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Meijer Indy 300 *live* race blog

Ok kids, we are live and go.

Awful fricken start. Awful fricken restart.

Mario Moraes up 8 spots by lap 3.

woah! Carpenter is racey! 7 positions gained and a battle with Moraes.

Dixon running his own race. Briscoe catching Franchitti, with Helio close in tow.

Moraes up to 6th.

Are they using “the button”? NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!! But it’s would appear that some are or have.

According to the broadcast, Carpenter is using ALL of the available new options for the oval aero package.

Scheckter in the pits. They disconnected the rollbar and torked 3 turns out of the wing, Scheckter is loose an unhappy with that car.

Briscoe continues to stalk Dixon, while the pit window opens.

OH clusterfuckage in the pits!
Conway & Moraes into it. No replays yet, but conway’s front wing is toast and Moraes was ass backwards on pitlane.

Dixon managed to stay out an extra lap and maintain the lead.
Both Penske cars came in at the same time, Briscoe got out ahead. (despite Helio lighting up the tires in an attempt to get out first…LOL)

saw the replay. bad calls all around there. Looked like both Conway and RHR got into Moraes as he was entering his pit stall.

um… Carpenter is up to 3rd. ?!?!

Woah, Franchitti got waaaaaaaaaay high and almost kissed the wall. Dropped way back.

Lap 66: Dixon, Briscoe, Carpenter(!!!), Castroneves, Kanaan, Patrick, Franchitti, Andretti, Rahal, Power.

Bobby D in 17th racing Franchitti (7th) hard

Tidbit: Power has not used the button to this point (lap 74) (he is in 10th)

Twinkletoes and Carpenter battling for 3rd. Let’s hope that Helio plays nice. (hmmm… apparently that is exactly what he is going to do, according to his radio) (at least until it comes to the last couple of laps)

Sir Jackie Stewart in da house!! He is awesome!! (spilling the Penske secrets over the air though)

Lap 92: we are warned that the second fuel window is coming up.
At the same time Briscoe and Dixon are coming up on traffic.

RHR: Briscoe high, Dixon low split. Advantage Briscoe

Mutoh: Mutoh dives down pit entry, B & D side by side

Carpenter in out clean. (just misses Rahal on his pit in… zoinks)

Briscoe forced Dixon to burn off fuel, Dixon blinked, ducked in for fuel first.

Lap 107: Briscoe leads Dixon.

Bad news for Bobby D: couldn’t get right rear tire off, drive pins pulled off, now can’t get tire back on. Could be the end of his night.

Lap 121 yellow out. why? who knows.
uh oh, Wilson is having issues. Smoke coming out of his car (he’s the reason for the yellow)

He’s in the pits, seriously smoking, over the radio he said he “tried to pull up and it wouldn’t go” or something to that effect.

The iron hand of justice has come down on Matos. Improper Pit entry or somethingl. Has to drop back in formation, and has a drive through coming up…

Power takes them to the green (stayed out) Dixon jumps the green, falls back on his own, Briscoe gets waaaaaaaaaay high, skims the wall about as close as you can without touching. Carpenter (!!!!) up to second on the restart. Challenging Power for the lead now!

Carpenter is holding his own with Power, Kanaan and Castroneves battle for 3rd. (Castroneves took fuel only on this stint to gain position)

The race is getting racy finally! (up to now, the Lights race had kicked the IndyCar races ass) Apparently the new aero stuff is working like it was meant to. No idea whether the push to pass thing is working as we have no really idea if anyone is actually using and/or when.

5 leaders, 14 lead changes by Lap 154.

Power getting ready to come in for the pits. Almost drove into the wrong pits… oops. In and out clean. Back out in 11th.

Ed Carpenter is leading (legitimately) the race now. (looks around for swarm of locusts…)

Lap 169: Carpenter, Castroneves, Briscoe, Kanaan, Rahal, Franchitti, Dixon, Patrick, Andretti, Wheldon

Kanaan up to 2nd! Woot

Final stops coming up:
Carpenter into the pits. Not a full fuel, tires. (7seconds)
Kanaan (6 seconds)
Dixon in (fuel only)
Penskes both in both out. Briscoe wins the battle

20 laps to go, Carpenter leads. Kanaan second, Dixon 3rd

The deciding factor could come down to who had the most push to pass in the final laps…. This could be interesting.

Kanaan is gaining on Ed big time. oops… now he’s dropped back. Briscoe is all over his ass now. Kanaan behind.

Woah!!! Helio pushes it too hard and goes waaaaaaaaaaaay high to the outside, dropping back to 5th…

Holy Schnikey!!

Yay for Ed Carpenter! Yay for Briscoe for finally getting the win!

“I could cry, we were so close to that win” – Ed Carpenter
Briscoe may hoist the trophy, but Ed was tonight’s big winner!

Lindy: What was going through your mind in that last lap?
Briscoe: “50 points baby!”

LOL! that’s what I like about Briscoe. He thinks about the points, but he actually races for them!

and how about TK? Finally a good race for him.

What the hell happened to the Ganassi boys?

Ok… gotta go write this thing up. Be back later …