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Not so fast kids…

So, there could be a bit of a fork in the road leading to Mid-O and the inheritance of #6 seat.
That’s right! The chase is apparently on baby!

Option 1: (most popularly speculated) Cookie Boy (Servia) is apparently under contract to AGR (remember that whole “driver consultant” thingy??). Many believe this is a precursor to a fulltime seat in 2010, so him jumping over to a “competitor” might not be prudent at this juncture.

Option 2: PT is out riding motorcycles in the desert somewhere (dayum! Someone get a smoke signal to him stat!!)

Option 3: Speedy Dan is headed this way from England, helmet in hand, could we see the debut of Dastardly Dan!?! (damn, why am I NOT going this weekend??)

Option 4: Someone throws a bag of money at Seabass and flies him over.

Will definitely be an interesting couple of days for sure!

Where there’s a will there’s a way…

no, this isn’t a post about Will Power… Well, indirectly I guess it’s about willpower the thing, not the person. See, WordPress is borked this morning. I can’t access my dashboard or the wordpress mainpage. But… determined to make my voice heard today, I tried the mobile site… from my home computer… low and behold! It worked!

Sadly I have nothing profound to say after all this hard work to get here… LOL!

So I know I said I welcomed the lack of racing action this weekend, but, conveniently, the season finale of the A1Gp season coincided with breakfast this morning! So I packed up my laptop and headed down the street to my little pub, had them cook me a lovely breakfast and booted up a JTV stream to watch the race.

Admittedly it’s been hard to get into A1GP this year, not having a Cdn team to root for. (I’ll refrain from “going there”, but suffice it to say someone dropped the ball big fucking time there) (I’m in my calm happy place today, so I don’t want to get my ire up!)

Speaking of “ire”… Ireland had a stellar season! I put my ‘fandom’ behind them, figuring if switching allegiance and heritage this season was good enough for Daniel Morad, then by golly, I too would embrace my heritage cheer equally for GBR & IRE.

I missed the sprint race, so really couldn’t tell you what happened there. But the feature race was enjoyable. Boring as hell, but enjoyable.

The start was off kilter. First they lined up for the initial start, and one of the teams (can’t remember who now) parked it practically sideways on the grid then stalled it! LOL! oops. The next attempt lead to the typical first lap carnage, taking out a couple of cars. Apparently Team USA was the start of that. (no, not Marco, he’s not there this weekend)

Speaking of Team USA, J.R. Hildebrand had no radio for most of the race, and being DFL, was holding up Ireland for quite a few laps. Later in the race, the commentators were going on and on about there being no blue flags in Amercian racing. What?? I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure we have blue flags here in North America.

Speedy Dan (who according to a friend of mine from Europe “stands like a bitch” LOL!) Got tons of air time today being that they are in Britain. He raced really well until his car pooped out with 5 laps to go. Sounded like a dune buggy for the final laps! LOL! His was one of several cars afflicted by some exhaust failure, but unlike the other cars who retired, he brought it home! I know he gets shit on by, well, everyone, for some of his bone headed moves when he raced over here, but he was young and green. I think he’s matured immensely on and off track and doesn’t get the credit he deserves for that.

It’s funny to listen to the commentators infusing their personal opinions while calling the race. “With Daniel Morad I supppose anything is possible”…said dripping with sarcasm and subtext… LOL!

Anyway, when all was said and done, Team Ireland won both races and the championship today.
My Irish eyes are smiling!! Cheers mate!

and with that, I’m going back to my stay off the computer embargo, and getting on with my to-do list!

Reality Check Part 2

I don’t know why I split this into 2 parts. I don’t honestly know what the second part was supposed to contain. Apparently I was a little tired when I wrote part one and didn’t think I would get everything down on the page.

Some of my pics are up over at OpenWheelWorld.net. I will figure out how to create and upload a gallery here this weekend. In the meantime, go check out the gallery from the weekend.

ok… so more disjointed thoughts…

I have to say, for as much grief as the woman takes on track, Milka Duno is probably the sweetest woman you will ever meet in the paddock. She is like open wheel’s Charo. (for those of you too young for that reference, bite me) She always had a smile on her face. Always. She stopped to sign any and every autograph requested and just oozes “nice”.

Actually, I had encounters with Cydie Allemann and Ana Beatriz as well in Watkins. Again, both gals sweet, smiling and welcoming to any conversation.

So where then did it all go so horribly wrong with The Princess ? She’s been a stand offish little beyotch since her Atlantic years, when she went virtually unnoticed [danicamania pr speak] set the world on fire [/danicamaniap pr speak] Did someone tell her at an early age that in order to make it in the racing world she had to be nasty cow? If so they did her a supreme injustice. You see the more women that make the successful foray into racing, and the nicer and more approachable they are, well, the worse The Princess comes across. Especially as these gals, while breaking the gender barrier, also score points, legitimately earn podiums, gain a fanbase, enter and exit the pits without physically harming other competitors and crews, and generally shine as better role models for the sport in general. Where then is the hype surrounding them? They are certainly pretty enough. Where are their commercials? Their interviews? Their pr blitz? I’m looking forward to the day when these gals make the jump to the big show and put The Princess in her place.

So it seems my little buddy E.J was felled with a case of the mumps. 😦 Of course the rest of the paddock garage is breathing a brief sigh of relief for the weekend. I personally think that Vitor is being a little drama queen over the incident in Watkins (it’s called racing boys and girls) but nonetheless, they can all go about their business this weekend without worrying about “big, bad E.J” forcing their hand and proving their driving prowess. Unfortunately my other buddy Speedy Dan (I spoke with him today) didn’t get the call to take over for the weekend. (have I mentioned I like the “bad boy” drivers??) I would have LOVED to be a fly on the wall at the driver’s meeting if that had come to fruition.

Imaginary Scenario:
“Just an announcement to say that E.J Viso will not be driving this weekend” (entire room lets out sigh of relief and nods and smiles to each other) “in the interim, HVM has announced that Dan Clarke will be taking his place” (former Champ Car teams snicker at the irony, Vitor Meira breaks down into inconsolable sobbing)

hehe… I amuse myself.

Speaking of my bad boys, it seems there is still the slight possibility that my main BB will be in a seat in Edmonton. I really don’t know how I feel about that. As much as I want him in a ride… I want him in a competitive ride, for an entire season, not trotted out in front of the crowd like some show pony. If he is going to do a one off, he should be in Montreal for the Nascar race. (have I mentioned it is the who’s who of CDN open wheel drivers? LOL) I am still debating attending Edmonton. It will be very last minute and dependent on the worlds cheapest flight, which likely won’t happen.

Other races on the docket if I can swing them: Mid-O, Road America, Montreal (Nascrap) Belle Island, Chicago. I hate not having the freedom to just pick up and go anymore. Gah!

This weekend: No E.J or HVM, No Dominguez or PCM, and apparently Jay Howard is MIA. (poor bugger… he is really getting shafted this year) (nice bloke, I spoke with him at Watkins) Could be a bit of a snoozefest for me. Oh well… maybe I’ll get more work done! LOL!

speaking of work… later kids.