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enjoying the hiatus…

Much like the drivers and teams, I too am enjoying a little down time this week. Enjoying the lull in the action, the slowed activity in my inbox, and the uncramping of my fingers/forearms from the constant typing. (last weekend damn near killed me)

I’ve been catching up on emails, catching up on reading what everyone else has been writing, and apparently losing out in last minute negotiations for none other than p-dog! (funny dude that guy!)

I’ve also been taking advantage of the down time to clean out some of the massive folders of crap on my computer. (the “start up disk is full” errors prompted that one… ) You know you are in trouble when you have not one but 4 folders labeled with the word “junk”, too many to even name with racing themes…

Anyhoo… in one of those racing folders I found the following:

I guess I had taken a screenshot of the timing/scoring chart and saved it.

What an amazing day and moment in time.

What an amazing man.

*picture credit Champ Car World Series*