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Ode to a Car…

I’ve always been a Honda girl. I owned a Honda Accord 2-door hatchback for most of my 20’s/30’s, which I drove until it just wouldn’t drive anymore.
I loved that car.
I practically lived in that car.
At one point my father looked at the odometer and asked “do you ever turn the &$^%ing thing off??”
(yes, I get a large part of my brassiness from my paternal genes)

It drove me to my first job, my first real vacation, my wedding, and to the airport numerous times to drop off and pick up myself and my friends from our various adventures.

It moved me to my first apartment, my marital home, and then back to my father’s house with all of my belongings after my divorce.

It took my friends and I to parties, and hospitals, and sporting events and everything else in between. Continue reading