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Five hundred, twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes…

How do you measure, measure a year…

In daylights, in sunsets In midnights, in cups of coffee
In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife
In five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes
How do you measure, a year in the life?

I kept waiting for the moment when I could sit down and just write this, with dry eyes and clarity of thought. I thought that moment was now, but just like a few hours ago, and a day ago, and a week ago, and a month ago, the minute I began to type… the second I let my guard down…  my throat tightened and my breath quickened, and my eyes betrayed my stoic resolve, spilling hot tears down my cheek once again. Continue reading

Ok Toronto, Time to Step it up.

I tend to put blinders on, and sometimes get a little “cheerleadery” when it comes to my home race.
I mean, who wouldn’t.
You want to support your “home team”
You want to encourage people to come to your event.
But… it’s time to take the gloves off me thinks.
Not in a “negative nellie” way, but in a “come on gang, we can do a hell of a lot better” way. Bear with me if it is one long run on sentence, but  I’ve had a week to mull this over, and I have a lot to say.

Unless you had your head up your ass last weekend, there was no denying that attendance was down this year. All three days. I thought maybe it was just my imagination, so I polled a few of my colleagues at the track, and looked back at previous photo galleries. Nope. Definitely down.

Of course, long gone are the days when the daily gate was proudly and boastfully posted on the wall in the media centre, so there are certainly no hard numbers to compare. Sure, the suits say all the right things pre-event;  all their targets have been met or surpassed, etc… but the proof is in the pudding. The pudding being the bodies on the property, and bums in the seats. Continue reading

Where to Eat in T.O.? *the cliff notes*

Seems to be the most popular question in my twitter stream this week, and scrambling to answer in multiple 140 tweets is proving brutal. So… here you go gang. Here is a generalized listing, featuring choices mostly in the core, where I figure most of y’all will be sleeping the next few days, with concentrations of restaurants of many genres, which should satisfy all tastebuds. I did up some really remedial Maps/legends for you to peruse, print, etc…

I’ve concentrated on the Entertainment District (if you are staying at Hilton Garden Inn, Hyatt, etc… you kids are on restaurant row! The world is your Oyster!) and the St. Lawrence Market District.

You’ve got everything from multiple coffee shops, and mom & pop take out places, to sports bars, to 5 star restaurants. And a vast selection of “street meat” carts (which we Canucks enjoy after a night of drinking!)

For the restaurant rows, I didn’t list venues on the maps in detail, but I’ll outline a few choices below Continue reading

Milwaukee Rewind

First, lets get the bad out of the way…

Well, for the first time I had the “privilege” of watching the ABC broadcast of one of our races this season.
Good God.
I mean really.
What the fuck?!
It was Abysmal!

So much missed action! How do I know? I had the radio broadcast streaming at the same time. It was comical in it’s contrast. What they were describing compared to what ABC was actually showing. I mean, COMICAL.
Now I know why all of the races I attended this year (coincidentally ABC broadcasts) have been received so poorly by those not in attendance. They are doing the absolute bare minimum in their presentation. There is no “essence”. No heart. I don’t believe for a moment that they care one iota about the event they are broadcasting.
On top of that, listening to Goodyear and Reid is akin to taking a sedative Continue reading

My 500th Post…

Oh universe, I so enjoy when you toy with me like this.
My 500th post falls in the Month of May. Amusing.

So, what to write on this momentous occasion? Well, I was planning a Part 2 on yesterday’s post, but I guess I’ll hold that for now and instead plot my thoughts on my upcoming trip to the 500 instead.
Seems more appropriate.

Truthfully, more than anything lately, as I prepare for my trip, I’ve once again been thinking of Dan.
It’s still strange to me that someone I was barely acquainted with had such a monumental impact on my life. But he did. And still does. Now, however, I’m finding myself smiling more when I think of him. Continue reading