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IndyCar steps up re: Social Media Plan

Happy Monday my fellow Racing Rebels. (I can only assume that all of you that venture into my nasty little neighbourhood are also the ruffians of the playground πŸ˜‰ but I digress…)

So, of the four five blogs that called IndyCar to the mat last week regarding the social media strategy or apparent lack thereof,Β  three of them were contacted personally by IndyCar with all the details on what’s on tap for 2012. Since I wasn’t, have never been, and apparently never will be a “chosen” one, I’ll just link you to the information they were all provided so y’all know what’s going on this year.
(on the brightside, I guess it saved me a lot of typing :-P)

More Front Wing’s take here: http://morefrontwing.com/2012/03/05/indycar-responds-to-social-media-criticism/
Pressdog’s Take here: http://pressdog.typepad.com/dogblog/2012/03/indycar-sees-more-twitter-integration-hashtags-driver-engagement-in-2012.html
IndyCar Minnesota’s Take here: http://www.indycarmn.blogspot.com/2012/03/indycar-hashtags-sm-ftw.html
(and so I don’t get bombarded with give credit comments/tweets, this blog was via a guest post from Angie King who I’m assuming doesn’t have a blog of her own)

Here’s an idea from me: (I just did this)(oh and feel free to steal) Put the hashtags in your calendars along with the race name/date so you’ll have them handy on race weekend.
(I also added them to the schedule in my sidebar, look over there)

Oh, and speaking of stepping up, and brilliant ideas… As you may have surmised via previous rants/tweets, one of my biggest pet peeves is PR or significant others taking over a drivers twitter account and tweeting on their behalf, without acknowledgment. It leads to me wondering if said driver ever actually tweets for themselves. I don't like to be mislead. I also find it laughable when a tweet comes from a driver mid-race or in the form of aΒ  third person comment.

So… with all of that in mind, the team behind Katherine Legge's Social media efforts this year announced this morning that they created "@katontrack” for her pr team to tweet on her behalf during live track sessions. BRILLIANT! No second guessing. No confusion. Love when people think outside the box!

And with that… my coffee break is over… enjoy day one of Spring Training kids


First off I have to give props to P-dog for finally coming up with an awesome short form reference to my little sandbox. (since everybody bitches about the name of my blog!)

“Shwit” (anagram for “so here’s what I’m thinking”)
Haha! It amused me to no end! I immediately thought of the marketing opportunities! The catch phrases!
“Oh shwit!”
“Shwit happens”
“shwit, she’s at again!”
Look for t-shirts, mugs & hats soon!

So, yesterday I spent the day at the Performance World show.
Meh… Didn’t bring me the joy I was hoping for, although it was fun to yack about the state of racing with racing people. (was hanging with AIM Autosport and the Daytona prototype for the day) If any of you are around today, I may be heading back up there to snap some shots, so come say hi! Mark Wilkins, the driver, will be there for a couple of hrs to sign autographs, and answer questions. (starting around 1:30pm)

The crowd itself was a very strange cross section of humanity…(very strange!) I’ll leave it at that.
Oh and sorry boys, the booth babes were as skanky as they come. Seriously, I’m used to seeing pretty model types in some sponsor laden, too tight, cropped shirt smiling and hawking products. I don’t mind taking pictures of that for you folks. But this was not the case here. These were trashy, overbleached, overmade up, underdressed centerfold wannabe, not pretty specimens, skulking about the show looking like underage back alley prostitutes from a small town somewhere. Not worth the pixels! I took some pics of one gal who was the least skanky (if you can believe it) they are in the gallery.

Ok… enough about that. Let’s get down to brass tacks shall we?
Guess I’ll focus on IndyCar for now & see where it takes me…

What the fuck??
Where is the growth & stability I was promised post unifornication?
Why are there 8 drivers from last years line up standing on the sidelines without a ride two weeks out?
Recession this, buy out that, blah blah fucking blah… I don’t want to hear it! Put the fucking drivers in the cars!

People won’t walk into an empty store or restaurant. It’s human nature. Likewise sponsors aren’t going to ante up for a series that looks “empty”. There’s a reason theatres “paper” the audience. (Give out free tickets last minute to Fill empty seats) It makes the performers feel appreciated and it makes the other ticket holders feel more comfortable about their purchase.

