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2012 Grand Prix of Alabama *live* (post-delayed) blog ;-)

Ok… so here we go, first race out of the gate for the newly monikered NBCSports Network. (which absorbed Versus over the winter)

I’ve gotta tell you, after yesterday’s lacklustre qualifying show, I didn’t hold out too much hope for today’s show.

Seriously, did anyone else think they had tuned into a Golf broadcast yesterday? Awful. Just awful. No context, no excitement. The only time the commentators seemed to have any energy was when Power got dinged for his fast lap, and they started discussing the first “controversy” of the year and that Beaux Barfield was in the hot seat. If I wasn’t already familiar with the series and the format of qualifying, I would have A) thought “what the fuck am I watching?” and B) had ZERO motivation to tune in today.

Now, on the plus side, every commercial break was Indy-centric, and featured our drivers. and NO DANICAN’T! Woot Woot! Now if only we could lose the Ninja commercial…

So on to today, race day… Continue reading

The Iowa Corn 250! *live blog*

Yes kids, I’m live tonight. I have a dodgy American stream and a dodgy UK stream and will have the dodgy radio stream booted as well as a fail safe.

I have a belly full of Pad Thai, and am halfway thru a giant can of Sir Perry’s traditional English style Pear cider. (I have another can chillin in the fridge, but I’m already a little tipsy, so this could be fun…) Continue reading

Iowa Corn 250 *live* race blog

It’s 2:13 and the cars are on the parade lap as the peeps at IndyCar thumb their noses and give the fickle middle finger to Ms. Nature who has been less than accommodating with the weather this year.

The skies are looming, but no precipitation as they line up two by and take the green flag. Continue reading

Indy 500 (psuedo live) Race Blog

I am working right now. Yes, working on a Sunday. On the Sunday of the Indy 500. I’m hating life and trying not to go postal everytime the phone rings.

I will be sort of paying attention, sort of working, sort of blogging. Probably none to the best of my ability.

So far, same ol same ol. Tradition, yada yada yada…

Here they come. That was an ugly start. Not even remotely lined up.

And Davey Hamilton doesn’t even complete one lap. Spins and hits the retaining wall on the back straight. Looks like he is out and OK.

Yellow… commercial… clean up… *get some work done*

TK watch: already up to 25th… LOL! It was like he was shot out of a cannon!

and we’ve got some contact at the back of the field lap 7. Junky is dead stick in the middle of the track. Right rear tire peel off the rim. May or may not have had contact with Sato. Bruno out and ok.

ooh… fighting words from Davey Hamilton. Scheckter is an “idiot” and a “knucklehead” LOL!

TK Watch: 18th

Yellow… commercial… clean up… *get some work done*

This is the most bullshit way to try to follow a race.

Penske fucks Will Power YET AGAIN!!

Ya, missing all of the race due to work calls and having to run down to the front door to let people in. FML!

Guess I’ll read about it later…

This is too frustrating… pulling the plug for now.

Enjoy the race everyone!

Round 5: Road Runner Turbo Indy 300 *live* Blogno

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more.”
er… no wait! We are in Kansas!

After 4 exciting street/road races, (ok… 3 and Barber), we are here in sunny, ok not rainy, Kansas Speedway, in front of tens of… fans… to sit on the edge of our seats for the first roundy round of the season!

That’s right kids! We’re into the oval stretch of the season, where we take bets on which red car will win, and who of  the other coloured cars will hit the wall first.

Command has been given, warm up laps done, we’ve lined up 2 by 2 (well, the first 3 rows did, the rest all caught up eventually)

Clean start! Newbies dropping like stones, veterans in command…

meet you at the end….

wow… Helio and Vitor battling, looking a little loose

Soon to be seatless RHR passes the princess live. See ya! (oh, don’t forget to check out P-Dog’s interview with Ms. SparklePony where she talks about… well, herself… captivating… *good job P-dog*)

Dashley slingshots by Dixie and gets the spot. (Dashley always drives better in the blue cars… just an observation)

Why do the booth guys SCREAM the entire time they are calling oval races? Is that to make it seem more exciting than it really is?

Dixie woke up from his nap and took his position back from his teammate, and is now on the attack on Briscoe.

I’m impressed by the KV boys. 7, 9, 11th right now. :thumbsup:

And the leaders hit traffic.

We’re is all the indignant entitlement?! Come on! That’s all they could talk about last race! Damn back markers!

I’m thirsty.

