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Pole Day 09…

or how VERSUS learned to fill 6hrs of tv time with only 2hrs of on track action.

Good morning peeps. Eating some breakfast, preparing for my day, and realized I never wrote about Pole Day. So… here goes…

Good lord! What was the point of all of that yesterday? Why draw a list of drivers and publish said list, when 2/3 of that list isn’t going to even suit up?? Perfectly qualified drivers spent the day in their motorhomes watching on TV. Why set the month up in such a financially precarious way that drivers who might of had a legitimate shot to challenge for the front rows can’t risk it for fear of running out of tires on race day or running too many miles on their engine lease? If you want this to be the “greatest spectacle in racing” you gotta fix this, cause right now, not so much spectacular. It’s a battle of the haves and have nots. What if all of those drivers who will fill those grid positions up to 33 decided it’s just a big waste of time and effort? what then? Indy becomes just another race on the circuit.

That said, Kudos to VERSUS for their coverage! and for the kind souls who streamed the broadcast for us poor souls not privy to coverage. That is until the VERSUS peeps sent their watchdogs around the internet to shut down said streams. Hey VERSUS… here’s a suggestion, take it or leave it.

This is your first year doing this. You should WANT as many eyes on what you’re providing. If people care enough to A) watch & B) stream it so others can watch it , LET THEM!! Most of the people watching the stream I was watching yesterday were from Europe or Canada, of which neither market have any other recourse but streams to watch your coverage. If you’re not going to allow us to watch via your own website, then let others do you the favour!

If we can’t see it, we can’t talk about, if we can’t talk about it, then we can’t promote it. Viewers watching and talking about it is FREE PROMOTION for your network. Maybe some of those watching the streams (which are mostly of shitty quality truthfully) are on the fence about ponying up the cash for the extra channel on their provider? Maybe watching will prompt them to ante up for a clear tv stream of their own, or contact their provider and request the channel be added.

Once again, biting the hand that feeds you, not smart.

Anyway, until the stream was shut down, I was thoroughly enjoying the coverage being provided. Great interviews at the track. Great technical features by Jan Beekus as usual. And of course the two part interview with PT.

Take away the over the top production (it looked like a scene from Casablanca, I kept waiting for one of them to light up a smoke) and the rattlesnake soundtrack (really? rattlesnakes?), and that was a pretty awesome interview.

Some people are of the opinion that it perpetuates the continued bitterness over the split. I don’t agree. I think if they don’t talk about it (2002), it’s ignoring the Gorilla in the room. Not to mention there would be no story for this year’s race other than “which former winner in a red driver suit on which over funded super team will drink the milk this year?”

I think Paul himself basically told everyone to “get the fuck over it and move on!”

There were two poignant moments during the segment which made this tough as nails “brassy” Canuckdian tear up a little.

When he said “I just want to finish my career the way I feel I deserve” I felt little catch in my gut. That has always been my point of contention. He’s not looking for a multi-year uber contract. He wants a good, steady ride, with a good, steady team, where he can have one more legit kick at the can while he is still fully capable and willing to leave it all out there on the track.

Then when Arute set up the question: “Winning the Indy 500 would mean…”
and he answered “redemption”

I don’t think it’s necessarily redemption for 2002. I think it’s redemption for the shitty way his career was derailed in 2008.

Anyway… He is one of the fully capable but underfunded one’s who will have to settle for qualifying today and and race his way to the front 2 weeks from now.

oh ya, Pole Day results? Red suit, red suit, red suit, *thinks about it* ha! red suit ironically (not surprising though as they were one of the “big three” in CC) and… red suit.

It continues today. I am working this afternoon, but will be following the “action” via twitter and mobile timing. 0

VERSUS rocks!

OK… so I finally got to actually watch some VERSUS coverage today! (Yay for streamers who shall not be named less they be shut down and I go back to being a miserable cow this afternoon)

I missed the first hour as I was still trying to find any sort of coverage of Lights (which I didn’t, but that’s a rant for later) but hey, an hour is better than nothing!!

Right off the bat I am noticing the great camera work. Seriously. The number of cameras, and the variety of angles (especially the low level ones and in-cars) really give the viewer a sense of speed. More speed than these cars actually possess in person come to think of it. LOL! (no seriously, they tend to look a bit lumbering in person)

Hey! Jack Arute isn’t his usual caramel colour! LOL! Get George Hamilton on the phone stat!!

Sweet camera work, really awesome guys! A++

Apex Brazil commercial nice!

Already the improvement of the broadcast team is 400%. They are actually excited, and therefore drawing me in as a viewer to be excited too!

hehehe did Robby Buhl just say “dang namit” ? BWHAHAHAHA! It just turned into Looney Tunes!

