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Milwaukee Rewind

First, lets get the bad out of the way…

Well, for the first time I had the “privilege” of watching the ABC broadcast of one of our races this season.
Good God.
I mean really.
What the fuck?!
It was Abysmal!

So much missed action! How do I know? I had the radio broadcast streaming at the same time. It was comical in it’s contrast. What they were describing compared to what ABC was actually showing. I mean, COMICAL.
Now I know why all of the races I attended this year (coincidentally ABC broadcasts) have been received so poorly by those not in attendance. They are doing the absolute bare minimum in their presentation. There is no “essence”. No heart. I don’t believe for a moment that they care one iota about the event they are broadcasting.
On top of that, listening to Goodyear and Reid is akin to taking a sedative Continue reading