Wow! Sato battling with Moraes!  (imagines the radio chatter from Jimmy Vasser to the cars)

Ooooh! Change in the lead!! Red car passed a red car!


back… Wondering how bad the ABC broadcast is. Can only imagine Snotty Goodsnooze and Marty Pay-attention-to-Me bantering about… well, nothing interesting.

Festival of Pitting… ™pressdog

How is it that Team Penske, who are usually meticulous with their pitstops, ALWAYS has their biggest fuck ups on Will’s pit stops?

Baguette, Viso and Howard get pitlane violation drive thru penalties on their first pitstop. Pretty sure the only one affected adversely by that is Viso.

*sorry, got distracted…*

ok… so the Princess is about to be lapped. Will there be controversy? Will she be demanded to pull over like Alex Lloyd? Will there be a convenient yellow and a lucky dog?

LOL! no contest! Dixie looked like he was shot out of a canon! Danican’t! Clear! Parko! Clear!

uh oh… Viso in trouble, brings out the yellow on Lap 74. Got up into the wall lightly, and bent the car up real good.

Questioning the yellow. Seems a little over kill considering he drove himself back to the pits cleanly, with all his parts in tact.

Ah well… here they all come into the pits!

Three wide exiting the pits! LOL! Sato & Duno make contact and extend the yellow.

Alert the Clown car! Briscoe is driving around on 3 wheels!

That is the SECOND fubar by the Penske crews on Pitlane.

[conspiracy] Guess Helio got the call for this race too [/conspiracy]

RHR continues to show up his Andretti Teammates. (while his seat time ticks down…)

It really is making me PUKE that the same dudes in the booth that were practically spitting fire towards Alex Lloyd last weekend for blocking cars while protecting his position (he was one the fucking lead lap at the time!), are pretty much cheerleading  Japanica showing such “spunk” while blocking and already a lap down . Fucking bullshit. Ugh…

fuck, I am SO bored.

I really really wish I could enjoy these races more. But I just don’t. I know for a fact that they are more exciting in person, I’ll give them that… but boy oh boy. What a snoozer today.

Let’s see, what can I talk about…

Bunch of new faces in the race this weekend. (well. not new, but first appearances this season) Sarah is back in action (solidly midpack in 14th currently), her teammate Jay Howard is also in the car for the first time this season (25th), John Andretti trying to sneak into the top 10 (currently 11th)

Making their oval debuts Sato (8th?! woot!), de Silvestro ( 20th) and Baguette (23rd)

LOL… my timing is only showing Howard and Duno. Riveting!

is it my imagination or is Tags dropping like a stone? Wrong way mon ami! Mon dieu!!

Takuma! Givin er today! Side by Side with Helio!

42 laps to go, the feed is sketchy at best… keeps dropping out. I do have a another feed currently, but it’s in Portuguese… :raises eyebrow: lol!

wow, car number 2B8BE23 is in 8th place on T&S! you go 0 0 ! (what team does he/she drive for?)

Well, there are 26 laps to go, I have no fucking clue what is happening as T&S has stalled. Everyone is in for their final stops… So I’ll wait until everyone rolls thru before doing a run down.

and the caution flies with 21 laps to go. Jay Howard finds the wall and makes a mess of his Sarah Fisher Racing car. Parts everywhere. He appears to be ok though.

ABC showing a fluff piece on Indy. Guess it is May now isn’t it Will?

OH NOES!!! Mutoh and Sato into the wall on the restart! Japan weeps! Much international swearing in the safety car I’m sure.

pretty sure Mutoh turned in over the nose of Sato and smooshed him into the wall…  but the Newman Haas Lanigan dude blamed Sato. *shrug* I must be watching a different hideously boring race.

ok, so we’re attempting to restart this abomination again, but once again we are waved off.

let’s try this again….

What lap are we on? None of your business! ™pressdog

6 to go according to my Portuguese feed.

Dixon leads by, well, he’s already in Indy preparing for qualifying…

And no surprise here… he wins by what seems like 4 laps.

then Dashley, , Kanaan, Castroneves, Hunter-Reay, Briscoe, Moraes, Tagliani, J. Andretti ?!, Meira

Happy for TK.

Dashley needs to get the fuck over himself with all the backmarker bitching. It’s called RACING Dario. The whole point is for you to find your way around those cars and prove you are the best. You’re starting to sound like your batshit crazy wife.

Dixon winning on an oval. :mocks surprise: On the bright side, we got to see his redonkulously cute little girl. Total ginger!!

Ok… never thought I’d be happy to have to go back to work… but wow… on to Indy I guess…