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Windtunnel: “Back to School” edition…

It’s Miller time!!! “they’re nuts cuz racin’s full of hate, just like me”

Oh Robin… we all know you’re just a big cuddly tough talking teddy bear

On the Favorite racing moment of 2008!:
It’s the same as mine! PT’s return at Edmonton.
See… that’s why I love ya big guy!
(admittedly I’m floored that he chose that over The Princess “winning”)(*)

On the TV deal: makes a great point about lack of exposure for the series without The Speed Report and Windbag. Thinks that while the intentions are good (more shows, coverage, etc…) it’s a bad trade off to lose the viewership and that they need to be really vigilant in making sure that they are promoted on other channels so they don’t drop out of site like CC did.

On Ganassi: Wheldon not out of a ride… yet…

“trucks are for towing racecars…” LOL… classic.

On hall of fame choice: The Lesser. I love that he qualifies it, on DePAIN’s urging, that his vote is based on his actions as a driver on track. Not as a person out of the car, in which case he wouldn’t give him the vote. (a tend to agree)

oooh… a little AGR gossip… trying to buy out Kim Green (interesting), dumping the ALMS program (car would go to DeFerran) (interestinger!) and they would take over the A1GP program for the US, thus giving the brats a place to learn how to drive over the winter! LOL!

I’m thinking AGR promotions is looking to host the first N.American A1GP race. I’m also wondering if they are aware of the financial clusterfuck state that A1GP is in currently.

Ok… Miller is on break, they’re talking about Trucks… Zzzzzzzzzzz. (although I guess I should pay attention to what’s being said as Paul will be racing the last weekend in September in Vegas…)

Enough of that! Back from commercial with Miller!

Gives a little shout out to his bud Steve Shunk. (oh the fun and controversial games that friendship lead to last year…) More Napcar talk… blah blah… come on Dave! you’re wasting our time and Robin’s! Enough about the bumper cars, lets talk open wheel! ugh.. commercial.

On the Open Wheel ladder system: Can’t disagree with him on the state of the ladder system. Although he didn’t really offer up any insight or remedy. Did make an off hand remark about Atlantic’s going away though…

Having spoken to a few on the inside, the signals are mixed about that. I think there is a lot of wishful thinking, hoping it will survive somehow, but again to what end? it is a ladder to no where right now. It’s nice to think that now that it’s under IMSA that it will feed their top tier, but there aren’t a lot of open or rotating seats there. Unlike Open Wheel, where the seats get vacated due to age or seeking greener pastures, ALMS is the greener pasture/retirement home…

Ok… well… guess that’s it. Not the most scintillating Miller moment on Windbag… a few soundbytes, but that’s about it. Just goes to show you how fucking boring the state of open wheel is right now. Even Miller has nothing to lampoon.

Ok… guess I’ll see what’s going on in China…


Kudos to Kanaan…

for putting his hand out to help Miller up from under the bus where he threw him earlier this week…

Translation: Kanaan just admitted on Windbag that he “may” have feed Miller some information on the negotiations… They also ran a clip of the Ganassi quote. (again it was on tape (visual) not a “made up quote” that people like to accuse Robin of making up)

Kanaan was very diplomatic. (towards the brats) His explanation of why he chose to stay totally makes sense though when you hear it from him as well. (watch the repeat)
I like Tony. I wish him much success. I also wish him a better teammate…

Completely unrelated… I love how all of a sudden they are running the Marcus Ambrose/Little Debbie commercials now. Two different ones, on heavy rotation. Good for him!

Edit: LOLOL! God I love Miller! As I said to him in Edmonton, we will agree to disagree on Shamica, but I will always have his back otherwise. Fuck he’s funny. If you didn’t tune into Windbag, watch the repeat just for his “last call” segment. hehehe! Next week he’s co-hosting. *dvr set*

Windtunnel – Feb 23/08 – recap

Segment 1:

“it’s about damn time…” – Robin Miller.

Well ain’t that the truth…

Lot’s of soundbytes from open wheel peeps past and present, giving the thumbs up.

“my goal tonight, get past the hate, and start figuring out where open wheel racing goes from here, and how it can be made better” – Dave Despain

Segment 2: TG & KK

Ha! funny quote segment. Careful what you say, it will come back to bite you…

A look back at the history and the split. Wow. When you see it laid out like that, it’s amazing either series lasted as long as it did. Does make you wonder “what if” though…

And there they are… the two now “most hated men” in American Open Wheel. LOL… “the press stayed out of it”… nice little dig at Robin from Kevin (with a shit eating grin and giggle)

hmmm… unanimous decision huh… LOL… tell that to conspiracywagon…

hmmm… both are being rather humble and congenial. Seems genuine.

*Ok… but that split screen with TG, RM & KK just made me LMAO. Photoshoppers around the world are making screen captures*

They are dodging a lot of the questions in lieu of the press conference on Wednesday. Understandable I guess. Probably still some details to sign off on between now and then too.

Segment 3: More TG & KK

hmm… vaguely laying out the game plan…. (good questions by RM) (he’s almost giddy… hehe)

2008… just get er done. Get the teams up to speed.

2009… “bring the best of both series” together. (I’m taking this as the addition of a few more former CC events)

2010 is still being talked about as the introduction of a new car (thank god) and schedule expansion.

Both agree that they would like to see a return to the 90’s in terms of track diversity. (oh the irony on both accounts there) New technologies, alternative fuels, etc…

Segment 4: More TG & KK

This is not the “magic bullet” A lot of work to be done starting tomorrow…

Again, confirmation that Atlantics will continue. No word on where, when and with whom though.

Curiously TG is referring to Indy Car future as an “international” series with “international” drivers and manufacturer participation. (I think that bodes well)

KK gives major props to Mario A. before signing off.

Segment 5: Bonjour Jacques!!

Mostly talk about his Nascar ride (or lack thereof) & the Pollack snafu.

Despain: “for what it’s worth, if you need any help with this, I think I could get you a ride at long beach…” LOL… ok… gotta admit, that was funny…

Segment 6: Mario Andretti

hmmm he was USAC IndyCar Champion the year I was born!

he’s glad it’s over so he no longer has to talk about all the negativity. (amen to that!)

what did he see as the biggest positive? Pointing out that Tony and KK were complimenting each other. (I noticed that too, and it did seem genuine)

If it were up to him, pick the assets from both sides and build on that.

Segment 7: Robin Miller final word…

“All you zealots on both sides of open wheel, get over it!”

wise words my friend…

Personal observations?

Jacques is growing into his looks… yum (sorry… girl moment…)

There seems to be a genuine respect (dare I say friendship?) between Tony George and Kevin Kalkhoven.

I’m excited about the potential going forward. I too want to talk about the racing and not the war, or the split or the differences.

I was amused throughout the show picturing the heads of fans on both side of the split exploding with each question/answer.

As Miller said… get over it. Let’s drop the fucking flag and just go racing.

Ok… off to read the melt downs on the interweb…