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What did you do this weekend…?

I hung out with Jacques Villeneuve & Ron Fellows…

Ok… so “hung out” is a bit of a stretch, but I did spend two days working and schmoozing at the CDN Motorsports Expo.

Think of it as a teeeeeny tiiiiny PRI show or like the exhibit hall that’s part of a race weekend. (which is perhaps when and where it should take place… but I’ll get to that later)

It was a mish mash of a little bit of everything. Some cars (most disciplines), some swag, some equipment, some “completely unrelated to racing but their presence helps pay the bills” booths, some main stage talks, some side room seminars, & some famous faces & names. A little bit of everything for race enthusiasts young and old.

Having not been to the show the previous two years I have no gauge as to how successful or unsuccessful it was comparatively. I heard that there were more people (specifically on Saturday) (thanks Jacques!) but I also heard that it was smaller. Regardless, I thought it was a lovely way to spend the day on a blustery, cold January weekend.

Now… my thoughts upon reflection…
(and this is not in anyway a slam against the organizers who put this together! )

I personally think it would be better served closer to the city (specifically downtown) That trek out to the international centre is a pain in the ass. One of the smaller venues at Exhibition Place for example would be a great locale as it is easily accessible by ttc & GO, could be tied in with a promotion for the Toronto Race. (ya, AGR/Honda Indy Toronto might want to rethink their lack of participation in these events…) (listen to the Media Forum audio for their explanation…)

I also think it should be reduced to 2-days. Saturday was the meat and potatoes of this weekend (All of the appearances and heavy hitting panel discussions took place on Saturday with Fri & Sun just sort of empty bookends.)

Spread it out over the two days instead of three, holding autograph sessions and Q & A’s with top ranking drivers/teams for each racing discipline (karts, open wheel, stock car, etc..) throughout the day over the course of the weekend, rather than on just the one day. And offer a “weekend pass” to encourage folks to be there for both days. (making a weekend out of it) Do tie-in’s with food and beverage vendors leading up to the show, and make sure those vendors have a presence there. (perhaps, again, vendors that have involvement in the Toronto race, and or other local raceways)

Have the “smaller” seminars out where people can see them/hear them, not tucked in a side room. Out of sight, out of mind. People are by nature hunters/gathers. They hunt around for something that looks interesting and gather where they see others starting to gather. (other trade shows set up several little “stages” in all of the corners, out where everyone can see) Then, group the seminars together by genre or discipline, so people can schedule their time wisely and not miss out on valuable information.

I would like to have seen more of a presence by the CDN teams, tracks, schools, etc… I don’t want to see Andrew Rangers driver’s suit hanging randomly at the end of an aisle. I want to see his suit, his car, some of the members of his crew, and perhaps Andrew himself! Maybe have a replica race weekend paddock set up.

Maybe I’m a crew member on a feeder series team and want to talk to the chief mechanic about what the season was like from a technical standpoint. Perhaps I’m a young driver who wants to talk to the team owner about what he’s looking for in a driver, or a young girl who is considering a career in racing, and wishes to talk to the female crew members (of which there were a few on Andrew’s team this year) about what kind of education I should seek and what it’s like for a girl in a male dominated sport. Bring the feeling of a race weekend to the people in January and they will be chomping at the bit to come to you in June!

If it’s held in January again, then I want to see a booth for the Honda Indy, Mosport, Cayuga, etc… and presence from IndyCar, Canadian Tire Nascar Series, etc… with information on the upcoming season, the schedule, perhaps the opportunity to purchase or win tickets or a season pass! (can you imagine!?)
How about a CDN travel agency (hello Flight Centre?!) willing to arrange discounts on travel and accommodations for race fans both for local races and cross border events.

The potential is definitely there and the possibilities endless. Don’t get me wrong, the show was fine, and interesting , but like anything, there is always room for improvement.

That said, Big kudos and a pat on the back to Glenn Butt for his tireless efforts to make this happen each year! Additional kudos go out to our amazing CDN motorsports reporters. The cream of the crop, on a national level, were there for most of the day on Saturday, not only for their session, but just hanging out chatting with whomever was around. (even I had the privilege of some major one on one chit chat with “the boys”, which is always a special treat, especially in the middle of winter)
Some perspective…
Just imagine a little local show in Indianapolis in January with a panel of Miller, Oreo, Kirby, Phillips, Harris and Malsher, answering questions for an hour then standing around for a few more having individual conversations…
Ya, exactly. )

Alright. That’s my 24cents. (I also over tip 😉 )

Below you will find a photo gallery, and two audio clips (disguised as videos as that was the only way to get them uploaded) (no, really, I did some serious hoop jumping to get these on here) First audio is of the press conference with Jacques Villeneuve & the second audio is of the media forum/Q&A. (basically, I’m too damn lazy to transcribe… and figured you’d enjoy hearing the actual events)

Throughout both you will hear me gaffawing (apologies) and I even stutter my way through a question to the media panel. (hint: I’m the one who starts my question with “hello boys” hehe… ) I lost my train of thought at one point, but eventually recovered… LOL.

oh yeah, and I was captured in action snapping pics sporting my signature braids and PT Monster cap (LOL!) by fellow media type Bill Mehlenbacher (http://www.nxphoto.com)

Alright… enjoy the pics and interviews!

img_84871Click here for gallery!