If Dale Coyne could put two cars on the grid for all these years with nary a sponsor in sight. (don’t kid yourself, the Sonny’s on the car might as well read “Dale C.”) then surely to god Rahal Letterman racing could’ve squeaked out a budget for this one season while trying to replace the Ethanol sponsorship. You can be damn sure that if Booby RayHole’s new sugar daddy BMW was running an engine in the IRL there would be no problem. As much as I can’t understand the love affair for RHR (he’s about as appealing as wonderbread to me on and off track) I feel bad that he hitched his wagon to the fickle Uncle Festor.

Here’s the bottomline… Results are attractive. Drivers on the sidelines and cars sitting idle in a garage collecting dust are not getting results.

Do you as a sponsor want to put your name on a car for one race on the hopes that it’ll be successful after sitting dormant for months? Or would you rather pin your name to the guy that has been busting his hump from the get go, for the love of racing, has a bit of recognition and some momentum? I choose the latter.

The series itself is certainly trying very hard to polish the turd that could be the upcoming season. It is my understanding that the main website is getting a makeover as is the mobile site. They (the kids in the marketing/media office) are working Web 2.0 like no tomorrow. They’ve discovered that social media can be your friend and I applaud their effort to reach out to the fanbase on this level. Kudos to the teams that are following their lead and jumping on the SM bandwagon. Those that poopoo it are missing out on the most basic of marketing. Word of Mouth.

VERSUS is certainly impressing as they activate their relationship with IndyCar. Their presence was loud and proud at spring training, and they seem to genuinely want to take this thing to new heights. Everything I have managed to view has been impressive. I particularly enjoyed the behind the scenes look at the shooting of the promo spots with the commentary by the camera operator. (but I’m a big tv/movie behind the scenes junky, so I like stuff like this) They have also begun their ancillary programming this month, and the buzz is kudos all around. The irony of course is that living in Canada, and not being privy to an illegal dish, I personally can’t view any of the extra VERSUS programming. (at least not live or on tv….) This despite the tease from the Versus site itself. See there is a Canadian TV Schedule button at the top of the schedule grid, which takes you to the Canadian sister station, OLN. Of course once you get there you realize that the programming is almost completely different, and there is no mention whatsoever of IndyCar. (no we unlucky sods get the ugly stepsister treatment from TSN, who is the ugly stepsister of ESPN) (guess that makes us the uglier stepsister…) So, while I am excited for the series, I’m afraid I have to rely on the opinions of my fellow race buds south of the border regarding the VERSUS product. One can only hope that they will wise up and find a way to upload the programming in it’s entirety to the VERSUS/IndyCar page so that the international fanbase can participate and enjoy.

The car. Still ugly. But it sounds better if the grassroots webcam at spring training is to be believed. I’ll be curious as to how the Brazilian ethanol (sugarcane based) smells, compared to the American version (corn based).
Ya, I actually think about these things.
I’m also hoping that the teams get a little more creative with their liveries this year. After seeing the Honda Indy Toronto show car, I know for a FACT that you can pretty up these eyesores. Get on it boys!

ok… onto the drivers… (yup still going… ) Not going to talk about the regulars, they’ll get enough press on their own by winning the “big three” lotto…

So… newbies…
After months of speculation, Bobby D was signed, sealed and delivered stateside. Kids, be prepared for some fun this summer. Seriously. If y’all got your panties in a wad over Viso, you ain’t seen NOTHIN yet! LOL!
Doornbos is awesome on and off track. He is cocky, confident, well spoken, funny as hell, and can drive the wheels off a fucking car. Watching the presence of Doornbos turn the ever dominant Seabass into a petulant child, having tantrums on a Princess permapout level was the highlight of the 2007 season. The podium ceremony in Quebec was EPIC!!! Oh to have the scanner on when Bobby D & E.J come up behind Meira or the Princess on the first street/road course. BWHAHAHAHA!
Oh shit! (or shwit!), all of a sudden, I’m looking forward to the season!

Mike Conway: Don’t really know anything about him, but he held his own first time out at Homestead, so that’s impressive. He could be the one that quietly comes in and racks up enough points to pull the rug out from under the ROTY favorites.

Speaking of favorites… Matos: Love him or hate him (and over the years I’ve discovered more fall into the latter category) the kid can drive. Now that he’s up with the big boys though, will he get away with the unsportsmanlike antics he did while making his way up through the junior formulas? Remains to be seen. He could surprise or he could, for the first time in a while, be humbled.

Stanton “Marty Roth version 2.0” Barrett? Gimme a fucking break….
If anything he’ll give Dario’s nutjob wife a new target to bitch about. Nuff said there.

Ok… gonna take a breath… LOL. I’ll tackle the junior formulas in a separate bloggy…
(psst… P-dog… brassy enough for ya? πŸ˜‰ )

Happy Sunday!