The Firestone Brickyard commercial is great. Nice change of pace and emotion.
I’m loving that every commercial break is sponsor or race driven.

I love that they are matching the car numbers with the car colours in the scroll. (don’t know if they did that on ABC/ESPN) If I had to complain about something… the scroll is too far down on the top of the screen.
(big pet peeve of mine for all series) I don’t tune in to watch the scrolling stats. I tune in to watch the racing.

LMAO at the Downforce commercial with Dario! “they’re magically delicious” OMG! Hilarious!! Can’t wait to see the version with E.J.

Finally someone started listening to the fans about what they want to see in an ad for the series. Such a great mix between showing/glamorizing the on-track action for the Versus ad’s, to showing the personalities of the drivers (a la Nascar) in the Downforce ad’s. More please!! Keep em coming.

Izod commercial with Ryan nice!

See! It’s so nice is that every commercial break isn’t shoving the Princess down our throats! They finally realized that there is a paddock full of marketable drivers at their disposal and that they need to reach out to THEIR fanbase as well as the ignorant masses who swallow up the Danihype.

wow… VERSUS is a real He-Man channel huh? LOL. I feel the need to grunt, spit and adjust my package

*disclaimer so as not to confuse Dean* I do not have a package. I have boobs. Moving on.

I’m so impressed by the entire broadcast team. They all sound intelligent and knowledgeable about racing. AND they are actually paying attention to the action on the track while they are talking and then reacting when something happens. It’s like fricken night and day. I’m giddy like a school girl right now!!

Well, that was certainly a better ending to my day. I think I have sorted my viewing issues out for tomorrow too. yay!!

I won’t even bother trying to watch the Lights race. It’ll just piss me off.

Ok… gonna walk around for a bit. Been at this computer for waaaaaaay too long today.

It’s race weekend kids!!

Yes, I’m over playing the excitement a little as it has been sadly deflated by a gong show of technical difficulties I’ve experienced trying to follow along.

The new video player that IndyCar is using on the site to stream the sessions is apparently not compatible with my computer. So I get a stream that lasts, oh… about 4 seconds at a time if I’m lucky. God forbid a car actually appears on screen either, as that causes it to freeze up permanently, forcing me to refresh. Oh and the sound? ya when it does eventually appear, it sounds like the guys are gargling, then it shuts down again.

So, after updating everything. Shutting out of every other program on my computer (which is rather inconvenient) and refreshing about 70 times, I finally gave up. God only knows what happened during Indy Lights qualies this morning.

I eventually found a radio stream. Of course it didn’t work directly from the site either, but at least I was able to find the url source and paste it into one of my own players. 🙄

so yay! I got to “listen” to qualies!

Can I just tell you? not so much fun. You are relying on someone else being your eyes, and if the booth is distracted in anyway or go off on a tangent about something, much of the details are lost.

While I’m bitching, cause hey why stop now, wtf is with them combining the times on the t&s for the first sessions? It’s so fucking confusing trying to figure out who is actually in the session & who is done. (and no, you can’t go by who is in the pits, because even the current session guys are shown pitting) Anyway… colour code them or something!

So, qualies are over (look for the recap on OOW.net) and Graham Rahal is in the catbird seat! Yay! Not surprised that N/H/L are figuring it out at all. Soon it will be the big “4” not the big “3” I’m sure.

What is surprising though is Justin Wilson and Dale Coyne Racing!!! P fricken 2!! (woulda been P1 had he not gotten jacked in traffic twice)
I can see him getting around Graham easily and not looking back.
Holy CRAP what a thing of beauty it would be to start the 2009 season off with Coyne getting his first victory. Tears would be flowing worldwide. (start filling the sandbags for the flooding)

Another big surprise, Dixon running out of talent in session 2! What?! Maybe he needs to begin sporting a Frollet like his teammate. Losen up a little. Of course his car was plenty loose today. Apparently. From what I HEAR.

I will attempt to watch/listen to the Lights race later. And hopefully some kind soul will be streaming the VERSUS highlight show somewhere.

No idea what I’m going to do about the race tomorrow now that watching on my computer is no longer an option thanks to the jacked up new format. (it wasn’t broke!! why fuck with it!?)

Not many sports bars around that will be open at 4am to watch it on TSN. (yes, that’s right, 4A.M)

I’m going to take a walk this afternoon to the bar down the street here to see if they get TSN2 (the alternate pay channel) which is going to air it live. Oh and then try to convince them to air it over whatever other sporting event is on in that timeslot. Otherwise again I will be relying on the kindness of strangers to stream it online somewhere.

I shouldn’t have to work this hard to watch the races.