Jacques Villeneuve press conference: (audio only)

*direct link if player doesn’t work*

Media Forum/Q&A: (audio only)

*direct link if player doesn’t work*


So… here’s what I’m thinking…

I’m thinking I should have posted something between June 24th and now, but somehow, for some reason, didn’t. Partially because some of what I’ve been discussing offline is “off the record” and “between you and I” (which is super secret off the record) and therefore not blog worthy. Well, I mean it’s worthy…. but not blog approved shall we say.

Mostly though it’s because there is just something… missing.

I’m feeling very disconnected from this sport that I love. Like the step-child, forced into a new family, who just doesn’t quite fit in. I spent so many months trying to convince everyone else to give this thing a shot, but as my spirit begins to fade, no one has taken on that role for me. So here I sit, mid season, disillusioned, disappointed, disapproving and slightly disheveled. ( that last one’s the new job taking it’s toll on me)

It’s the Thursday of race week. My race week. The week I lose sleep over every year. The week my non-gearhead friends know not to expect a return phone call. I should be beside myself, giddy with anticipation of friends and coworkers descending upon my fair city for a week of auto racing splendor. I should be grinning like a cheshire cat each time I see a commercial or hear a newscastor mention the Grand Prix of Toronto. I should be sitting at a downtown bar having a heated discussion with my racing buddies about the in’s and out’s of the series and teams and drivers.

Only my racing buddies aren’t here. The bars are ghost towns. There is nary a checkered banner or poster of a race car anywhere. The start/finish line is faded and scuffed, yet still there, taunting… a painful reminder of all that we’ve lost. Oh sure, there will be a race here next year… but it will never be same.

I’m sangry. I’m Angrad. I’m the perfect combination of angry and sad. Instead of the cosmopolitan, fast paced, action packed, world class event I’m used to, I’m instead driving into the middle of upper New York cottage country in some desperate attempt to fill the void. Now I’m sure it’s a perfectly lovely place. And a perfectly lovely track. But… *sigh*

I have such mixed feelings going into the weekend. On the one hand I’m so looking forward to catching up with my chums. *waves to my soon to be roomie from Australia!* On the other hand, I feel like I’m being lead to the firing squad. (dramatic much??) But seriously, for the first time, ever, I am “without team” or driver. My weekends consist of interviews, writing and mostly standing in PT’s pits whenever he’s on track. Well, he’s not on track… anywhere! (don’t even get me started again…) A fact that hits’ me in little waves as I prepare for my weekend. Every piece of racing gear I own is either Champ Car or Forsythe or covered in Monster logos. So this weekend, I’m going with basic black. Kind of fitting as I feel as though I’m in mourning.

I HATE THIS! I hate feeling this way! I hate the disparity. I hate the car. I hate the bullshit, media hyped “danicamania”. I hate that I really couldn’t give a shit who is in the chase for the championship because I have zero connection with anyone in the hunt. I hate the blank, despondent faces of the transitioning drivers staring at me from my television every week, because they’re mirroring mine. I hate that the fall out has all but destroyed the Atlantic series. I hate that I’m filled with so much… hate.  *exhale*

Ok… that’s out of my system… figured I better purge all of that from my brain before I walk into the media centre on Friday.

I’m going to try to keep an open mind. Bear with me though as I am about to attend my first ever IRL event. Just typing that made my skin crawl a bit. See it’s one thing to sit and write about it as “media”. I detach myself from it in those cases. I’ve a job to do, and I do it. But underneath the media credential is a fan. A CART/Champ Car fan.  A fan who fought for and supported and stood up for and was ultimately let down by not just a “racing series” but an ideal. A dream, a hope, a philosophy.

Believe me, I want to be excited again. I want to be giddy with anticipation. I want to get chills when the cars fire up and peel out of the pits. I want to cheer on and support a team and a driver. I want to believe that there is a real future to look forward too and not just some smoke and mirrors version of open wheel. I look forward to the day when I can look at this series and American open wheel as more than the consolation prize that was behind door number 2.


Toronto Race purchased by Andretti Green!!

I may be having one of shittiest weeks personally, but by GOD, there will be a race in my city next year, and that gives me such happiness at this moment… I have no words.

No wait… I thought of a few more:


now I’m done.