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Let the 2013 scheduling begin…

I just got finished registering for the 2013 Canadian International Auto Show, which takes place next February.

It went something like this. (totally paraphrased by moi)

Dear Person we value!
Since you attended our event last year, and we value your presence and coverage, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to attend our event again this year. Yes, it’s over 2 months away, but we want get the pre-registration of our valued regulars completed before moving on to new attendees, so WE are reaching out to YOU to make you feel special and entice you to attend again.

So here is an invite with a link to your profile with all that info you filled out previously, which we saved in a handy database. Please verify that your info is still correct and then click to answer these four easy questions so we can assure you have everything you need when you get here.

Why yes, you can do it right on your cell phone.

Oh, you’re done! Great! now we’re going to send you a confirmation immediately and then mail you your credential so you’re good to hit the ground running on media day.

There you go. One event locked and loaded. Confirmed. In the calendar, no questions marks, no “tentative pending approval”.

This got me thinking, as I have been spending the morning mapping out my 2013 season schedule. There are two events that do this “pre-approval” every year, without fail. The Autoshow and the Indy 500. I love how easy it is, and I love how it takes all of the guess work out of my schedule and my planning.

This would be such a GREAT and SIMPLE thing for all of the races on the circuit to do, especially for those of us that cover the entire season every year.

Here’s how easy: Continue reading

IndyCar steps up re: Social Media Plan

Happy Monday my fellow Racing Rebels. (I can only assume that all of you that venture into my nasty little neighbourhood are also the ruffians of the playground 😉 but I digress…)

So, of the four five blogs that called IndyCar to the mat last week regarding the social media strategy or apparent lack thereof,  three of them were contacted personally by IndyCar with all the details on what’s on tap for 2012. Since I wasn’t, have never been, and apparently never will be a “chosen” one, I’ll just link you to the information they were all provided so y’all know what’s going on this year.
(on the brightside, I guess it saved me a lot of typing :-P)

More Front Wing’s take here: http://morefrontwing.com/2012/03/05/indycar-responds-to-social-media-criticism/
Pressdog’s Take here: http://pressdog.typepad.com/dogblog/2012/03/indycar-sees-more-twitter-integration-hashtags-driver-engagement-in-2012.html
IndyCar Minnesota’s Take here: http://www.indycarmn.blogspot.com/2012/03/indycar-hashtags-sm-ftw.html
(and so I don’t get bombarded with give credit comments/tweets, this blog was via a guest post from Angie King who I’m assuming doesn’t have a blog of her own)

Here’s an idea from me: (I just did this)(oh and feel free to steal) Put the hashtags in your calendars along with the race name/date so you’ll have them handy on race weekend.
(I also added them to the schedule in my sidebar, look over there)

Oh, and speaking of stepping up, and brilliant ideas… As you may have surmised via previous rants/tweets, one of my biggest pet peeves is PR or significant others taking over a drivers twitter account and tweeting on their behalf, without acknowledgment. It leads to me wondering if said driver ever actually tweets for themselves. I don't like to be mislead. I also find it laughable when a tweet comes from a driver mid-race or in the form of a  third person comment.

So… with all of that in mind, the team behind Katherine Legge's Social media efforts this year announced this morning that they created "@katontrack” for her pr team to tweet on her behalf during live track sessions. BRILLIANT! No second guessing. No confusion. Love when people think outside the box!

And with that… my coffee break is over… enjoy day one of Spring Training kids

Bright light city gonna set my soul…

gonna set my soul on fire… Apparently not anymore though.

At least I was there to see it in all it’s glory, with all it’s potential. What a fucking awesome track. Seriously. Fault the race for other things surely, but that track was world class. Kudos again to Chris Kniefel for his design and execution.

Blow all the pretty pink smoke up my ass you see fit, but this sucks.

It sucks that two races that steadily improved both on track and in popularity got axed (Denver/San Jose) and now another one with huge potential falls away. (that would be 3 North American races, in major markets, with easy access gone btw)

a race in Spain huh?

Gee ya think Oriol will get signed on for the whole season this time or will he be the “token Spaniard” who gets tagged in two races prior, replacing some poor ride buyer or long time friend who’s value is only measured on paper rather than on track. Or maybe he’ll get the Jan Heylen treatment, brought in mid-season dangled like a carrot and pimped out for his home race, then dumped when no longer useful. Wonder if the Belgium race was off the schedule before or after Jan got kicked to the curb… hmmmm

Anyway… here is the speculated 2008 schedule that arrived in my inbox earlier:

(I was gonna sit on this, but it appears to be leaking around the internet faster than water through a colander, so fuck it. Let’s talk about it)

Long Beach, CA………………..April 18-20, 2008
Houston, TX…………………..April 25-27, 2008
Laguna Seca, CA ………………May 18-20, 2008
Nurburgring, Germany…………..June, 2008
Spain………………………..June, 2008
Cleveland, Ohio……………….June 20-22, 2008
Mt. Tremblant, Canada………….June 29-July 1, 2008
Toronto, Canada……………….July 4-6, 2008
Edmonton, Canada………………July 18-20, 2008
Elkhart Lake, WI………………August 8-10, 2008
Assen, Holland………………..September 12-14, 2008
Dubai, UAE……………………October, 2008
Surfers Paradise, Australia.. ….October 24-26, 2008
Mexico City, Mexico……………November 7-9, 2008

I have also heard that Portland is still a possibility. (I guess somebody finally wised up and discovered it’s better to announce the addition of a race to the schedule rather than announce the cancellation (or rather just stay silent until the date actually passes and the race doesn’t happen *cough* China *cough*)

EDIT: Now it appears that Germany & Dubai are gone, but Portland and Zolder are back according to Oreo on ESPIN: http://sports.espn.go.com/rpm/news/story?seriesId=5&id=3094932

The more things change, the more they stay the same.