F1 – Brazilian Grand Prix – Qualifying – *live*

So here it is, the season finale weekend. All the pettiness, and name calling, and controversy, and embarrassment comes to rest on Sunday afternoon in Brazil. (for a couple of weeks anyway)

Massa says he won’t drive dirty. (ya right) Alonso is still crying into his sangria about last year and being very vocal about his wishes that McLaren and Hamilton don’t do well this weekend. (ever hear of karma dude??)

David Coulthard is making his final career run this weekend.

Unofficially we could be seeing the final runs of several other drivers (Barrichello, Button, Bourdais…) (apparently anyone whose last name begins with a b.. LOL)

Interesting that Hamilton is on race two with this engine and race three with the gearbox. Lots of talk from the booth about him not wanting to push either too hard unless he has to. I guess the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” attitude is in play there.

Qualifying 1 (knocked out)
Nakajima, Button, Rosberg (?!), Fisichella, Sutil.

Rosberg said he knew the car wasn’t where it was supposed to be, but he didn’t expect to run that bad.

It’s a battle between McLaren and Ferrari at the top. Lots of talk of Kimi playing “good teammate” tomorrow. Hopefully he’ll be a little more subtle this time.

Coulthard is running with a special livery this weekend, which if I heard the commentator correctly he had to get permission from the other drivers to do so? (I’ll have to research that a little more)

Woah! Vettel bangs off a time good enough for second! Zoinks! that’ll bunch up a few panties in the paddock.

Kubica is really struggling. What an odd year for him. The senior Red Bull team once again gets shown up by the junior team who both made it to the final session.

Qualifying 2 (knocked out)
Piquet, Webber, Kubica (?!) Coulthard, Barrichello

OK… final session clock is running. Once again Glock takes to the track first. I’ve been really impressed with Timo this year.

Grip is the issue for Kubica apparently (who will start 13th)

The cars are carrying heavier fuel loads now, so the times will drop slightly. Massa and Hamilton are on track now. Massa jumps to the top, much to the enjoyment of the huge crowd amassed.

Both McLaren drivers have made mistakes and are way off pace. Woah! Trulli to second.

The crowd shows their lack of class booing Hamilton’s father when his picture came on the screen.

So the front of the grid following session 3:

Row 1: Massa / Trulli (?!)
Row 2: Raikkonen / Hamilton
Row 3: Kovalainen / Alonso
Row 4: Vettel / Heidfeld
Row 5: Bourdais / Glock

boy howdy, that first lap is gonna be exciting kids! Oh Ya! they are predicting a chance of rain too!

I will be live blogging, but not live, if that makes any sense. I’ll be with a bunch of friends watching, and will have my lap top, but there is no wifi signal where we will be apparently, so I will have to upload the actual blog post race. If something truly spectacular happens, I will blackberry something in the interim.

see ya’ll tomorrow…

Surfer’s Paradise – Qualifying *live*

Well, we are moments away from Qualifying and the feed has been switched from the highly entertaining and informative Aussie coverage to the dulcet tones of Scott Goodsnooze and Bob Jenkins. Immediately I want to put my head on my desk and sleep. UGH… NOOOOOOO! Go back to the Aussies!!!

Instead of laughter and facts we are getting sniffling and throat clearing. Kill me now.

OK… we’re live. ESPN coverage. Blech.

Well Session 1 – Group 1 is on track. And there is rain. Apparently they are going through with qualies. This should get interesting kids.

… and Danica runs out of talent barely one lap in. (not that she had much to begin with…)

Apparently tire choice is at the discretion of the teams. It’s lightly raining. (nothing like the deluge from earlier)

And now we have the “recap of shame”…

Ok… track is green. Timing has begun. According to Will the focus will be put up a decent time, keep it off the wall, and get in the top six.

ugh… this could be really ugly. (how many spares did the teams bring?)

Sunny on some parts of the track and pissing down with rain on others.. Yikes. Serious pooling of water in some sections.

look at the times! LOL! yuck. Won’t be breaking any track records today.

Jon Beekus! (*fingers crossed for his participation for the full season next year)
Dixon says they are going to stick to their dry set up. (although I would guess on wet tires)

Ed Carpenter has run out of talent in turn 8. He’ll get turned around and push started. No FCY.

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Graham goes for a spin. Keeps it off the wall.
(good job)
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee RHR goes for a spin. Keeps it off the wall.
(good job)
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Danican’t goes for a spin, slams the wall and stalls it.

Rain is stopping (according to Jan) and the track will start to dry.

Track is green again. 2.5mins to go. Cars peel away.
Looks like Danican’t will start DFL tomorrow.

Checkers have waved, final laps last chance.

woah! Moraes the human chicane! Tags must be squealing like a little girl!

Session 1 moving on:
1. Ryan Hunter-Reay
2. Alex Tagliani
3. Vitor Meira
4. E.J Viso
5. Mario Moraes
6. Ryan Briscoe

Disaster for Servia, Junqueira & Rahal

And Session 1 – Group 2 is on track.

