Sao Paulo Indy 300 *pre-taped blog*

Real life dictates that I have to work again this (ironically to earn more $$ for races) so I’m outta here for the weekend kids. (huge sigh of relief for many I’m sure)

Was gonna make a heroic effort to get back in time to watch the race somewhere on Sunday, but alas, my motivation to do so has been dampened slightly. (besides, I’m not the one driving, so it’s out of my hands)

But I’m sure the race will be GREAT! and everything will be AMAZING! and the production will be FAN-fucking Tastic! And you’ll all hold hands in a circle and sing koombyah at the end, weeping with positivity!!

So in my place, I leave you all with this:

Enjoy the race everyone!

and if you don’t, remember… big brother is watching you!!! So just keep it to your fucking self 😉



2 responses to “Sao Paulo Indy 300 *pre-taped blog*

  1. It’s the Neato! that really sets this apart.

  2. Umm, is that you?

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