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and the hits just keep on coming…

no, no one slugged Flash-in-the-panica yet… but I’ll keep ya posted 😉

David Phillips is reporting that Forsythe Racing is set to enter IndyCar and ALMS as soon as 2009.

OH the meltdowns are going to be epic!

Not that I’m ok with it. I mean I’m ok with them joining all of those series. I’m not ok with the way it’s come about and the damage done in the process.

All the drama and political posturing and legal wrangling and derailing of drivers careers (yes, driverS plural. There were three drivers left on the sidelines with their thumbs up their ass when FCR decided to balk on the transition) For what? What was really accomplished in all of that? I’d be curious to know. Guess that will be one of my first interview question next season…


but… but… what about his principles????

Forsythe Racing Set For Indy Lights Return in 2009

Indianapolis, IN (15 July 2008) – The 2009 Firestone Indy Lights Series will see the return of Forsythe Racing Inc. to the grid as the championship winning outfit announced today its intention to compete in the official feeder series to the Indy Racing League from next season onwards.

With a celebrated history in Indy Lights competition, claiming back-to-back title wins with Canadian stand-outs Greg Moore and David Empringham in 1995 and 1996; Indianapolis-based Forsythe Racing is looking forward to a return to the series and re-establishing itself amongst the current crop of Indy Lights competitors.

Forsythe’s Indy Lights plans are in addition to its current on-track activities fielding Mexico’s David Garza and Canada’s James Hinchcliffe in the 2008 Cooper Tires Presents the Atlantic Championship Powered by Mazda. Hinchcliffe steered the team to its first victory of the season in May, claiming pole position and the win at Laguna Seca – the young Canadian currently sitting second in the title fight just seven points off the lead after three rounds.

“The opportunity to return to Indy Lights is obviously one that we’re relishing,” said Neil Micklewright, Vice President of Operations at Forsythe Racing Inc. “This is an extremely exciting time for Forsythe Racing as we’re once again in the thick of a title battle in the Atlantic Championship while we’re also looking to further bolster our race programs, starting with our Indy Lights announcement.

“As a company we have a tremendous pedigree in Indy Lights with numerous race wins and back-to-back championship victories with Greg (Moore) and David (Empringham) in the mid-nineties. The series still offers drivers the chance to prove themselves and the level of competition remains as high as ever. You only have to look at this season’s results to see how tight it is at the top with six drivers winning already this year. We believe the Firestone Indy Lights Series offers Forsythe Racing an additional platform to showcase our commitment to on-track excellence and our desire to win.”

Greg Moore dominated the 1995 Indy Lights Series for Forsythe Racing. The British Columbia native recorded an unprecedented 10 wins from 12 starts that season to claim the title and propel himself into a seat in the team’s CART line-up in 1996. Fellow Canadian, Ontario’s David Empringham, duly delivered a second straight Indy Lights title the following season collecting three wins along the way.

The 2008 Firestone Indy Lights Series consists of 16 rounds, all in support of Indy Racing League events, running on a mixture of ovals and permanent and temporary road courses with each race broadcast on ESPN 2 – http://www.indycar.com/indylights

Drivers interested in Forsythe Racing’s Firestone Indy Lights program should contact:
John Brunner: Tel: +1 317 216 9000, Cell: +1 317 908 1246, Email: john.brunner@fcremail.com

Forsythe Racing Inc. is owned by Illinois-based businessman Gerald Forsythe. Since the team’s inception in the early 1980’s it has scored multiple wins and championships with some of the most famous names in racing including; Paul Tracy, Greg Moore, Jacques Villeneuve, Al Unser Jr,, Patrick Carpentier, AJ Allmendinger, Danny Sullivan and Teo Fabi.

ENDS – http://www.forsythe-racing.com

Press release issued on behalf of Forsythe Racing by Stuart Morrison Public Relations:
Tel: +1 514 684 3253 / Cell: +1 514 945 3253 / Email: stuart@sm-pr.com <mailto:stuart@sm-pr.com>

Not surprising as he has crew members throughout the IndyCar paddock covertly gathering data technically advising.

I do have to say the timing of this announcement is particularly suspect… The same day as their former driver is to be announced for a race or two, they put out an announcement that could easily wait a month or two..

Never a dull moment in open wheel huh?

she’s not singing yet…

apparently the chubby gal is just warming up in the wings…


“He would like me to run Long Beach and I would like to run Long Beach, but there are some things that have to happen before we can commit to that. At this point I’m glad that we’ve got some correspondence and we’re dealing directly with Gerry’s lawyer.”

hug it out bitches.

Come on Jerry… what do you want be next week on the AP wire? Hero or villian? What will the story be?  All the great things and people that were there? or the one that wasn’t?

