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really? we’re gonna take that tack are we?…

It’s about to get brassy up in here y’all…
(points to disclaimer in sidebar –> )
Are we clear? Good. Proceed.

So there is a new Q&A up on IndyCar.com today with LB grand poobah Jim Michaelian. This is one of the brilliant question/answers:

Q: How big of a buzz is there now that the name drivers in IndyCar racing will be in this year’s race?

A: It’s a refreshing change from what we’ve been through in the last few years not only to have the names of the stars of the IndyCar Series but also have some assurance they are all coming, they will all compete here and our fans will have a chance to see them.

Refreshing change? Really? Y’all have decided now to spit on the series and drivers who kept your fucking event alive and kicking for all those years when the “name IndyCar drivers” and teams fucked off to the other side of the fence, in some cases mere weeks before your very event, thus jeopardizing it? (since you brought up the “assurance they are coming” thing…)

So having multiple LB winner Paul Tracy and Jimmy Vasser driving in the race last year wasn’t “name” enough for you? How about Robert Doornbos, who’s very presence in IndyCar this year saw viewership numbers in the Netherlands alone that KICKED THE ASS of the viewership numbers in the entire country of the United States? How about all the teams and drivers, who even though they had just been bent over and reamed just weeks before, still pulled it together, despite HUGE financial losses, to participate in the LB Grand Prix in 2008?

While we’re at it, let’s get a little more real shall we? How about the piece of shit cars that are going to grace your track this year? Why not be honest about that? (and before y’all get your knickers in a knot, this is not a slam on the series out of bitterness. Everyone agrees that the current formula/chassis is sadly out of date and unremarkable and long overdue for a change/upgrade)

I’m kinda glad now that I’m not wasting my money or my time to go to Long Beach this year.

Yes things change. Situations change.
We have all had to accept the change in AOW with the amalgamorphification. It’s been a hard pill to swallow for many of us, but we have done it, and in most cases been pretty fucking gracious about it.

Of course there is going to be a lot of kumbaya, ass-smoke blowing, “we’re all one big happy family” propaganda from the series and the venues, to put on a “nothing but fluffy white clouds and rainbows” appearance to the public leading up to the event, but you could still show a little more class…

Don’t spit in the face of, and bite the hand of what fed you for all those years prior to now. It’s unbecoming.

Great. Now I’m in really fucking bad mood.
Happy Friday.

good thing I got a new monitor…

Because I’ll be watching the season via computer again.

Lost in the shuffle last week was the “ooh look, here’s the Canadian TV package” article on IndyCar. I couldn’t be bothered to write about it then, as I was having a good week and it’s just more of the same bullshit, different season.

I’m sure none of the American’s actually clicked on the link to see the actual schedule, so here ya go… take a gander at the stellar broadcast schedule that is going to grow the sport north of the border: (I’ve bolded my fave times for ya…)

Monday, Apr. 6 – St. Petersburg Indy –  3:30am et/12:30am pt
Sunday, Apr. 19 – Long Beach Grand Prix – 3:30pm et/12:30pm pt
Sunday, Apr. 26 – Kansas City Indy 300 – 11:30pm/8:30pm pt
Sunday, May 24 – Indianapolis 500 – 12 noon et/9:00am pt
Sunday, May 31 – Milwaukee Indy 225 – 11:30pm et/8:30pm pt
Sunday, June 7 – Texas IndyCar 500 – 12 midnight et/9:00pm pt
Monday, June 22 – Iowa Indy – 12 midnight et/9pm pt
Saturday, June 27 – Richmond Indy – 8:00pm et/5:00pm pt
Sunday, July 5 – Watkins Glen Indy – 1:00pm et/10:00am pt
Sunday, July 12 – Toronto Indy – 1:00pm et/10:00am pt
Sunday, July 26 – Rexall Edmonton Indy – 6:00pm et/3:00pm pt
Sunday, Aug. 2 – Kentucky Indy 300 – 3:00am et/12 midnight pt
Sunday, Aug. 9 – Mid-Ohio Indy – 7:00pm et/4:00pm pt
Sunday, Aug. 23 – Infineon Indy – 5:00pm et/2:00pm pt
Saturday, Aug. 29 – Chicagoland Indy – 9:00pm et/6:00pm pt
Sunday, Sept. 20 – Indy Japan 300 – 3:00am et/12 midnight pt
Saturday, Oct. 11 – Miami Indy 300 – 3:00am et/12 midnight pt

Now in fairness, TSN2, (that most people don’t know about nor get unless they have the souped up digital cable package and pay extra for) is airing the ridiculously timed races live. But unless you’re a diehard fan and know where to search, you’ll never know that.

ya, so when it comes down to it, IndyCar got away from ESPN’s shitty treatment then handed the CDN version of ESPN the broadcast rights to continue the shitty treatment elsewhere…

pffffftttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhbbbbbbbbttttt! and that’s how I feel about that.

Worse comes to worst, there’s a sports bar down the street that has satellite and free wifi. I figure it’ll be cheaper to go there and buy a few beers every weekend, than to jump through the money hoops to get the races at home. Of course it will depend on what else is on in that timeslot, and the majority vote for the tv remote.

