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too fun not to share…

No, not racing gossip (although I have a little of that in my bag of tricks that can’t quite be shared yet)

A little video humour for your Tuesday evening.

The funniest part is the reactions of the presenters! hehehe!

I know what I’m doing Thursday…

In Person: Jackie Stewart
Indigo Bay & Bloor, Toronto, Ontario
Thursday, January 10th at 7:00 pm

Join us as Heather Reisman, CEO of Indigo Books & Music, interviews Sir Jackie Stewart, winner of three F1 World Championships and 27 Grand Prix races, as they discuss his autobiography, Winning is Not Enough.
Book signing to follow. No memorabilia.

yay for race friends…

Last month I shared racing conversation and beer with my pal, the controversial Nick (and of course my girls!) and tonight a longer conversation and beer moment with my good friend, the infamous Russell Jaslow! (lol… do you feel special?)

In both instances I was compelled, upon arriving home, to pack up my bag for the track and go thru my race weekend routine of laying out my clothes for the morning and plugging in all my gear before bed…

Alas… there will be no rushing to the track tomorrow morning, but rather rushing to catch the subway to work.Β  *sigh*

Maybe next month another gathering of racing friends to say good fucking riddance to the 2007 CC season and toast to the 2008 “nowhere to go but up” season.

For now though… sleep calls to me.