Let’s have something good come out of this fucking messed up situation.

returning to the scene of the crime…

Press releases and lists are popping up all over the internet and mainstream media this week, announcing the line-up for the Grand Prix of Long Beach. Apparently Paul Tracy is going to be there to avenge the wall that broke his back. Or is he? Apparently not…

While writing up a recap of day 1 of the Indy 500 media tour, I’m reading through transcripts of Tony George quotes when I find this little gem:

You know, I don’t know. I intend to call; I got a message yesterday from his business manager. I didn’t have a chance to call him back. The message was that he’s free to talk about a ride beginning as early as Motegi. He said he would not be running Long Beach, much to my surprise.


He then went on a bit about the lack of seats actually available at this point, but he hoped that something could be worked out and that he would be talking to him later, yada, yada, yada… ending with:

But it is kind of unfortunate, some would say a travesty, that he’s been sort of left on the sidelines here.

Gee ya think?? A fucking travesty indeed.

For those who aren’t following along, that was Tony George’s response this afternoon to a question about Paul Tracy. Paul Tracy who is the winningest active (or non-active at this point I guess) Champ Car driver. Whose first race was at Long Beach. Who has won there 4 times. Who should, after putting up with all the bullshit, and standing by when most others bailed, be given the opportunity to race in front of his supporters (and detractors) along side the rest of his colleagues when the Champ Car circus rolls into town one final time next week in California. He should have been given the opportunity to go out there and give Champ Car a proper send off. He should have been given the opportunity to put on a show for the fans who have poured their heart and souls and cold hard cash into following him and the series.

Seriously, I am so spitting mad right now I can’t even find enough expletives to describe just how much.

And just where the fuck are those much touted principles and integrity from the Forsythe camp? Unless they live in a fucking cave, they must know and just be turning a blind eye to the deception being foisted upon us, letting the public and the media run with the notion that Paul is contesting this race on their behalf next week.

Hey Monster! Throw some cash over to Derrick Walker for a one off. We’ll get W-Power’s car out of moth balls, and both Derrick and Paul can reap some sweet vengeance on the field. No one drives better than a pissed off PT!! Do it!

fuck… if I haul my ass all the way to California and Paul ends up racing in Motegi… stay the fuck out of my way kids cause it won’t be pretty.

PT on Windtunnel 02/03

“twinkle toes Castroneves danced out of the room with my trophy”

hehe… that’s my boy 😉

Well Paul was certainly way more diplomatic than I would have been. (and will not be in about two paragraphs) Not that I expected anything less. He may do the smack talk shit at the track to stir the story when needed, but when it counts, he bangs it out of the park with class. Good on you Paul. You make us all proud.

“I’m under contract and he’s prepared to keep me under contract”

With that line he confirmed what I already knew; That his only hope of driving in the unified series this year, other than the sham that will be Long Beach, is if Jerry changes his diaper er… mind and brings the team over or if someone antes up a ridiculous fucking amount of money to buy him out of his contract.

Since I’m currently not looking for a ride, I’m not going to be as diplomatic. (get the children out of the room… ) Here’s my homage to Dave Despain’s My Take:

I think it’s fucking disgusting to even entertain the thought of sitting Paul out for a season. It’s petty, it’s spiteful, it oozes disrespect and it’s a kick in the nads not only to Paul, but to all of us who have supported Forsythe and Paul over the years.

This guy stuck it out when all the other guys followed the paycheck. This guy put up with bullshit calls and bullshit fines and still stepped up & spoke out on behalf of the series whenever called upon. What a fucking disrespectful way to treat the winningest current open wheel driver and the man who worked his ass off to bring you the championship when it counted most.

At a time when he should be enjoying the twilight years of his open wheel career, and going out in a blaze of glory, he is virtually being held hostage and fucked over because of some ego driven grudge match. GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELF JERRY! You don’t want to play? fine. Just let Paul do what he does. What he’s been doing for YOU for the last 5 yrs! Fuck. I’m so fucking pissed off I could spit nails.

FURTHERMORE…to all of the delusional fuckwits out there in interwebfuckinglalaland who think that GF is doing this out because of some strong sense of principle or as some noble act towards the fans, or to protect PT from harm (that one made me LAUGH OUT FUCKING LOUD) put down the fucking crack pipe!!

This is spite. Pure and simple. This is a petulant child scooping up his tonka truck and stomping out of the sandbox because he didn’t get his way.

It just goes to show that you can have all the money in the world but you still can’t buy the things that matter most. How the owner of a racing team could have so little understanding and respect for the mind and heart of a racer is absolutely gobsmacking.

