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Silly season kicks into gear…

After a deafeningly silent winter break, the rumors, and now announcements are beginning to trickle in. It’s about bloody time!!

This morning KV Technology announced Mario Moraes. This barely had time to become a rumor, leaked by everyone’s favorite curmudgeon Robin Miller on Speed last night, and confirmed within 24hrs.

Sidenote: Why is it that when Dale Coyne drivers land/find/win/secure/whatever, sponsorship, they take the cheque and go to another team? Fuck, that pisses me off. “Uncle Dale” either gives them their first shot, or saves them from obscurity by rescuing them when they are tossed aside by everyone else, and yet never reaps the “pay it forward” or payback in return. If just one of them stayed with a big chunk of sponsorship, can you imagine the improvements that could be made to that team?? Look at how much they accomplish with what little resources they have!! Sad and frustrating.

Moving on…
Several sources are also confirming with 99% assurance that Robert Doornbos will be announced this week at N/H/L. Sticking a fork in J-Wil’s chances. Also big on the rumour mill, further whispers of N/H/L trying to secure funds to run their former 4-time champ Sebastien Bourdais, should the whinging Frenchman find himself rideless in the F1 paddock soon.

A couple of things come to mind in that scenario. 1) Does this mean N/H/L would run three cars or would Rahal find himself sidelined. 2) if Rahal is sidelined, does daddy pick him up and run him at RLR? 3) Why are they putting so much effort into securing funds for Seabass, but cut J-Wil loose with a “here’s your hat, don’t let the door smack you in the ass on the way out!” 4) Doornbos & Seabass as teammates??? BWAHAHAHAHA!

Rumours are also swirling that Penske has decided to cut bait and that a driver replacement will be announced this week. Top contenders for that ride Wilson & Hunter-Reay. Temperament & winning potential puts my money on Wilson.

I expect now that one driver has been shuffled and set, that the flood gates will open and the announcements and remaining driver shuffling will be fast and furious in the next 2 weeks.

So, where are we at: (confirmed, probable/possible, longshot)

A.J Foyt Racing: Meira
AGR: Kanaan, Andretti, Patrick, Mutoh
Conquest: Tagliani, Camara
Dale Coyne: Junquera, ?
Dryer & Reinbold: Rice, Duno, Bell
Ganassi: Dixon, Franchitti
HVM: Viso, Clarke, Doornbos, ?
KV: Moraes, Servia, Tracy?? (according to Vasser it’s a possibility!)
Luczo Dragon: Matos
N/H/L: Rahal, Wilson, Doornbos, Bourdais
PCM (Rubicon racing?): Dominguez, Papis
Panther: Wheldon
Penske: Briscoe, Castroneves, Power Wilson, HunterReay, ????
RLR: Hunter-Reay (hell the whole team is a longshot at this point)
Roth: Nelson & Richard Phillipe
Sarah Fisher Racing: Fisher
Vision: Carpenter, Foyt IV
3G: Barrett
Walker: Tracy (again, the team is a longshot sadly)

Hang on to your hats kids! It’s about to get bumpy…

It’s Miller time…

Felt the need to share a little RM love just cuz…

One of the reasons I love the guy, is answers like this:

Q: I’m a relatively new fan to the sport, but I hear a lot of people complain about the ugly cars and horrible sound of a non-turbo engine. What is it that makes people think the cars are so ugly? Also, if a Honda F1 car is also normally aspirated, why does it sound so much better than the current Indy engine?

Jim S., Dallas

RM: The Dallara is ugly compared to the CART cars of the 1990s and even the 2007 Panoz. It looks like a boat with its nose plowing throw the wake and that’s not how an Indy car should look. Thirty three of them on the same track in May is grotesque. The engine hurts most people’s ears and that’s not good for the spectators. It doesn’t have to sound like that. F1 engines sound like race engines, not stock car engines on five cylinders.

LOL! Good answer man! Good answer!  For the rest of Robin’s mail bag this week, click here

Oh, and if you haven’t already done so, head over to Ridebuyer and read his two part interview with the man, the myth, the legend! Part One & Part Two

Great stuff.

with a heavy heart…

Whispers started to trickle into my inbox late last night that we had lost our beloved Paul Newman.

“No no no!” I said under my breath, then thought at least he and his family aren’t suffering anymore. Having gone through that particular battle with my mom and my grandfather, I don’t wish it on anyone.

I wrote the story Paul Newman: 1925 – 2008 for OWW.net and then waited.
(I wasn’t about to go live with an unsubstantiated rumour)

I sent out a few emails for confirmation, set up some google alerts and got up every couple of hours to check.

About a half hour ago it finally started to hit the newswires and CNN just broke into their programming to announce it. It’s official. He is gone.

and now the tears fall…

I don’t pretend to have known him personally, able to count the number of conversations I had with the man over the years on one hand, but knew of him. I knew the thrill for fans of seeing him at the track. I knew the joy of watching him laugh and celebrate with his crew. I knew what it meant to the many drivers who spent time with the legend.

