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another one bites the dust…sort of…

We awoke to the news that Rahal Letterman Racing won’t be answering the bell in 2009 thus removing a car/team from the grid and throwing another driver into the soup line. (well, technically he was already in the soup line, but it was assumed that if RLR or RHR found a big cheque somewhere, that he (RHR) would be re-signed with the team)

Speaking of big cheques…
I am curious why the hell Letterman doesn’t take out his fancy pen and sign his name on the dotted line. Can’t you just picture the World Wide Pants livery?? Top 10 / Stupid RaceFan tricks all summer live from the track! A BiFF/Arute showdown on pitlane! Come on Dave! There’s comedy gold in them there stands!!

In the meantime, over at Dale Coyne, where I picture them showing up to the track paying their weekend fees with rolls of coins, they’ve managed to snatch up former Ganassi engineer Bill Pappas for the 2009 season! No word on who’s actually driving, or if there is any sponsorship, but they, as usual, plan to be on the grid and challenging all season for a podium. That my friends is the difference between those who are in it for the racing and those who are in it for the money/glory. I will be supporting “Uncle Dale” 100% as usual.

*EDIT* Mr. Rahal released a statement later clarifying that they have not fully pulled out… but it’s a possibility.

(I’ve also realized the time code on this post is completely messed up… )