Furthermore AGAIN… how any “fan” of a driver would prefer that said driver retire or go to some other form of racing out of some sense of loyalty to some fanatic ideal… again… get over it. I’m glad that slurry Dave from Cali asked the stoopid question. Now I just hope that the real fans actually listened to the answer. Paul Tracy is an open wheel racer. At the present time, in order to do WHAT HE DOES and WHAT HE LOVES he has no choice. To hold him to something he said half a dozen years ago when the situation was entirely different is ridiculously myopic and self serving.

I really hope that someone comes to their senses and fixes this situation.

Again, I’m absolutely gutted for Paul. This is so unthinkably unfair.

*going to stop typing now… and breathe deeply for a few minutes…*

do you ever feel…

like one of these?

Welcome to the world of open wheel fandom. Seriously.
This year is barely two months old, and I’m fucking exhausted.
Like our friend bozo up there, I have taken multiple punches, but have rolled with them all. Sure I have vacillated back and forth with each announcement and rumour as to whether I could, would, should continue to support this sport.

As a fan, as a human, my line in the sand has been and continues to be ever fluctuating.
“I’ll continue to support as long as… <insert condition here>
Yes, I said condition.
My “unconditional” fandom ended a while back, when I discovered it was becoming a requirement to even be considered a “true” fan.
Sorry, but I will always hold people accountable for the things I find unacceptable. (and anyone who truly wishes to be successful should and does welcome constructive criticism and suggestions from their peers and customers…)

So today, another punch, another rally, another gut check, another line in the sand.

So little of what I actually love about this is moving forward. Somehow though it was palatable with FCR making the jump. They have always been my team. They were my assigned story. Their pitbox was my hangout on race weekend. My enthusiasm for the sport, directly tied to my involvement with them.

Now there is a shitty car, and shitty engine, and a bunch of shitty venues. My home race is gone, my team is gone, and now the ONE guy that I have and DO support unconditionally (though he has made me angry over the years) is standing on the sidelines. The guy that has put up with all the bullshit, that resisted the money and pressure to bail, that spoke up for and out on behalf of the series, suddenly, thanklessly, rideless.

I am absolutely gutted for him. If he were in his early 20’s, it wouldn’t be so much of an issue. Many opportunities out there for a young hot shoe with proven talent. But at 39, he doesn’t have a lot of open wheel years ahead of him. FCR and his 5yr contract was his retirement plan. It was his graceful swan song. It was his handing over the torch to the younger generation then moving on to something else.

This whole situation is such a piss off. I’m torn again between wishing nothing had changed and knowing absolutely with all my heart that unification had to happen. Face it, neither series was going to make it past 2008, and AOW was likely going to be reduced to a once a year event in Indy. Hell, it could still turn out that way for all we know. Thus far, excitement for it aside, this unification isn’t exactly getting off on the right foot. (the FCR bailing thing is just one of a half dozen ugly situations going on behind the scenes)

I’m angry that so much potential was squandered so thoughtlessly over the last 5 yrs. Did anybody really ever look at the big picture? Was ANYONE in this for the good of open wheel? Or was it really just about fattening up everyone’s wallets and egos.

Once again, as has happened many times over the last two months, I am standing on the precipice. However… I am running out of sand to draw the line in. Once again I face the will I or won’t I decision. At some point (perhaps very soon) I will have nothing left that I actually care about to champion. I really really do want American Open Wheel to not just survive, but thrive! Unfortunately, I now don’t know how much my involvement will be in it as we move ahead. Everybody has a different stress point, the breaking point where that tiny piece of straw fractures your desire, your hope, your joy, your dream.

That piece of straw is getting mighty heavy…

and the other shoe drops…

Statement from Neil Micklewright, VP of Operations for Forsythe Championship Racing Ltd., LLC:

“Forsythe Championship Racing is announcing today the cessation of its racing operations. After 13 years of competition in CART and the Champ Car World Series, the team has been unable to secure the necessary sponsorship to be able to compete in the Indy Racing League IndyCar Series in 2008. Forsythe Racing Inc., the parent company of FCR, will participate in the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, the Champ Car finale, with drivers to be announced.”

I’m seriously at a loss for words at this moment. I knew it was coming. The puzzle pieces weren’t fitting together as neatly as they should. But dayum.

Drivers to be announced?? What the fuck does that mean?

My spidey sense is screaming that unka jerry is going to keep PT locked into his contract to keep him from participating in the unified series, thus stealing their thunder and their “name” for their marketing going forward.  I would hope that isn’t the case, or if it is that he at least lets the man drive somewhere else.

Seems like a mighty unfair end for Paul after all he sacrificed and championed for CC.

oh crap… who knows… today’s headache just went from a 3 to an 11…