and laid back this morning.

Patti (his wife) looks equally great and happy and I hear Viv is coming to the race, which will make my year. (nothing more fun than hangin in the pits with PT’s mom)
Hopefully CJ will make an appearance too.

Since this was a reveal for Paul as well, it was fun to watch his reaction when he saw the car. He even ran back up to the podium and made them turn the mic on so he could speak some more. VERY un PT like action that is! (not fond of public speaking) He just gushed about the car and the race and how proud he is of his car and to be back racing in Toronto.

For the first time, I’m actually excited for this race and feel like it’s coming. It sure as hell isn’t because of the “buzz” in the city.

When I asked Charlie J if this was the kick off to some serious promotion now as so far it’s the best kept secret in town, I got the standard PR answer of “well I’ve heard nothing but the opposite”. Bullshit.
Norris MacDonald came to my rescue and called him on the “PR” answer. If there has been major promotion going on, I sure as hell haven’t seen it. (other than Honda Dealer ads, which quite frankly promote Honda, not the race)

Apparently there is a huge promotional thing happening for two days the week before the race at Dundas Square.
Ya… newsflash… promoting a supposed international racing event 5 days before the event is not “huge promotion”

I actually feel sorry for Charlie. He busted his ass for this race for years. I imagine his hands are tied and he just has to tow the party line, but man… who does he think he’s fooling? I live here man! I remember all the events I went to prior to the races in previous years and all the promotion.

As I already alluded to earlier in my blackberry drive-by, the issue of the run off’s was also brought up and denied. Again, we will see.
I also laid that juicy tidbit of information at the feet of those paid to write and report, so we’ll see if they dig up anything to the contrary.
Again, I hope it was just a silly rumour, because it will be a disaster if not. I asked Paul about his thoughts on it. When I get home (yes I’m still at work as I put in some extra hours to cover the time I took for the Press conference) I’ll transpose the quotes.
(I felt like such a dork sticking a digital recorder in front of Paul… we both actually chuckled at the weirdness of it)

anyway… here is a wee gallery of snaps from today. My flash died (of course) and we were in a fricken shitty lit Military hanger… so it is what it is…

KV/PT unveiling

he didn’t set the world on fire…

but he drove a clean race and actually finished. Could have been worse. Could have been better. But hey, I’m sure the “native of Montreal” is happy with his performance. (WTF?? do your research Waltrip) Newsflash, not every Canadian driver is from Montreal… spaz.

What’s worse than oval racing? Nascar trucks oval racing. ugh. But my allegiance to my fave tough guy meant I spent a better part of Friday night watching a bunch of guys I’ve never heard of, and a handful of guys I have, drive around in a circle, mostly under caution. Good lord… what a snoozefest.
Thankfully I watched on my computer, so was able to supplement the 150 caution laps with some really good programming on the food network. (seriously, “Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives” is some good stuff!)

I don’t know, nor do I care really, who won the thing (come to think of it, I think it was Newman actually) but I do know that Paul finished the race without wrecking himself or anyone else, which is always a good thing, especially in your debut when you are desperately trying to line something up for the upcoming year.

He started 22nd, and worked his way cleanly up to 10th at one point. Shortly after they mentioned that he lightly touched the wall, which I think affected the handling as he began to sink like a stone through the field. Too bad, as he had quite the run going. He finished 20, 3 laps down.

I hope if he decides to go the NAPcar route that he gets himself a Nationwide ride instead of the trucks. At least I could tune in and be interested in the road courses.

In a perfect world, he will find his way back to open wheel… fingers crossed.

Perhaps someone could explain to me…


*and exhale*


Paul gave Vision their highest finish this year, on a street course no less, and has actually WON at this track. Yet no one could work anything out. Fucking bullshit.

Meanwhile Marty Sloth is spinning around out there like it’s his first day in the car.
Helio is running 1:13’s… Sloth is running 1:27’s!! What the fuck???


I will be a walking Paul Tracy billboard this weekend. All Monster/PT, All the time. Actually there will be a few of us. It’s our own little personal protest. At least the Monster green matches EJ’s car, so I’ll fit in hanging around his pits… LOL! If my main badboy ain’t there, I’ll cheer on the next generation!

2.5hrs till I’m released to enjoy my weekend. (then another 2hrs until my train leaves… but I’m traveling first class, so I get to hang out in a fancy lounge and get fed and stuff… sweet)

Will, of course, attempt to update frequently over the weekend. This will be my last event for the season (can’t do Chicago unfortch) so I’ll be soaking up as much as I can to get me through the off season…

Ok… back to watching practice.

Edit: the Sloth strikes again!! *falls over laughing cause the only other thing to do is cry out of frustration*

and so it begins…

So… According to Davey Hamilton, who allegedly got I straight from TG, there will be no PT in a car in any of the remaing races this season…
If this is the case I’m calling bullshit on this whole fucking scam of a situation.

I sincerely hope you took home a sweet paycheque for your spectacular effort in Edmonton Paul.
You smoked most of the field and proved all of the naysayers wrong.
I hope more than anything that it assuaged any doubts you may have been harbouring towards your own abilities.

All bets are off if this was some dog and pony show for the sake of one race.
My gloves come off in 3 races as it is. The “transition year” free pass expires then.

Don’t think you can pull the “throw a local in” bullshit next year either. I didn’t accept it in Champ Car when drivers were used and tossed aside for the sake of ticket sales, I sure as fuck won’t accept it on this side of the fence, especially when it’s my driver being flung about.

No time to put a deal together my ass. You have one of the best open wheel road racers at your service with two of three remaining races, one on the Canadian border, being road courses, and you can’t make it happen??? Funny… It was in full swing about 2 wks ago…

Something Is Rotten in the State of Denmark