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2012 Grand Prix of Alabama *live* (post-delayed) blog ;-)

Ok… so here we go, first race out of the gate for the newly monikered NBCSports Network. (which absorbed Versus over the winter)

I’ve gotta tell you, after yesterday’s lacklustre qualifying show, I didn’t hold out too much hope for today’s show.

Seriously, did anyone else think they had tuned into a Golf broadcast yesterday? Awful. Just awful. No context, no excitement. The only time the commentators seemed to have any energy was when Power got dinged for his fast lap, and they started discussing the first “controversy” of the year and that Beaux Barfield was in the hot seat. If I wasn’t already familiar with the series and the format of qualifying, I would have A) thought “what the fuck am I watching?” and B) had ZERO motivation to tune in today.

Now, on the plus side, every commercial break was Indy-centric, and featured our drivers. and NO DANICAN’T! Woot Woot! Now if only we could lose the Ninja commercial…

So on to today, race day… Continue reading