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The Catch 22 of Fandom…

Last one for today I promise. (Bear with me, everything on tv was a rerun tonight, and I was enjoying a glass of red wine, which put me in a “thinky” mood)
So… What is it? The “Catch 22”? Well, you’ll just have to scroll to the last paragraph for that bit of wisdom πŸ˜‰ (what a bitch eh?)
But before that, I just want to clarify my last post.

It wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular. It’s just that I’ve seen myself, my friends, my colleagues and my fellow fans being chastised and belittled virtually, for the last 24hrs in particular, for expressing their opinions and venting their anger/sadness over the mess that is IndyCar right now, and well, it really pisses me off. Here’s why: Continue reading