He was a private, passionate man, who through his actions set the bar high and set an example for us all.

He will be missed by so many, but his legacy will live on.

Here are a couple of my own personal shots. Not the best quality, but it’s the memories of the moment that count.

I had been documenting Tonis Kasemets’ return to open wheel that weekend (RA) He was driving for Newman/Wachs and Mr. Newman was one of his long time heroes. It seemed the admiration was mutual. This was Newman chatting with Tonis and his wife.

A little bit later, the monitor in his own pit box failed, so he headed down to one with a working monitor, Tonis in tow, and joined Justin Wilson to watch the session. (this was just as the rumors of Justin being top of the list for the NH seat began to surface)

Probably my favorite picture. He was usually very stoic and out of the public eye at the track. This day, in Toronto, he caught up with Miller on pitlane. Whatever Miller said to him cracked him up! They stood and chatted and a gaffawed for about 10mins. I felt guilty snapping a pic, but it was just so endearing.

and as if on cue, mirroring the sadness felt around the world, it has started to rain outside my window…

Thank you Mr. Newman for all that you’ve done and all that you were.

Windtunnel: “Back to School” edition…

It’s Miller time!!! “they’re nuts cuz racin’s full of hate, just like me”

Oh Robin… we all know you’re just a big cuddly tough talking teddy bear

On the Favorite racing moment of 2008!:
It’s the same as mine! PT’s return at Edmonton.
See… that’s why I love ya big guy!
(admittedly I’m floored that he chose that over The Princess “winning”)(*)

On the TV deal: makes a great point about lack of exposure for the series without The Speed Report and Windbag. Thinks that while the intentions are good (more shows, coverage, etc…) it’s a bad trade off to lose the viewership and that they need to be really vigilant in making sure that they are promoted on other channels so they don’t drop out of site like CC did.

On Ganassi: Wheldon not out of a ride… yet…

“trucks are for towing racecars…” LOL… classic.

On hall of fame choice: The Lesser. I love that he qualifies it, on DePAIN’s urging, that his vote is based on his actions as a driver on track. Not as a person out of the car, in which case he wouldn’t give him the vote. (a tend to agree)

oooh… a little AGR gossip… trying to buy out Kim Green (interesting), dumping the ALMS program (car would go to DeFerran) (interestinger!) and they would take over the A1GP program for the US, thus giving the brats a place to learn how to drive over the winter! LOL!

I’m thinking AGR promotions is looking to host the first N.American A1GP race. I’m also wondering if they are aware of the financial clusterfuck state that A1GP is in currently.

Ok… Miller is on break, they’re talking about Trucks… Zzzzzzzzzzz. (although I guess I should pay attention to what’s being said as Paul will be racing the last weekend in September in Vegas…)

Enough of that! Back from commercial with Miller!

Gives a little shout out to his bud Steve Shunk. (oh the fun and controversial games that friendship lead to last year…) More Napcar talk… blah blah… come on Dave! you’re wasting our time and Robin’s! Enough about the bumper cars, lets talk open wheel! ugh.. commercial.

On the Open Wheel ladder system: Can’t disagree with him on the state of the ladder system. Although he didn’t really offer up any insight or remedy. Did make an off hand remark about Atlantic’s going away though…

Having spoken to a few on the inside, the signals are mixed about that. I think there is a lot of wishful thinking, hoping it will survive somehow, but again to what end? it is a ladder to no where right now. It’s nice to think that now that it’s under IMSA that it will feed their top tier, but there aren’t a lot of open or rotating seats there. Unlike Open Wheel, where the seats get vacated due to age or seeking greener pastures, ALMS is the greener pasture/retirement home…

Ok… well… guess that’s it. Not the most scintillating Miller moment on Windbag… a few soundbytes, but that’s about it. Just goes to show you how fucking boring the state of open wheel is right now. Even Miller has nothing to lampoon.

Ok… guess I’ll see what’s going on in China…

Kudos to Kanaan…

for putting his hand out to help Miller up from under the bus where he threw him earlier this week…

Translation: Kanaan just admitted on Windbag that he “may” have feed Miller some information on the negotiations… They also ran a clip of the Ganassi quote. (again it was on tape (visual) not a “made up quote” that people like to accuse Robin of making up)

Kanaan was very diplomatic. (towards the brats) His explanation of why he chose to stay totally makes sense though when you hear it from him as well. (watch the repeat)
I like Tony. I wish him much success. I also wish him a better teammate…

Completely unrelated… I love how all of a sudden they are running the Marcus Ambrose/Little Debbie commercials now. Two different ones, on heavy rotation. Good for him!

Edit: LOLOL! God I love Miller! As I said to him in Edmonton, we will agree to disagree on Shamica, but I will always have his back otherwise. Fuck he’s funny. If you didn’t tune into Windbag, watch the repeat just for his “last call” segment. hehehe! Next week he’s co-hosting. *dvr set*