Oh and on Wednesday (two days before tickets go on sale for the Toronto race which you would never know about living here in Toronto… I kid you not) I’ll be at the Media day for the Canadian International Autoshow. I’m curious to see the presence of the Race at the show… (this was the excuse the powers that be used to not to any promotion at the CDN Motorsports expo)

Right now the race is the best kept secret in town…

I’m grumpy today. Gonna stop now.

Where’s the good news?!?

Where is the off season buzz? the motivation, the anticipation, the growth?!?

The transition year is over. That was supposed to be the hard part…

(Ok, I think I’ve typed enough to now safely swear on my own page and not the sidebar of yours…)


Current economic situation aside… Unification was supposed to fix this bullshit, yet here we are, same shit different season. Politics and scheming, sponsors bailing, good drivers without rides, races disappearing…


I’m so fucking sick of the doom and gloom. I’m sick of building it up and supporting it unconditionally only to have it blow up in my face. I’m sick of having to watch 27 different series via my computer just to watch the drivers I champion, as they are spread out over hells half acres because they can’t get a decent ride in their own backyard in the genre of the sport they should be driving in.

This is supposed to be fun. This is supposed to be my escape. Instead, while my own life collapses around me, I spend my spare time (of which I have waaay to fucking much of right now) writing about the shitstorm that is American open wheel.

Seems like every fucking week another driver’s mugshot is being circulated. Whispers of teams dissolving (Coyne), and drivers unsigned (everyone that doesn’t drive for Penske or Ganassi) permeate behind the scenes.

While we watch what’s left of a once great sport circle the drain, the lunatic fringe are chanting “die, die, die” while hoisting their “we will rise up again bigger and better and newer and truer”.

Get your heads out of your asses! Starting another series is not the answer, it’s not going to fix this. (and good luck with that by the way…cuz apparently Uncle Kev and Uncle “principled” Jerry are not playing nice in the sale of the cossies) That GreenPrix series just got a fuck of a lot more green as right now they are empty chassis’ with zero emissions. So much for that “demonstration lap” in Savannah next weekend eh? (wonder if any of the pie in the skyers noticed that the 3-day event quietly became a 2 day event and all mentions of the demo laps have disappeared…)

I’m tired and I’m grumpy and I’m stressed so I’m venting.

I want some driver announcements.
I want some promotion.
I want some good spin.
I want to see a big roll out from Versus.
I want to know that I will still have a viable open wheel series to follow and enjoy for years to come.

I want… I want this horrible fucking year to be done with.

off to study the in’s and out’s of sports cars as it looks like that’s where all of the my favorite drivers are headed.

wake me up in January…

Fuji… *live* … er… nevermind…

I was going to write out my Formula 1 live races notes, but you know what? I don’t feel like it. In fact, fuck it, I probably won’t bother for the rest of the season.

FIA= fucking idiots association

seriously. Why don’t they just give Ferrari the fucking trophy now. In fact, why don’t they just give it to them at the beginning of the season, then just run the rest of the races as exhibitions?

Corrupt fucktards.

I thought the penalty on Hamilton was bullshit, but figured I’d let it slide as they at least gave Massa slap on the wrist too. But to penalize Bourdais?? What the fuck did they expect him to do? Levitate? Pull to a complete stop at the end of pit out and have tea and crumpets until Massa had made his way by?

so ya, what’s the point of giving a play by play? Here it is in a nutshell.
Lap one… clusterfuck… overbraking/overtaking/overcooking/overcompensating.
Points leaders throw it away, get penalized.

Last handful of laps interesting dicing between Kimi and Kubica.
Alonso wins (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

Hours later, FIA decides they want Lewis to have to work harder for the championship they probably aren’t going to allow him to win anyway, so they pull a bullshit penalty out of their ass against Bourdais, and gift Massa for driving like he’s in a fucking video game.

Am I going to bother staying up until 2:30 am for the next race?
pffffffft. let me think about that… nope. I’ll just read about it the next day.

Note to Helio…

Stick to dancing my friend, cause you SUCK as an actor!

What in the holy hell was that contrived mess?? Do they seriously have nothing better to do, like um, maybe, I don’t know… concentrating on possibly capturing the championship?!

Seriously, what the fuck was the point of that little display of masterpiece (more like masterbatory) theatre? They figured they weren’t gonna win anyway, so they thought they would play a little game of “I dare you to” with race control to create some doubt and controversy?

What’s the plan Stan? Get on some whacko alternative strategy from the start and hope for the big one to take out Dixon, then carve your way through the field for the win?
Wouldn’t that have been easier to do from say 5th place than from 28th??

I don’t get it. I like Helio. I thought he showed a lot of class last week following the race. But I don’t appreciate, as a fan or as media, being dicked around and toyed with. I don’t like someone intentionally making a mockery out of the race weekend or the series. There are enough people around who make it their life’s purpose to do that. They certainly don’t need any help from the teams or drivers.

Poor sportsmanship on the part of Penske and Castroneves.

Clearly they were hooked up this weekend. If Briscoe was able to knock off a 216 mph lap, then certainly Castroneves was capable of doing the same thing. Why not go out with a legitimate effort. 1 – 2 on the starting grid. Drive your ass off and go down fighting.

Personally any sympathy I may have had for Helio following Detroit is now but a distant memory.

Bullshit like this is not the act of, nor worthy of, a champion.

Good luck tomorrow Scott. Clearly the better man and better team will be hoisting the trophy on Sunday.