Conditions are a bit better. Oops… spoke too soon. Wheldon and Power get into a bit of a scrum and take to the run off. Apparently ESPN hasn’t updated their graphics either as Wheldon is being shown as Meira.

Helio has found some speed. He’s bumped up just behind RHR. Woah! Dixon is just hanging it out there.

AJ Foyt IV is off, Helio is off, Wilson is off… zoinks! All are going again. hmm… maybe not as there is a FCY.

Wow! The least has figured something out, he’s up to 3rd.
Hey Tag!!! LOL… he’s so funny.

AJ is a sitting duck in the middle of the track. FCY while they get him out of the way.

Kannan, Franchitti, Andretti , Dixon, Castroneves & Wilson (Power is 7th)

Track is green again… off they go. LOL… apparently the Ganassi boys took issue with something as they all turned and pointed.

Rahal… disappointed but gracious. (damn, he’s been working out or something… look at his neck!)

is it just me, or does everyone else just tune out Goodyear when he speaks? :wall:

6 mins to go and we’re FCY again apparently.

and Power finally gets some speed.

Good lord… Foyt is the Figge of IndyCar.

Back to green, just under 3 mins to go. Dixon and others on slicks. Power still on wets.
Dixon is a wildman! Taking a gamble as he is in 9th currently.

Checkers are out, final laps in progress. Top spot changes hands several times, but in the end it’s Power at the top!

and moving on to the second session are:
1. Power
2. Kanaan
3. Wilson
4. Dixon
5. Franchitti
6. Castroneves

no surprises there. Glad Kanaan finally showed some speed.

Preparation begins for Session 2 – 15mins, 12 drivers, top 6 movee on to the shoot out.
1 minute to the green.

Cars firing up! This is probably going to be the toughest shoot out this season.
Track is green, green, green!

again, some are on wets, some are on slicks.
wow. the sawing action of the arms is crazy out there this weekend. Briscoe kisses the wall, comes back to the pits for a looksie.

Have to agree with Snotty that Dario has been impressive this weekend. Seems it’s just like riding a bike.

Onboard with Helio now.

Times are dropping nicely. Track must be improving. Everyone is either on or going on slicks.

*whew* hold it together there Will!

Half way point in the session: Power, Franchitti, Meira (?!), Wilson, Tagliani, Kanaan.

oops… Moraes runs out of talent in an awkward place coming to a stop and bringing out the FCY with 5mins to go.

Green Green Green with 3mins to go. Everyone hits the track! (except for RHR)
Come on Briscoe! Don’t spoil your Firestone Six record!!

RHR gets fired and heads out.

Holy traffic batman!

Checkers are out, final laps in progress… Holy shoot out batman! Power and RHR could to nothing but watch as they got bumped by the top four getting an extra lap at the line.

Firestone Fast 6 are:
1. Dixon
2. Castroneves
3. Franchitti
4. Briscoe *woohoo! record in tact*
5. Power
6. Hunter-Reay

Wow… all three local boys are in the fast six. Nice for the fans for sure.

10 mins, new tires, 6 drivers, fastest gets the glory and the big check!

1 min to go…

Cars fired, Green green green!

Blah, blah, blah… John Andretti in Italy… WHO CARES! Gimme my Aussie broadcast team back damnit!

Wait… I just noticed something… there is no on-board camera on Power’s car. Are you fucking kidding me? Both Ganasty cars, Both Penske cars and Fucking Danican’t, but the local favorite doesn’t have a camera??? Ridiculous. I’m beginning to think maybe Gore has a point…

LOL @ Jenkins… “Firestone Fast 5!” um… it’s 6 Bob….

Just over 3 mins to go… Maybe if Will doesn’t get the pole, he’ll actually finish (maybe win) the race.

Woah! RHR gets some serious air! (literally!) Corner worker plays dodge the cars to return the tires to their position.

1 min to go… checkers wave. Franchitti is done. Power jumps to P1 but Dixon is still on a tear. Briscoe is also still on track.

Woah! Dixon couldn’t do it!

POWER ON POLE!! Good on ya mate!!
Will 3rd time be the charm??

Aww… nice big smile from Jeemy. Gore and Kalkhoven are happy campers too.

On “planet power” … hehe…

an Aussie and a Kiwi on the front row.

LOL @ Dixon. “I Hit the wall a few times” Nice of him to give Will his props.

I wonder if they will go back to the Aussie feed now… I want to hear their reaction!!

*waits patiently*
Great back to the boring guys off air with their mics keyed…

Well, looks like we’re not going to get the feed back… so I guess I’ll go write up my session report and head to bed!

See ya’ll for warm up!