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Autoshow Media Day… 2011

Bland. Today was very bland.
From a car enthusiast point of view at least.
Sorry, make that from a fast/race car enthusiast point of view.

Apparently white is the “it” colour for this year (personally it just makes me think of rental cars) The show was very black & white, with pops of red & blue, and when I was lucky, metal flake lime & orange. (no, not together, though there was a nasty metal flake purple infinity with a pink interior… blech)

Aside from everyone pulling white sheets off to reveal white cars, every manufacturer seemed to have hired the same marketing consultants to write the same speeches, interjecting their own company’s name. By the third presentation we were enjoying a virtual game if Autoshow Bingo. (think of it as a drinking game for your brain… everytime the same word/phrase is used, you mentally check it off on the grid)

This year was all about eco friendly, hybrids and fuel efficiency.
And bland white cars. Continue reading