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When I grow up…

I wanna be famous
I wanna be a star
I wanna be in movies

But be careful what you wish for
‘Cause you just might get it
you just might get it
you just might get it

Pure comedy gold. Seriously.
Boy she sure showed the world stage what she’s all about didn’t she?

The camera angles of the Aussie broadcast we’re much better and much more revealing too. One of the transports could have made it though there without trouble. spaz.

Gotta love Pruett’s commentary about the treatment of the safety crew too.

speaking of Aussies’ and being more revealing…

Remember when the aussie track guys completely lost their composure while covering the practice on Saturday? Well a little birdy told me what had the boys doubled over with hysterical laughter and barely able to form words. Apparently one of the local Sheila’s decided the fella’s view was… lacking, and went about putting on a show for them, which including some gyrating… and disrobing.
hehe… ah yes, Paradise indeed.

Kudo’s again to the young James Davison for his stellar job all weekend in the booth.

Just when you think…

you can’t possibly think less of someone… they go and do something that sinks them lower than the gutter you had already placed them.

Apparently this bloke got a phone call from his mate at the track:

From The Pit Lane

Everyone loves a cat fight and we’ve had one at Mid Ohio and it could have major conseaquences for Danica Patrick

Milka Duno blocked her on track which angered Patrick (who of course never blocks)

they then clashed again later in practice as Patrick dived down the inside of Duno from a long way back and they nearly made contact

as they were both in the pits Patrick entered the pit garage of Duno who initially apologised but Danica wasn’t done

an arguement started which escalated and according to IMS radio Danica became abusive and apparently spat in Duno’s face, which is an incredebly dismissive and nasty thing to Do

Duno wiped her face and then apparently told Danica to get out of her pit garage

Danica was escorted from the garage by Dreyer and Reinbold officials and also Buddy Rice, who is a personal friend of her’s

Duno’s team owner Robbie Buhl has reported Patrick to the IRL and Duno has also made a statement

Co owner Dennis Reinbold has just been interview and said it was one of the worst incidents he’s seen as Patrick’s tirade he desribed as ‘vicious’

we’ll hear more of this…

a friend of mine who is at the track has told me that it’s this incident is the buzz of the place

I want to get a properly confirmed story on this before we start going on at Patrick and also if Duno said something to set her off

We need more info

he further added:

Just a note here guys

the post above is now all over various IndyCar related sites

I can’t take any credit for the report as it was my mate that phoned it in too me but i’m slightly worried that we are getting linked but not credited for the content…

i await futher developments……

once again, i am still waiting for a CONFIRMED report of what happened before I give my own opinion

of course, as with any hearsay story, there are a couple of different versions. No matter the version this story has legs. I had actually heard it mentioned on ESPN during qualies long before I saw this post. (of course they piled on Milka for her on track actions but carefully avoided saying anything about Skankica) The point of contention with the Danicamaniacs of course is the spitting, and whether or not it happened. To me, it’s a moot point.

Regardless of whether or not she spit, this was yet another confrontation by little miss pissy pants on another driver, in another driver’s pit/garage area. This is supposed to be a professional sport. This is your place of work. There are rules of conduct and of professionalism. If it were a male driver or less cherished/protected driver pulling this bullshit week in and week out, there would be hell to pay. Punishments, fines, etc… But because it is the sainted one, nada.

While the fact that she merely threw a towel at her only further serves to prove just how classy Milka is (I will be sure to go out of my way to tell her so next weekend) part of me wishes she had thrown a punch and knocked that petulant little bitch on her ass on behalf of all the guys she has confronted, as she is the only one who would actually be able to get away with it without legal/social ramifications.

Hey Danican’t! You got a problem with a driver on the track? Either become a better driver, improve & get out of the situation yourself or take it up with the officials. That’s their job. If it’s a legitimate claim, they will do something about it. But this storming up and down pitlane and physically and verbally abusing your fellow competitors is wearing thin, especially when you are FAR from perfection on track or off track. (just ask any of the crew members you have sent to the medical centre this year) (the Coyne crew member is STILL NOT back FYI)

The fact that the series mouthpieces turns a blind eye to all of her infractions and can’t shut their fucking mouths about her is beyond my comprehension. The entire second grouping of the first session, they blathered on and on about her, hardly mentioning the other 11 drivers in the group. (which reminds me I have to boot up the IMS radio separately now that we are being force fed Snot Goodsnooze and Smarmy Sloth’s “All Danica all the time” commentary online during the qualies)

Newsflash! Not everyone gives a flying fuck about bitchy barbie. Stop talking about her unless she actually does something of accomplishment on the track! And for the love of God, stop telling me I have to vote for her for the Espy’s, or the Teen Choice awards, or whatever the hell other contrived or undeserving accolades she is being showered with! When she does something worthy, on or off track, of earning my respect and my vote, only then I will I be motivated to do so.

GAH! Enough!!!

If I hear anything further I’ll update y’all.

EDIT: Curt Cavin digs a little deeper

hehe… my favorite quote:

“I don’t like the show she likes in every race weekend,” she said. “She can push the guys because they cannot do anything to her, but she cannot push me. We meet on equal condition (as women), and I know what kind of character I have.

“I know if somebody pushes me and finds my bad side they are going to get a problem.”

Push her Danica PUSH HER! *snicker*

Damn… all the good stuff happens on the weekends I’m at home.

Oh, and another thought… for those using the fact that Milka is off pace and quite frankly out of her league on track as a means to defend Morticia, its irrelevant!!! First of all, every series has back markers. If you don’t want back markers, start paying the quality drivers rather than accepting cheques from the less than drivers. Secondly, whatever her skill level on track is, that is something to take up with the officials or owner to owner. Not to go all WWF in the pits over. I thought it was bullshit when Champ Car used Tags and Sebass’ temper tantrums against PT for publicity, and I think it is equally bullshit for IndyCar to allow the same thing to happen with Danitantrum’s weekly diatribes. It’s embarrassing.

I call…


The reactions around the bar were pretty funny I must say. I wish I had put money down when we were talking last week and I said if they were gonna toss her a win it would have to be this weekend, cause she won’t ever have a chance again (legitimately) to do it now that the series are unified.

How do you go from practically running backwards, to winning? Pu-fucking-lease. Even SHE looked like she thought it was a sham! I’ve never seen someone so UNimpressed by winning a race, let alone their first. Christ, at least act somewhat convincing.

Any credibility established by the series just went down the drain. If they were gonna toss one her way it should have been Kansas or one of the other podunk ovals mid-season… less suspicious that way.

Unfuckingbelievable in it’s obviousness.

Talk about a full moon…

Ugh… don’t even want to think about it anymore. (it’s making me a little nauseas)

Going to sleep now, for tomorrow is the last real top tiered American Open wheel race, and I want to be awake and refreshed to enjoy every last second of it.

*ps… having a great time in Long Beach. Working far more than anticipated, and it’s really knocked the stuffing out of me, but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.*