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Shakes dust off the keyboard…

Well helloooooooo out there. How’s everybody doing?
My media credential for CIAS arrived last week.
It was like being handed the relay torch for the new season of auto racing before us. I had been feeling rather blasé about racing over the winter to be honest, but once I opened that package, BAM! I was in race mode overdrive.

And now you’re all scratching your head saying “what the fuck is she talking about? she’s been silent for weeks!”

Well, yes, that’s because it’s mostly all been behind the scenes. Lot’s of “i” dotting and “t” crossing, and planning, and making lists, and sorting through files and folders and drawers and stuff. Lots of “stuff”. (with lot’s of stuff still to do!)

But after a truly dreadful off season, I can now say without a doubt that I am actually very excited for 2013 and the upcoming racing season.

By the end of this weekend the first major race of the season will have concluded. The Rolex 24, a mega event whose participants are some of the top names from all levels and genres of the North American racing community. A chance for the drivers to kick the rust off so to speak, while their people network and schmooze and leak rumours of sponsor signings and secured seats in their respective series.
Every year I plan to get down there, and every year that plan is massively derailed by some unexpected road bump. This year was no different in that regard. Dammit.

As it stands I won’t be able to catch any of it until Sunday due to a variety of other commitments, but really, come on… the first 23 hours don’t mean diddly-squat other than culling the herd down for the final shootout. It’s all about that last hour. I will be around for that. And maybe some drunk tweets in the wee hours with the punchy folks doing the marathon viewing.

Speaking of which I did a quick write up over at OWW for Daytona
Zach (otherwise known as IndyCarAdvocate) did a great little IndyCar Guide to Rolex 24 on his blog
And it wouldn’t be the 24hrs of Daytona without the Annual Blogathon over at Grabbagsports! There are a couple of great previews up already. oh and Click here for the schedule of the weekend’s events

Let me know if I’ve missed anything noteworthy in the comments 😉

2013 kickoff

Two weeks from now the CME (Canadian Motorsports Expo)(see banner in sidebar) opens its doors to thousands of pasty white Canadian race fans who will groggily come out of hibernation to catch up with friends and colleagues, and check out the latest offerings from local vendors and venues. More on that later this weekend.

The following week, CIAS (Canadian International Auto Show) rolls into town. A convention centre full of shiny new cars! Yum! And a day of catching up on all the latest gossip with my fellow auto writers.

Then, before you know it, 5 weeks later, I’ll be boarding a plane for St. Petes for the first race of the season. (yes, that’s my plane ticket in the photo above) (yes, my suitcase already has some stuff pre-packed) (yes, I’m a Virgo)

It’s gonna be an interesting year. I just feel it my bones.
What about you guys? You still lurking in the shadows ready for another year of bitching and bellyaching and all the beautiful moments in between?