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Fashion statement…

T-shirt hell came out with a timely new t-shirt this month. Of course it’s actual purpose is political, but when I saw it, it struck me: This seems to be the sentiment of the majority of the fanbase on both sides of the AOW war, so why not have a little fun with it…

The Rally Cry for the IRL/CCWS 2008 season:



well… things just keep getting more and more interesting don’t they?

the truth shall set you free…

As I answered earlier, SPEED allows me to chose what races I cover and I always try to go to as many CC races as IRL because there are a lot of good drivers, teams and people in CC and they deserve coverage. That’s why, even though CC revoked my hard card for reporting the truth about Steve Johnson’s position, the teams shouldn’t be punished for a couple of people’s pettiness. I’m still lobbying to go to Mex City because I think we should be there (and if you hadn’t noticed, SPEED s the ONLY American television that spends the time and money covering CC. Ever see a CC feature on ESPN? didn’t think so). anyway, cancelling races, cutting teams in half, lying to drivers, getting rid of good drivers like Servia and Dalziel before the season is over, all these things need to be reported and that’s what I do and what I’ve always done. USAC, CART and IRL have all hated my ass at sometime during the past 35 years but that is irrelevant — my job is to tell the truth as best I see it about my No. 1 passion — open wheel racing.

-Robin Miller 

God I love him! hehe. The rest of the chat from today:


I do so hope that Miller gets that show on SPEED. I would happily watch him for an hour over Windbag. I miss tuning into “The Truth” every week. That was a hoot.

I can guarandamntee that the folks that bitch the loudest about him have never been in the same air space as the man, or have their heads so far up their asses they couldn’t carry on a conversation anyway.

One of my favorite moments at a race was standing in the media centre in Toronto, in a little gossip circle with Miller, Kirby, Oreo, & Phillips. How the hell I was welcomed into that conversation I will never know, but it was a blast shooting the shit with those guys that day, and it’s just as entertaining to bump into them at races now. The two that get trounced the most (GK & RM) are the most approachable ironically. Even our CDN axis of evil reporters (McNulty & McDonald) are totally approachable and a joy to converse with one on one. (hey, maybe I should change my last name to McBeer so I can land a paying motorsports beat! hehe)