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Just because it’s not your opinion, that doesn’t make it wrong…

There was much poo pooing out there in the twitterverse today over the multitude of reactions to the Verizon app. Apparently some feel you only have the right to an opinion if it includes hearts, and flowers and fluffy bunnies when discussing things following this week’s State of IndyCar address… (more on that later)
The flip side of course is if the majority are in agreement in their negativity, like in the case of the sucker punch that was the firing of Lindy Thackston, well then you’re good to go. (I’ll save my ire on that topic for another day)

Personally, I stopped paying attention to the Verizon App part of the presentation because it was yet another offering not available to the Cdn or International fan base.

I’m not “outraged” (today’s word du jour) about Verizon making an app. Good for them I say! If I lived in the US, and had a Verizon phone, I’d be pretty happy and would probably download it. But I don’t, and I don’t, so I’m not, cause I can’t.

Here’s my take, if I might be so bold as to express a thought out of step with the bloggerazzi this week. Perhaps it will provide some insight from the perceived “ungrateful” side of the fence. Continue reading